Can You Play Pickleball On Grass? (Ultimate Guide)

When you’re so addicted to one sport like pickleball and by the time you go out with the intention to play. And as you reach to the pickleball court, you find the courts fully crowded. How it feels, I can understand but is it possible to play pickleball somewhere else?

While thinking about the surface, you can possibly find 2 places where you might be able to play which are grass and asphalt. But here you doubt that can you play pickleball on grass.

Yes, you can but to play on grass, you’ll need to bring a few changes in official pickleball rules. Such as ball bouncing is almost impossible, underhand service, double bounce rules, etc.

You’ll have to scroll down if you really want to know the ultimate course about playing pickleball on grass.

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Can You Play Pickleball On Grass?

The answer to your question is clearly YES. However, if you want to play pickleball on grass. You’d not get the result of playing it on its officially recommended courts such as concrete

If you tend to learn everything related to court, I’d love to take you to pickleball court dimensions and surfaces.

Where you’ll be guided about each and every necessary factor related to the pickleball court.

It’s also clear if a person wants to just have fun and entertainment with his friend or family members. Then you can play pickleball and I suppose you’ll enjoy it.

While playing on grass still you’ll face a lot of problems such as a ball bouncing and many others. And without these few rules, I don’t think you’ll have a positive experience playing on grass. 

But still, you’re also not playing to have a competitive game. And if you want to play just for the purpose to have fun at your party then I’d also suggest enjoying your party with pickleball even if it’s on grass.

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Reasons Why You Might Want To Play Pickleball On Grass?

You may have different reasons for it. But here I’ll only expand on some of the common reasons for playing pickleball on grass.

  • You might be at a party with your friends where you’ll not be able to find any regular court for playing. And pickleball is one of the best ways to enjoy your time with your family and friend especially when you’re on vacation. 
  • Pickleball is one of the most famous and loved outdoor sports. And everyone wants to experience something new and if you also play pickleball on several surfaces. You’ll accomplish unique experiences with each cover.

These are some of the very well-known and common as well causes why you may like to play pickleball on grass. But as I said you can play without any reason.

Challenges Of Playing Pickleball On Grass

You’ll face multiple tough and easy challenges playing pickleball on grass. Here I’ve included some of them:

1. Less Ball Bounce

When you’re playing pickleball on grass. The first thing you’ll consider is the ball bounce.

As we all know the pickleball ball wouldn’t be able to bounce as much as it does on the official court surfaces.

And ball bouncing in pickleball sport is one of the main things we all like. Above all when it comes to the double bounce rule in pickleball.

2. Painting Lines

Now if you want to play on random grass, still you’ll have to arrange a complete court shape. For this, you need to completely draw a court design lines.

And before you paint, try to understand the length of each sideline. Moreover, it’d be very difficult as well as wrong court dimension.

Here you go If you want to learn How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pickleball Court.

3. Slower Reactions

As we know the pickleball ball isn’t that much weighable as a tennis one. And it’ll cause a lot of problems for a regular player while playing pickleball on grass.

Because on a concrete pickleball court, you receive the ball on time because of the solid surface.

However, the ball will reach very slow to its target because of the raw surface of the grass. Here’s a list of 5 Top Female Pickleball Players.

What To Change For Playing Pickleball On Grass?

When you’ve planned to play pickleball on a grass surface. Then you need to make a few changes before you get started with it.

1. Use Rubber Ball

Regular pickleball is very lightweight and the ball couldn’t be able to jump back because of the grass.

However, most of the players use a rubber ball especially a Spalding high-bounce ball when they’re playing pickleball on grass.

This rubber can avoid the ball bounce issue to make you enjoy your game.

2. Cut Out The Grass

Playing pickleball on random grass ground can kill your fun when the grass is much higher. And it’ll also trouble the ball to hit the expected target by the hitter.

However, you can shave the grass until it seems likable to play pickleball.


Everyone is keen to play pickleball. But some pickleball lovers, want to have the game wherever they are especially when they are at a party. And they find out the grass which is the only place to play.

But it might be puzzling if you haven’t tried it yet. I believe playing on grass will deliver a realistic experience of pickleball once you play. But it can also be a daunting job as well if it’s your first time doing so.


Q1. What surface can you play pickleball on?

Concrete and Asphalt are usually surfaced for pickleball. But most gamers like to play on concrete surfaces because of being stable and fast reactive surfaces.

Q2. Can you play pickleball on the beach?

In the modern era, I’ve seen a lot of pickleball games on the beach. Moreover, to play on the beach you have to bring a few changes to the official pickleball rules for the game.

Q3. How do you make a pickleball court in your yard?

To make a pickleball court in your yard, you’ll need to measure the area and mark out the dimensions of the court.
A standard pickleball court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long. You can use chalk or paint to mark the lines, and then install a net in the center of the court.
You can use a variety of materials for the playing surface, including concrete, asphalt, or even a special pickleball court surface.

Q4. How do you play outdoor pickleball?

To play outdoor pickleball, you’ll need a pickleball paddle, a pickleball, and a partner. The game is similar to tennis but with a smaller court and a lower net.
The server starts the point, and the ball must bounce once on each side before players can start volleying. The first team to reach 11 points (with a two-point lead) wins the game. Moreover, here is a complete guide to playing pickleball outdoors.

Q5. Can you play pickleball on dirt?

It is possible to play pickleball on dirt, but it is not ideal. The ball will bounce differently on dirt compared to a hard surface, and it may be more difficult to move quickly and change direction.
If you do decide to play on dirt, you’ll need to make sure the area is relatively flat and free of obstacles, and you may want to use a specially designed outdoor pickleball ball that can better handle rough terrain.

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