Ultimate Guide To Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball (Sept 2023)

The reason most people love pickleball is its simplicity and ease of understanding. As it’s a combination of other racquet games such as tennis, ping pong, and badminton.

That is why you’ll find many of the pickleball rules the same between these games. But still, there are some serious variations that isolate these games from each other.

The double bounce rule in pickleball is one of them that mostly confuses novice players who just want to start pickleball. Some people know it with the new version wording “two bounce rule”. It’s very plain to understand even if you just recap the phrase double bounce rule. 

But still, you need a complete guide about it so that you can come up with these pickleball rules in court.

Here you’ll seize all about the rule and also discuss the relevant things related to the rule. Such as its benefits as well as the purpose of using this rule in pickleball.

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What Is The Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball?

In 1965, when pickleball was invented by two friends Bill Bell and Joe Pritchard while enjoying their summer with families.

Just for the purpose of making both families entertained and together. Here you go if you to learn about the History of Pickleball.

It was the original time of the double bounce rule invention. There might be a lot of changes that occurred in the rule from the day of invention till today but who knows it?

In plain words, When a player serves a ball to his opponent, the receiver should let it bounce before he shot it back. Learn About Who Serves First In Pickleball?

It same as what, the server should do by the time he receives the ball from his opponent.

Once the ball struck twice after letting it on the ground by each side. Now players are allowed whether they do volley or groundstroke.

In easy words, the first two shots of each side should be groundstroke by both sides before they hit.

You might also get confused when you hear “two bounce rule” which is the new given name to the same rule.

I find out most of the beginners who were ambiguous between these two names which are actually the same. I’ve already discussed 11 Best Pickleball Shots If You Want to Know.

Why Does The Double Bounce Rule Exist?

You’ll find most of the pickleball rules vary from other paddle sports such as kitchen rules. Similarly, the way of playing pickleball is also somehow various.

In pickleball, underhand serve and double bounce rules or two bounce rules are some of the main rules which don’t benefit the server that much.

Another point to be noted is that if this rule wasn’t followed then a receiver can stand in the kitchen to play the first shot. Explore these 11 Surprising Pickleball Benefits That Will Surprise You.

And it can really put the server in trouble if the receiver hit a power hand shot from the kitchen.

Of course, there wouldn’t be that much time for a server to give it back directly after serving the ball.

If it still sounds doubtful, then as an experiment try to omit this rule whenever you go out for playing pickleball on the court. I guess you’ll get bored and lose the fun in the game.

Furthermore, the main purpose of such rules in pickleball is to make it more fun and entertaining. Which also badged the sport as the fast-growing game in the world. 

Tips To Master The Double Bounce Rule

For some players, rules like two bounce rules become so tough that they think it is problematic for their game. Let’s review the Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $50.

If you’re also one of them then instead of complaining, you should give a little effort to implement these few easy tips.

Which will prevent you from sustaining such puzzles in your pickleball games.

The first, as well as easiest rule to master, is to make yourself always stand after the baseline while your competitor is serving.

It’ll make it easy for you to depend even if your opponent serves the ball very deep to you. 

When you’re in a double pickleball game, the double bounce rule as a receiver of service becomes more confusing.

That way you and your partner after serving the ball try to be behind the baseline. It will make it easier for you to make a non-volley shot to complete the two bounce rules.

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Have you ever caught after serving the ball and your opponent hit the ball straight in your face? I guess how it feels and it’s one of the worse situations especially when you’re a newbie.

Moreover, experts also state that the double bounce rule for the server is much more difficult as compared to the receiver.

In such cases when you serve the ball, try to stand after the baseline so that you can calmly make a great shot without breaking the rule. I Recommend You Reading Can I Play Pickleball With A Torn Meniscus? (How To Play).

Can A Ball Bounce Twice In Pickleball?

As a beginner player, you become confused with the double bounce rule just because of its name.

This may also make a puzzle in your mind relevant to the ball bouncing in pickleball. However, a ball can bounce once on each side while playing pickleball.

To make it easier for you a ball can bounce once on each side. Make a concept of a match between me and you.

We both are playing amazing rallies and this time I hit the ball a little far at your side. Discover What Is A Rally In Pickleball? (Detailed Explanation).

And it’s impossible for you to get there before a ball bounce twice. I’ll be considered a point winner because of the ball touching the ground twice on your side. 

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Every sport needs particular rules to be played accurately as well as competitively. In pickleball, we also have such rules and one of them is called the double bounce rule or two bounce rule.

As I said, for some players double bounce rule in pickleball is nothing but just an issue. However, once you learn and apply it while playing.

You’ll really start loving this rule. To do it so you need a little practice as well as following some of the tips I’ve covered in the above article.


Q1. Are double bounces allowed in pickleball?

After the ball is served, the ball should touch the ground on each side of the court. After that, both sides are allowed whether they play volley or non-volley shots. 

Q2. How many bounces are allowed on each side?

In pickleball, generally speaking, the ball can’t touch the earth twice after the double bounce rule. 

Q3. Can the ball bounce twice on one side in pickleball?

To make it clear to you. After the double bounce rule, a ball shouldn’t touch the ground twice. If it happens to you, your competitor will win the point.

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