Can You Play Pickleball In The Rain? (Ultimate Guide)

As pickleball has gotten an amazing name in the sports world. Hence you realize too many doubts about its relevance. The best choice you have for both outdoor and indoor playing is pickleball.
But sometimes we face such problems that put us in puzzles about the game. Like can you play pickleball in the rain is one of them.

Simply, yes you can play pickleball in the rain. However, there are some possibilities that may not let you do so. Such as, you might become injured by slipping or falling down. As well as Your paddle can also be damaged.

Here I’m aiming to completely guide you about pickleball playing when it’s raining. Plus, I’ll also inform you what can be caused to you by playing in the rain and how to prevent that.

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Can You Play Pickleball In The Rain?

As we all know playing pickleball in the rain is possible. However, there are some reasons which make me recommend you not to play at all.

While having dangers with your gameplay is a very risky task as a player. Same as I discussed at can you play pickleball on a wet court?

Besides, you also have a choice of rescheduling the match so you and your opponent can later when it’s great weather.

Moreover, if you want to play in the rain, there is also an 80% chance of losing your stability as well as it affects your gears. Learn About 4 Common Pickleball Injuries That You Should Know

Such as paddles, shoes, and even rain can destroy ball rhythm as well as its plastic made.

Plus, your court surface can also crack if it isn’t of very high quality. Although it’s a very less seen problem while playing in the rain. I recommend you to give a look at Pickleball Court Dimensions And Surfaces.

How To Play Pickleball In The Rain?

Know that you’ve decided to play pickleball in the rain, I’d love to share the personal tips that I’ve experienced in my previous time while playing in rainy weather.

1. Take Warm Up Exercise Before You Step In

Before you get started in the match. The very first and essential step to take is to have a very simple and concise body warm-up exercise.

It’ll really help your body as well as you can recognize the weather for your play style. Plus, you’ll have great momentum and it can also deliver comfortability to your games. If you want to learn How many calories do you burn while playing pickleball.

2. Try Different Moments In The Court To Get Familiar

After you take a body exercise, the very next step is to get familiar with the weather. In addition, you’ll also be able to understand wet court play.

As you know playing in rainy weather is entirely various as compared to normal play as it also depends on the surface you’re gonna play like concrete or asphalt.

However, you can get started without making it but I’d recommend it as it can be a booster to your gameplay.

3. Have A Great Quality Towel

While it’s raining, some of the pickleball gear such as the paddle can be destruct because of water absorption. Plus, if your paddle gets wet, you might also lose your grip. Learn 6 Facotrs About How To Measure Pickleball Paddle Grip Size?

Therefore, having a towel or anything that can work for you to dry your paddle is very essential. But you can also go with pickleball gloves if you hate using towels again and again. 

There are different types of gloves for pickleball players but the best pickleball gloves are Franklin Sports gloves. Franklin also gives you the feature of purchasing just one hand glove if you don’t play with two hands.

4. Don’t Rush The Same You Usually Do

Sometimes, you really want to put pressure on your competitor by getting yourself near the net very swiftly as you serve the ball.

We usually do it to pin our opponent to the baseline so that we can make a score. But playing in the rain might be different from looking to usual.

Hence, I’d recommend you to be very careful with your playing as rushing on your opponent.I Recommend You Read Should You Add Lead Tape To Your Pickleball Paddle?

5. Exceed Your Focus On The Ball

As you know, the ball we use in pickleball is made of plastic same as Wiffleball. Hence it can change its speed and swing because of various weather like rain and wind.

What you can do to not disturb my ball balance is to give your overall focus to the ball. 

6. Use Cap

You might be disturbed by the waterfalls dripping on you. However, you might also be able to use sports glasses but they can also make you invisible from rainfalls.

But if you ask me using the racquet cap is the best choice for you to protect yourself from losing attention while playing pickleball.

These are some of the very essential and must to follow tips for anyone who still wants to play pickleball in the rain. 

5 Dangers While Playing Pickleball In The Rain

As playing pickleball in various situations such as rain is unusual that’s why you’ll find too many problems that need to be solved moreover, you’d be able to play pickleball in the rain. 

Here I’m going to expand on a few very common and personally experienced issues while playing in the rain.

1. Paddle Issues

As pickleball paddles are made of different kinds of products such as graphite. While some of them are water resistant and others are not.

Since you might lose your paddle quality because of being not waterproof while playing in the rain.

However, there are some best pickleball paddles that don’t make you disappointed even if you make them wet.

But still, you must be very careful with your paddle moreover, you’d have to purchase another paddle.

2. Weather Coldness

As it sounds new to most of the pickleballers to play in the rain. Since you might face the issue of coldness while playing in the rain. 

Then if it’s wind or a very dark cloud, you may feel unsatisfied while playing. However, you may not feel comfortable even if you play. This part is going to be explained in the last section.

3. High Slipping Chances 

While the ground is wet there are very high chances for players to fall down. As I said playing on a watered court wouldn’t be easy especially when you want to play in rush mode. 

You might face very serious injury if you slip very badly. Hence, you should be very careful. The last time, I gave a try to play in the rain was almost 4 months ago.

Believe me, I had a very bad experience falling down almost 5 times even if I didn’t get any dangerous injury.

4. Clay Court Surface Can Be Damaged

Generally, pickleball court surfaces are concrete and asphalt which is very common. I know you’ll be confused about the damage to the court by rain while playing pickleball on it. 

But you may also know that some players also use clay surfaces to play pickleball. And clay can be destroyed while walking and playing over it when it’s raining.

5. Players’ Uncomfortability 

Last but the least and also very important when it comes to pickleball. Players’ comfort is very essential as well as the best part I consider before you get started in pickleball.

Playing in rainy weather is very strange to pickleball players and most of us may not feel the same.

Therefore, most of the time players don’t play pickleball when it’s rainy as they aren’t satisfied with the weather.

You may find some more issues when playing in the rain. But what I discussed here is something I personally experienced or saw someone from a court mate who complained about the above-given issues.

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As you know pickleball is a so addictive sport. Especially because of its easiness and is simple to play. But sometimes you may face issues like rain. So you might be confused about whether can you play pickleball in the rain.

Furthermore, it isn’t just you but we all face the same doubts when it comes to such bad situations. However, playing pickleball in the rain is a very dangerous and unrecommended way. Instead of playing in rainy conditions, you can also reschedule the match.


Q1. Can pickleball paddles get wet?

Of course, pickleball paddles can get wet while playing in the rain or if you drop water on them. However, you can use a normally used towel to wipe it overall.

Q2. Is pickleball a good workout?

Yes, according to the latest research about pickleball. It’s considered as one of the best workouts and exercises for middle age and older age people for men and women both.
I’ve already covered if you want to learn how many calories do you burn while playing pickleball.

Q3. What are the 3 etiquettes of pickleball?

There are too many etiquettes for pickleball players to follow but I’ll mention just the 3 most important of them.
1. Play very politely and well-mannered.
2. Before you get started both players should introduce themselves to each other.
3. When it’s out on your side, try to call it out.

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