Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court? (Ultimate Guide)

You’re out along with your friends or family members and already planned to have little fun with them. You’ve considered that playing pickleball is the best choice to entertain yourselves.

As you reach the court location, you find it overcrowded, and no place for you to play games. But yet, you’re keen to play, and same as that you deduct tennis court empty. However, you become confused with doubts about whether can you play pickleball on a tennis court.

Of course, you can play but still, you need little change to construct a complete pickleball design court where you’ll need an essential guide as well as a few instruments to take inception on it.

That you’re going to find out in this article with clear and concise tips.

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Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

The answer to this question is very plain and almost known to you I mean YES. Because of the sport’s simplicity, it’s growing very rapidly.

Even most of the famous names of other racket sports are shifting to pickleball which is a positive sign for pickleball sports lovers. Plus, it’s so addictive as compared to other racquet sports. Here’s a complete guide about 8 Reasons Why Is Pickleball So Addictive?

As you know that pickleball is the combination of multiple racket games, especially tennis, and badminton. And you’ll also find most of the rules similar between these sports. 

The courts are almost the same in some factors but not in size. 1 tennis court is almost equal to 2 pickleball court sizes. 

In such cases, you’ll need to use a few markers whatever you want. But be careful about using something which is permanent such as chalk, tape, or something else like that. 

To make it easy for you, try to find a few rubber strips specifically designed for this purpose. You can find these rubber in the online store and in any sports store near you.

That’s why you need an ultimate guide to pickleball court dimensions to do it so. But it’s a big deal, if you’re already here then don’t you scroll down to learn how to play pickleball on a tennis court? 

How To Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

Although you can play pickleball on a tennis court, you still need a complete course for it. To make the sport more enjoyable for you.

That’s why I’ve added the complete guideline below to make it easy for you. But still, keep this in mind before you take any step from the guideline.

I inform you to take permission from the court owner even if you want to make temporary changes in court.

Here are a few must-have types of equipment before you move on.

  • Temporary marker or chalk
  • You’ll need a pickleball net but you can also use the tennis net (the tennis net is just 2 inches higher than the pickleball one).
  • Measuring tapes
  • Painter’s tape

1. The very first and necessary thing to do is to put the net in the middle of half side tennis court. Putting a trap in the court will also make it easier for you to measure the dimension correctly.

Normally you can also use a tennis net. However, it’s 2 inches higher than the pickleball one. That’s why if you’re playing a professional game then try to purchase the pickleball net.

The height of a pickleball on both side edges is 36 while in the middle it comes to 34 inches.

2. Before you start, you have to take a color that is different from the tennis court line drawn. Mark the line for pickleball. For instance red line for pickleball and the white line for a tennis court.

3. Be aware there are important three lines if playing pickleball on a tennis court. Such as the kitchen line, sideline, and baseline which are also called the service lines.

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4. Use three measuring tapes to measure the sideline. Take a distance of 22 feet from about one foot inside the net. And make a line using a temporary marker or chalk.

5. From the mark of the sideline measure the service line and take it up to 20 feet. Place the mark after getting to half of the 20 feet. Now apply the same method on the other sideline.

6. From the net on the sideline quantify 7 feet to mark the non-volley zone. Next, connect the 7 feet sideline to the other 7 feet line which is drawn on the sideline. Make a mark of (10 feet) at the continuation of this process.

7. With the service line and the non-volley zone area connect the 10 feet marked.

8. On the line tape along and hold one end, and stretch it all the way to install the final touches. Next, mark the line using chalk.

9. For having own 44 feet pickleball court apply the same method. Let,s play now.

So these are some of the important tips to make you play pickleball on a tennis court.

Difference Between The Pickleball Court And The Tennis Court

Normally, the tennis court is larger than the pickleball court in dimensions. This means 4 pickleball courts per tennis court can be installed. 

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The internal dimensions of a court are extremely close to the pickleball court. Therefore, a pickleball court is needed in place of the tennis court.

You are able to mark the pickleball line out, which meets the basic rule of the pickleball by using some trips.

Moreover, you can use a thin rope or any other thing. However, I would like to recommend using the temporary charks.

You’d love to take a look at pickleball vs tennis courts if you’re still in doubt about it.

Service Area Of The Tennis Court

In tennis, the service area, If you think of both boxes together is at the net starting space.

The tennis court’s service area is the same as the pickleball court size and also the dimensions of the pickleball court.

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On one side of the net from the service line to the other service line side on a tennis court is 42 feet. While the court size of the pickleball is 44 feet in length. 

From the pickleball baseline, the difference is only two feet in the total length of the court which is measured.

There is only a one-foot difference on each side of the tennis net. It can easily be set or used for playing pickleball without any changes. But it is not a genuine game.

For playing a genuine pickleball game you have to mark the line by shorting one foot from each side of the net.

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Playing pickleball on tennis courts is very useful, only when the surface of the tennis court is similar to the surface of the pickleball.

Moreover, the dimension of the tennis court is highly close to the dimension of the pickleball court. If you want to play a pickleball game in a professional way on the tennis court you have to go through the all points which are brought up above.


Q1. Is a pickleball harder than a tennis ball?

A pickleball is not hard as a physical tennis ball. There is less chance of causing injuries while playing pickleball instead of a tennis ball. The movement in this game is less than the tennis. Because it mostly plays at the same pace.

Q2. Why pickleball is loved by most people?

Older adult love pickleball for the reason: While playing pickleball you don’t need to move much to hit the ball. Because the court is small enough, particularly whether you are playing doubles. To socialize people are encouraged by this game.

Q3. Is pickleball a faster game than tennis?

Of course, pickleball is a better game than tennis. Moreover, there is also more fun in playing pickleball than tennis, and a more creative sport. In pickleball, the shorts and angel variety are more than tennis. Because the distance is short instead to tennis.

Q4. Can tennis clothes be worn for a pickleball game?

Anything can be worn by a player which is comfortable and perfect for the climate. Such as sweatpants, athletics shorts, wicking apparel, T-shirts, etc. for females it is common to wear tennis-style dresses and skirts.

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