Composite Vs Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Being a pickleball player, it’s really essential to be aware of what you’re playing with. As there are different qualities of paddles for various reasons. Composite and graphite are two of them that each player is keen to own. But don’t you want to know the science behind the increase in the selection of these types of paddles?

Shortly, graphite is one that is recommended for a player who wants to have stronger control over the game as they are very light and easy to spin. While composite is the best choice if you want to go with power in the court, however, its durability is also criticized at many moments.

As I’m going to expand in more detail while comparing graphite vs composite, hence leaving it here can cause you many lost in pickleball.

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Composite Vs Graphite Pickleball Paddle

While doing the comparison between these two types of paddles, I’ll try to disclose every necessary feature regarding these paddles. 

But yet, it’s onto you to what paddle suits your hand or what feature is your first priority to have in your racket while playing your game. 

1. Key Features

While summarizing the key features of each paddle, I’ll go with the things I personally experienced after using both paddles for a long enough time. As the die heart fan of graphite paddles, firstly would love to discuss this one.

If you’re new to pickleball or still struggling with your skill, then I’ll suggest you to go with graphite as they’re really unique with control. Especially when it comes to the speed of your hand.

Moreover, the sounds it delivers is what I personally love to listen even if it’s somehow loud but really romantic if you can feel it.

On the other side, the composite paddle is known everywhere for its amazing power to the ball.

However, it makes me feel like overweight as I’m not in love with hard shots. Plus, if you mostly love to play from your baseline, then handing a composite paddle will make you comfortable.

2. Materials

The materials of a paddle are what make a paddle suitable for a player. However, some paddles are very common for utilizing some specific types of materials such as fiberglass for composite and carbon fiber for graphite. 

While the core of both graphite and composite are either made of polymer, aluminum, or Nomex honeycomb, giving it a tighter trip.

But the most common and top-rated core in pickleball is Polymer as I personally love it. I’ve explained Pickleball Paddle Core In Details If You Want to give a look.

While looking at the materials of the paddle, you should consider various things such as the weight of the paddle, and its durability.

As these parts are very relevant to the kind of materials you get in the pickleball paddle.

3. Durability

Owning a durable paddle is preferred for everyone but how would you understand the durability of a paddle especially when you’re switching to a new brand paddle?

Honestly talking, the debate of durability between these paddles is really hot. What I know, is that the durability of the paddle is mostly dependable on what type of game you play and also what materials are used in the paddle.

However, as much as I know graphite is much more durable even on the top of the table when it comes to the durability of a pickleball paddle.

While composites are mostly preferred for power and spin hence, we can realize their durability for it.

But still, looking at your own choice but as I said before graphite is the best pickleball paddle option while eyeing for long-lasting. I’ve already explained it If you’re keen to learn about how long do pickleball paddles last.

4. Prices Variations

The cost of the paddle depends on the types of material brands use in it. But to make it simple for you, graphite paddles are known for being the most expensive paddle on the market.

Moreover, the price might vary with both of the paddles. However, go with a composite paddle if you’re tight on the budget especially if you’re newcomer to pickleball.

But there are also some composite paddles that can cost you much more as looking to graphite and fiberglass paddles.

 And Engage Encore Composite paddle is one of them which is literally famous for its smooth touch and lightness.

5. Weight 

Paddle weight is one of the essential factors when purchasing a paddle. In simple words, to improve your game with control then go with a lighter paddle like graphite.

As it becomes more common in the pickleball community for its lightweight paddles. Furthermore, the average weight of the graphite rackets is 212.6 grams while the composite weight is around 226.7 grams.

Players who are good enough with their control and lack with power preferred to own composite.

These are some of the points that can clarify your vision of owning the perfect paddle and can also help you dominate on the court.

Pros And Cons Of Composite And Graphite Paddle

Here I’m going to shortlist some advantages and drawbacks for these both types of paddles so that you can make a well aware decision between them.

Pros Of Composite Paddle 

  • Best option for a player who is willing for power and good spin.
  • The prices of these paddles are really friendly if you don’t want to break the bank.
  • As looking at the cost, its durability is good enough as compared to fiberglass.
  • Moreover, the balance between its grip is awesome.

Cons Of Composite Paddle 

  • Lacks control especially when you’re playing different shots like dink shot.
  • Heavyweight can make you struggle while balancing your shots.

Pros Of Graphite Paddle 

  • For control players, it’s my favorite choice as gives me great space and speed.
  • Best pickleball paddles when it’s on the weight of the paddle.
  • Plus, the durability is really impressive and long-lasting.
  • Furnishing power without weighing down the players’ hands.

Cons Of Graphite Paddle

  • The paddle would be somehow expensive but worthy of its single penny.
  • If you’re lacking in power then it’s a good option for you.

Which Paddle Is Best For You? (My Hand-On Experience)

As an avid pickleball enthusiast, I’ve discovered that choosing the right paddle is paramount to elevating your game. 

For me, the preference between Graphite and Composite paddles boils down to the playing style and desired outcome. 

Personally, I’m a staunch supporter of the Graphite paddle due to the exceptional control it offers. With its lightweight yet firm structure, I find that I can finesse my shots with precision, ensuring the ball behaves exactly as I intend. 

On the flip side, when it comes to generating power-packed shots, Composite paddles take the spotlight.

Their composition grants a hearty blend of strength and resilience, making them a prime choice for those seeking to add some extra oomph to their hits. 

Ultimately, the choice rests on one’s unique playing approach – finesse with Graphite or muscle with Composite.

Relevant Queries

Q1. Is graphite better than composite?

Graphite and composite materials both have advantages in different contexts. Graphite offers lightweight and stiffness, while composites can blend multiple materials for specific properties. The choice depends on your needs.

Q2. How do I know what pickleball paddle to use?

To choose a pickleball paddle, consider your playing style (power/control), grip size, weight preference, and skill level. Test paddles if possible before deciding.

Q3. Is there really a difference between pickleball paddles?

Yes, pickleball paddles vary in materials, weight distribution, and grip. These differences affect performance, control, and power. Select one that aligns with your playing style for better results.

Final Thoughts 

Whatever paddle suits your requirement is the best choice to own between composite and graphite pickleball paddles. But yet, before you make it final, try to analyze these both paddles with their features. 

If not worry about the cost, then going with a graphite paddle is what I’m preferring for you. However, for starters, it’s best to paddle as they’ll need to have full control while playing. Moreover, composite is also not a bad option if you are keen to own power in the court.

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