Can You Play Pickleball On Concrete? (Everything You Should Know)

Concrete is one of the best pickleball surfaces. Especially when it comes to its plastic ball and also long-term durability. But have you ever asked whether can you play pickleball on concrete?

Talking from my pickleball career experience, concrete is what I think pickleball should be played on. Moreover, you’ll have too many other options such as asphalt, plastic tiles, and hard clay as well. But comparing to all these surfaces, you’ll find concrete the best option to play pickleball on.

If you’re still not clear, don’t worry. Here I’m going to explore entirely the concrete court for pickleball. 

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Can You Play Pickleball On Concrete?

As you’re here with the confusion playing pickleball on a concrete surface is safe and recommended. In simple words, yes you can play pickleball on the concrete.

As well as it’s the best option you may always have to enjoy your pickleball games. The concrete surface is very smooth and has long durability. Learn Can You Play Pickleball On Racquetball Court?

Plus, it’s also one of the very balanced surfaces for the court. Even you’ll also have the option of playing other sports such as basketball, and badminton.

If you didn’t have used the permanent net for pickleball. One of the big drawbacks of the concrete surface is its high expense.

As you need more material which minimally can cause you up to $30000. Here is Ultimate Guide To How much does it cost to build a pickleball court.

Pros And Cons Of Playing Pickleball On Concrete Surfaces

While playing pickleball is the perfect option for most of the court-related sports. Still, even if it’s great for pickleball as well.

Yet, according to a few people I’ve met who rated concrete very low as because of their own playing experience. Learn about Pickleball Court vs Tennis Court (Differences You Should Know).

So here I’ll discuss some of the very common advantages and drawbacks which may help you to decide about your upcoming court surface.

Pros Of Concrete Surface For Pickleball

Some of the pros are mentioned below:

  • It provides a very firm and level surface. It’s very important for all racquet sports especially when you’ve to play a plastic ball game I mean pickleball.
  • As you know concrete is a very long-term durable surface as compared to other surfaces. Hence, you can’t find any other surface than concrete that can serve for the very long term without losing its quality.
  • Having a poolish and smooth floor of the concrete court can also help the ball to roll easily.
  • Lastly, it’s very essential to have a clean court. And for this, the floor should be easily cleanable. For this, if you can find the best match, that couldn’t be anyone else but a concrete surface.

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Cons Of Concrete Surface For Pickleball

As you’ve learned about the advantages of concrete pickleball court surfaces, here you’ll also know about some of its cons.

  • The very first drawback of the concrete surface is being overpriced. However, if you want to invest one time for your pickleball court, then it’s great to go with.
  • As you know the hardness of concrete. It can cause terrible injuries if a player falls down during play. Here’s A Post About 4 Common Pickleball Injuries.
  • Raw concrete will really distinguish the ball control. Therefore, having the foolish court is the best solution to it. Moreover, you can also use light concrete paint to prevent yourself from summer season hotness.

So these are some of the really must to know to pros and cons related to pickleball concrete court surfaces. And it can also help you to final your decision about the pickleball court surface.

In addition, you can also give a look at my pickleball court dimension, to get the ultimate guide about pickleball court. 

Different Pickleball Court Surface Options

Pickleball is one of the racquet sports, hence it also has multi surfaces choices to play your game.

While some of them are very common even as you can see in the biggest events and others are not recommended to play pickleball.

Some of the best pickleball court surfaces are given below:

1. Concrete

Concrete is one of the perfect and most common pickleball courts surfaces around the world.

Furthermore, you’ll mostly find concrete surfaces whenever you go for watching international and national pickleball events. If you want to disclose Can You Play Pickleball On Concrete?

2. Asphalt

If you can play pickleball on a surface after concrete that’s only asphalt. After concrete, asphalt is very amazing and affordable as well.

However, even if some of the pro players don’t recommend but still you may find it the best.

3. Plastic Tiles

As technology is capturing our overall life. Same as that, you can also build a pickleball court with plastic made tiles which are very durable and high quality.

Before it comes out for pickleball, I mostly have seen it for basketball courts.

4. Hard Clay

Even if it’s not recommended but sometimes, you can play pickleball on a hard clay surface. Especially the one which is already used for tennis games. 

If you still need more guidelines related to pickleball court surfaces, then I recommend you to visit pickleball court surfaces.

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Will Pickleball Bounce On Concrete?

Yes, pickleball will smoothly bounce on concrete court surfaces. Besides, the ball has a very amazing control if you cushion the court perfectly. Learn Ultimate Guide To Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball.

As we play pickleball on plastic balls, hence you need to have a surface as hard as possible. And it’ll also help the ball to bounce perfectly.


Q1. Can you play pickleball on any surface?

No, to play pickleball the court surface should be one of these surfaces, like concrete, asphalt, plastic tiles, or hard clay. Moreover, you can also play on the tennis court.

Q2. Is asphalt or concrete better for a pickleball court?

If you ask me this question. I personally recommend playing pickleball on concrete surfaces. However, if you can’t afford to build concrete then you can also go with asphalt.

Q3. Can I play pickleball in my basement?

Yes, you can play pickleball in your basement if it’s not built yet. 


Concrete is a very common court surface, especially in tennis and pickleball. But as we use plastic balls in pickleball hence it’s very essential to have a hard play surface. So that the ball can bounce perfectly in its direction. 

Moreover, you can go with other choices such as asphalt and plastic tiles. But as I said before, if you want to have the best experience playing pickleball then you can’t go without concrete. 

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