Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles For Two Handed Backhand (Aug 2023)

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Do you really feel uncomfortable while playing with 2 handed backhand? Of course, you’ll, and most of the players face the same problem because of selecting the wrong paddle.

As you know pickleball is getting very popular and players are owning new techniques and skills such as 2 hands play style and then backhand style.

Same as that, most of the players love to play with two hands, especially the one who just shifted from tennis. Playing with both hands is very effective particularly when it comes to power and control as well.

If you’re short of time, here’s my top pick for you to make it easy.


Hence, I’m going to tell you the best pickleball paddles for two handed backhand which are specifically constructed with longer handles and grips for players like you who want to play in their own style for having an amazing impact on the game.

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Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles For Two Handed Backhand

Having needed power for players like you and me is a very pleasant point. And it can also result negatively if you don’t have the right paddle for what you aim during play.

Hence, if you’re playing with two hands, it’s very necessary to play with a specific quality paddle. 

That doesn’t disappoint you with its performance when it comes to aggressive mode games. Here I’m going to explain a few of my top picks for two handed backhand players. 

1. JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Paddle (Best Pickleball Paddle For All Level Players)

If you’re a pickler whether a new or old-era player, of course you know the name Joola. They have started a new series of paddles with the name of Ben Johns Hyperion paddles.

That brought an amazing change in pickleball paddles. You can also give a look at our top pickleball players list.

1. Elongated Handle

As an experienced pickleball, I’d simply say the best choice is a paddle with a carbon surface and elongated handle for players who loves to play with a big handle. 

Lastly, while using carbon-forged handle technology, you’ll be surprised by its grip. The grip is 5.5 longer which delivers an amazing shape to the paddle and it adds more pop to the paddle.

Hence, it’s one of the best choices for two handed backhands with its unique way of attaching handles.

2. Balanced Power Along with Control

I mostly see newbie players especially the ones who are seeking power are compelled to lose their control just to have much power.

But Joola will help you to improve your control more and make it more comfortable. With its technology of carbon abrasion surface, you’ll have spectacular touch and spin with the ball.

3. Lightweight Paddle 

For the purpose of power, you may feel the paddle is somehow heavy. However, once you get confident, the weight wouldn’t be destructive.

Moreover, it also comes in different weights like lightweight and midweight as well.

  • You can get amazing control along with power.
  • Carbon forged handle make it best two hands paddle.
  • Great feel and handling perfectly.
  • In the start, you may feel it heavy.

2. GAMMA Sports 2.0 Paddles (Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners)

This Gamma paddle is a great choice for a newbie who mostly faces handling issues with his paddle. You’ll get wonderful growth in your hand speed as well as a comfortable grip

1. Perfect Shot Surface 

Aramid fiber composite core is sandwiched between fiberglass sides which its a core for a great shot surface.

With its price, I usually suggest it to newbies for its amazing value for money. 

2. Midweight Paddle 

As you know, weight is a very important factor for a paddle especially when you’re looking for power and control.

Even when it’s a beginner player’s hand then it’s a must to know the paddle weight. Give a look to a pickleball paddle dimensions.

Moreover, if you get something wrong in your hand, It’d be really discourteous. The paddle is 7.6 oz which is considered as a midweight paddle.

3. Fantastic Control

The fiberglass texture also adds unbelievable spin to your shots and services. In addition, the paddle is very balanced between power and control.

Because of the fiberglass texture, you’ll be provided with fantastic control. The long handle is great for tennis type players who love backhand play.

  • Normal weight paddle
  • Great touch with its fiberglass texture
  • You’ll be balanced between its power and control
  • Add spin to your shots.
  • It start to sound bad later I used it for almost 3 months

3. Franklin Sports Pro Paddle (Best Pickleball Paddle For Pro Players)

Franklin is still one of my favorite paddles even if I don’t own it today. However, I played friendly games with my regular practice competitors for a few rounds.

And I really appreciate their quality and amazing material paddle. Franklin’s Max Grit Fiberglass surface provides awesome quality touch and durability as well.

1. Balanced Power With Control

The core is made of polypropylene which delivers balanced power and control. Moreover, it also helps to absorb the hitting force which later releases after the ball for a great powerful shot.

However, you hear from some players that the ball doesn’t bounce extra. Which isn’t as much as they say, I also checked it by my hand but it wasn’t bad at all.

2. Large Handle

With a lengthy handle, you’re open to different position play style. And you get amazing hands on the grip with comfort. The overall paddle is 16.5″ in length and measures 7.5″ its face.

  • With an amazing core, you get quality power.
  • Longer handle with a comfortable grip to feel calm.
  • Poly also adds wonderful spin and swerve.
  • The ball may not give extra bounce as you usually get.

4. Gearbox GX6 Carbon Fiber Paddle (Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddle)

You’ll rarely find such amazing rimless design pickleball paddles. Furthermore, it’s very light as well as the balance between power and control is so admirable.

1. Lightweight And Great Control

The Gearbox paddle is 7.8oz which is considered as very lightweight. Which really impacted my game positively because of its amazing weight.

Moreover, I got an amazing hand on ball control and it easily give me an opportunity to get every position ball with full control. 

I got really great control after I shifted to this Gearbox paddle when I got started in pickleball. I’ve already explained pickleball rules in detail if you want to learn.

You normally hear complaints from newcomers about control. But believe me, it really improved my game with a high-range control facility.

2. Longer Handle

The lighter and longer handle can make it a perfect paddle match for players who’re looking for backhand gameplay.

You can great feel the handle by taking every position shot with help of its lengthy paddle.

I personally used its previous version of Gearbox which I remember felt me heavy. However, they break that issue with this new model paddle. 

3. Sufficient Power

I’m usually not keen on much more power but it delivers more than enough power to my hands. Which doubled my play rate for having extra power.

Not just power, once you get it in hand you’ll feel the perfect balance between its power and control.

Plus, instead of a decrease in my speed, I was surprised when I realized the speed I achieved with it. Here’s list of Top 5 Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

  • The superb balance between power and control.
  • The length of the handle can full your wish for 2 hand grip.
  • Give the support of your open position for great speed in your game.
  • Small sweet spot.

5. Gamma Sports 505 Paddle (Best Pickleball Paddle For Beginners)

If you’re great in the budget and want to have a perfect match paddle for your two hands. Then I’d recommend you to own the Gamma Sports 505 paddle.

You’ll be amazed with its exceeded paddle size. As it’s the second pick from Gamma in the list and it’s due to extra features for a player.

1. Extended Handle Size

If you’re really looking for a backhand game paddle, you’re in right place. Especially if you’re an ex-tennis game who wants the same feeling paddle with open hands.

I’d suggest this Gamma 505 paddle for its extended handle size. The handle size is more than enough for players who’re lacking in reach.

In my opinion, it can really help you improve your reach and speed as well.

2. Enough Power

Elongated graphite hitting surfaces motivates the paddle for great power. However, you’d not be able to get too much power by looking to other powerful paddles.

Still, it’ll disappoint you, but at least can feature the needed power for you. 

3. Valuable Spin With Control

While looking for a longer handle paddle, you’ve lost hope for control and spin. It’s much much better than the previous model paddle when it comes to handling and gripping. 

With its normal weight size, you’d not be disturbed by your control. Plus, you’ll have an amazing spin with the ball.

  • The handle is very big and fits long hand players.
  • Great power with a normal weight paddle.
  • You’ll lose some control for having more power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you use a two handed backhand in pickleball?

Yes, you can have two handed backhand in pickleball. However, it wasn’t available in pickleball a few years back. And it got very popular because of tennis-shifted picklers who were used to playing two hands games.

Q2. Is it better to have a lighter or heavier pickleball paddle?

Both types of paddle depend on player choice. A lighter paddle can deliver you great control but no power. However, a heavier paddle is recommended for power and drive.

Q.3 What is the disadvantage of using a two handed backhand?

Normally, a player who can play two handed backhand is considered a pro-level player. But still, while playing two hands game, you can face problems, especially in your reach.
Usually, one hand can very easily get reach the position without any issue but you may feel lost in your reach when it comes to double hands.


As a pickleball player, it’s very essential to learn how to choose the best paddle for yourself. Especially when you’re a player who just shifted from tennis sport. And looking for a long-handle paddle for the purpose of having two-handed backhand.

A few things to mind while selecting the best pickleball paddle for two-handed backhands. Such as a longer handle, great power, and matchable control. Normally, you’ll find backhand paddles without having control in your hands.

Which will badly impact your gameplay. That’s I’ve listed the above 5 very amazing big handle paddles for players who’re looking for two hands paddles.

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