Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $75

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As a pickleballer, you should know pickleball is also known as one of the most expensive sports, particularly in the racquet world.

Hence, finding something valuable would tough job, especially for beginners. But don’t worry! Here is what I’m gonna offer you in this article by reviewing some of the best pickleball paddles under $75.

To make it easy for you, I’ve featured each paddle for its on specifications while some are best for control and others for durability without breaking your budget.

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Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $75

Buying the best paddle especially when you’re under a tight budget is somehow a daunting job but here I’m going to overview 5 of the best paddles without making you break your bank.

1. SLK Latitude Pickleball Paddle

If you’re looking for something in high quality materials under this budget then the SLK paddle is for you as it’s made of graphite with Polymer rev-core.

Finding a paddle of graphite materials on this low budget is almost impossible but the Selkirk brand always does something for every stage of players by covering them with something of high quality whether it’s a beginner or advanced player.

1. Powerful With Good Control

The paddle seems so powerful but in exchange, you’ve to give up some control. Moreover, it offers very good force on the ball especially when I’m hitting it over the head smash. 

Still, if you’re looking for well balanced paddle then SLK wouldn’t disappoint you with its performance.

2. Lightweight And Comfortable

In the beginner stage, owning a lighter and comfortable paddle is the most essential when it comes to pickleball.

In addition, the paddle surface is very unique and well-designed. Also, the paddle look is very attractive as it doesn’t look that inexpensive when you see it for the first time.

3. Farm And Smooth Grip

Sometimes you find a paddle very light with a cool design but lately, you realize about the comfortability of its grip. 

So having a farm grip as essential as the other features you seek for. And this paddle is well matched when it comes to the grip size and the weight and shape of the paddle.


  • Best power paddle if you’re under budget.
  • It feels very light and comfortable.
  • The grip of the paddle is really high quality.


  • Isn’t good with control but not bad as compared to other in the list.

2. HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

You’re new to pickleball and want to own something durable as well as good in performance then Head Radical paddle has covered you. 

The paddle is built with a composite surface and tubular construction which makes it one of the best paddles for maximizing your power.

1. Easy To Control With Decent Power

You can improve your control with this paddle even if it’s an inexpensive and beginner’s paddle.

In addition, the power is somehow not fully covered with this but still it’s too much for newbies especially who cares about control more than power.

The sweet spot is also very big as it can help you have more accurate shots in the court.

2. Good Surface For Spin

The surface of the paddle looks very rough which can help you produce more spin with the ball.

Alongside, the surface is built with composite which is also one of the main reason for offering you a higher spin.

Plus, you can also take advantage of having a bigger sweet spot of this paddle for having different shots.

3. Delicate Wiegth With Longer Grip

While looking for a beginner’s paddle, it’s really essential to consider having an airy paddle that doesn’t force you to lose your maneuverability.

But it can plus point if you get something lightweight as well as with a longer grip.

Furthermore, it also feels very calm and soft even if my hands are sweety as compared to normal person hands.


  • Easy to play with the paddle.
  • Paddle grip is very cool and longer as well.
  • Quality surface especially for maximum spin


  • Not recommended for pro players.

3. JOOLA Essentials Pickleball Paddles

Don’t feel agitated if you’re a fan of Joola paddles brand and can’t afford the expensive paddles.

Because they offer one of the best Joola essential paddles with high performance features as well as long-lasting durability.

1. Light And Durable

This paddle is very flimsy it can be because of various factors such as it’s amazing construction and high-quality materials.

Moreover, the handle feels very soft as it also suits my hand very well as I’m a big hands player. The durability of the paddle is also too good as compared to other paddles in the list.

2. Well Balanced Power And Control

I’ll personally rate its power with a good rating as I wasn’t using too much force but yet ball was hard enough to play for opponent.

As well as the control wasn’t compatible for giving me more time to move and react. And having good control was also empowered its amazing grip quality.

3. Nice Sweet Spot

You’ll get an amazing response from its sweet spot as it’s very well managed in size as well as in quality.

Furthermore, it’s also very forgiving and has good pop for the ball while hitting with average.


  • Nice and well size sweet spot.
  • So lightweight and durable paddle as looking to the price.
  • Good for control players as it also offers a high-quality grip.


  • Not recommended for advanced players.

4. GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

Gamma sports 2.0 paddle is one of the best composite made paddle for power players whether it’s women or men.

However, the paddle weight somehow heavy for me hence I don’t recommend this for beginners especially the one who are still struggling with their control. 

1. Powerful Paddle

You’ll get more than enough power with this paddle as it’s also a graphite well-textured surface paddle.

Moreover, it’s also recommended by USAPA for its ridiculous power with the ball. 

2. Light And Easy To Maneuver 

Alongside offering you a good amount of power, the paddle is also well balanced for maximizing your control.

Especially in competitive games as I personally get very good space for reaction.

And it’s lightness is another good point that helps in the stability of power and control for a better game on the court.

3. Great Grip 

The grip quality is appreciated for its comfortable finish and also feels very smooth.

In addition, it also seems very light especially making hard smash or overhead shots. Doesn’t force for extra pace with the hand. 


  • The sound of the paddle is very tinny.
  • Looks very smooth and comfortable for its grip.
  • Lightweight makes more easy to play with.


  • Isn’t recommended for beginners.

5. PCKL Launch Series Premium Pickleball Paddle

Whenever it comes to the design of the paddle, PCKL Premium paddle is still first choice to go with. As it’s very catchy and cool looking along with amazing control and power.

Moreover, the paddle is newly presented to the market and it got unbelievable results from pickleball players in very short time.

1. Catchy Design

If you’re a pickleball player and want something just for excellent design without being overpriced for your budget then this paddle should be in your mind.

Furthermore, the quality of the paddle is also long lasting as it’s built with fiberglass materials.

2. Comfortable Grip WIth Large Sweet Spot

The paddle owns a very large sweet spot especially built with Polypropylene core materials as offer good enough power to the shots.

Not just sweet spot, but also the comfortable grip will change your decision while buying the best paddle under $75.

3. Good Control And Power

Talking about the overall performance of the paddle, it has impressive results with both power and control.

It also doesn’t give me a tough time while playing competitive games. 


  • The grip is really comfort.
  • I personally recommend this paddle for tennis players.
  • The design of the paddle is very eye catchy.


  • Isn’t recommended for small hands.


Unlocking top-notch pickleball paddles without exceeding your budget is a satisfying victory. Embracing both cost-effectiveness and performance, these exceptional options under $75 showcase the harmonious marriage of innovation and affordability in the world of pickleball gear. 

With ergonomic designs and cutting-edge materials, these paddles deliver a winning combination of precision, power, and control.

Whether you’re a novice refining your skills or a seasoned player seeking value, this curated collection demonstrates that pickleball excellence can be attainable for all. Elevate your game without financial strain with these prime pickleball paddles.


Q1. What should I look for when choosing the best pickleball paddle under $75?

Finding a suitable pickleball paddle involves considering factors like paddle weight, grip size, material, and overall design. Balance these aspects to maximize your performance while staying within your budget.

Q2. Are there affordable pickleball paddles that offer both control and power?

Yes, there are several options under $75 that strike a balance between control and power. Look for paddles with a midweight range and versatile core materials, as they often provide a mix of precision and impact.

Q3. Can I trust the durability of pickleball paddles in this price range?

Many budget-friendly pickleball paddles are designed with durability in mind. Look for paddles constructed from sturdy materials like composite or graphite, and read user reviews to gauge their long-term performance.

Q4. Are these paddles suitable for beginners who are new to pickleball?

Absolutely, there are plenty of paddle choices under $75 that are well-suited for beginners. Opt for paddles with a forgiving sweet spot, which can assist newcomers in developing their skills and confidence on the court.

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