Can You Play Pickleball On A Wet Court? (Things You Should Know)

Do you know what’s my favorite point in pickleball when it comes to sports, especially the racket ones? That’s nothing else but its adjustability. Like pickleball is providing multi-playing types such as can be played indoors and outdoors

Even you can play pickleball on the grass with just a few changes at the moment. However, if it sounds risky to play in the rain but still you’re able to play. Same as that, there is also confusion about whether can you play pickleball on a wet court.

To understand the view of playing pickleball on a wet court is somehow foxy. Hence you need to learn it in detail with the help of this guide post. 

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Can You Play Pickleball On A Wet Court?

Before I get into in the details of this, I’d love to answer your question with no. You shouldn’t play pickleball on a wet court.

As it has multiple reasons, I’ll tell you some of the very essential reasons here:

  • As the court gets wet, the chances of getting injured increase to their peak. Learn about 4 Common Pickleball Injuries That You Should Know.
  • Another reason is really noticeable, even if you play pickleball, still it wouldn’t be that much enjoyable. Just because of getting too challenging on a wet surface.
  • A wet surface also exceeds the possibility of falling down or slipping.
  • As you play pickleball with plastic holes ball, you know it needs as hard as possible surface to bounce well. And the wet court wouldn’t be able to make the bounce to its usual level. Which will also make your game very sluggish.
  • Playing on the wet court can also cause you to scratch your court surface especially when it’s made of concrete.

So these are some of my personally experienced issues while playing pickleball on a wet court. Pickleball is a dry surface game and it needs a hard court surface for the ball as well to have a great ball bounce.

Playing pickleball on a wet court is really risky and tricky as well. Moreover, I’ll also don’t recommend you play on a wet court.

But still, if you want to play, then you need to be very careful and conscious as well. You may want to learn How much does it cost to build a pickleball court.

Moments You Should Never Play On A Wet Court

After exploring about can you play pickleball on a wet court. Now here I’m going to tell you a few very essential moments in which you should never play pickleball when the court is wet. Learn Can I Play Pickleball After Hip Replacement?

  • I don’t recommend you to play on a wet court if you’re an aged, player. As you’re already agreed if you get a very simple injury. It can cause you a very big gap to play pickleball again.
  • The second condition is when the court is completely icy. In this condition, playing pickleball is no less than injuring yourself intentionally.
  • In addition, if you’re a professional player who plays pickleball at a high level like national and international tournaments. Then you shouldn’t go to play on a wet surface. As it’s a full chance of getting injured, so then you should play. Once you get injured, you’ll have to rest for a great amount of time to recover well. And in this case, you might miss very important pickleball events that nobody wouldn’t like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you play pickleball in the rain?

Playing pickleball in the rain is completely similar to playing pickleball on a wet court.
However, if you can sustain the chances of possibility I’ve explained in the article Can you play pickleball in the rain? Then you can play pickleball in the rain moreover, I don’t recommend you.

Q2. Can pickleball paddles get wet?

Yes, pickleball paddles can get wet. But to dry it, you can also use a towel. Moreover, you should check if your paddle is waterproof or not.
If it isn’t waterproof then you should get it wet as you will have to purchase a new one.

Q3. How long does it take for a pickleball court to dry?

Normally it might take 1 hour when the sun is somehow sunny and hot. Moreover, the time can be less or greater than this as it depends on the weather.


As pickleball is a very addictive sport. Sometimes, you want to play it in any situation such as rain, playing on grass or a tennis court. But some of them aren’t recommended because of some reasons I’ve told you in this article.

But can you play pickleball on a wet court is completely dependent on you? However, before you get in court, I’d like to consider the above few mentioned possibilities.

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