How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball? (Factor You Should Know)

Everyone wants to play a good exercise game that is great for mind refreshment and exercise. And for such people, you’ll not find any great sport than pickleball as compared to squash and wiffleball. But you might want to know how many calories do you burn playing pickleball.

Such cases like loss of calories are something which mostly depends on every person’s weight, and height. Moreover, according to game experts, a normal person can burn up to 10 calories while playing pickleball for a minute.

Still, you want to know more detail about calorie loss when playing pickleball. It depends on some factors which you must know. But don’t worry, here you’ll learn everything you need to know about pickleball as an exercise. 

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How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball?

Pickleball isn’t different as compared to other racquet sports. It wouldn’t be wrong even if I say that it’s very easy to play and also portable for every age of a person.

In addition, it also helps you with a great opportunity to enjoy your time as well as a great type of exercise. 

However, the number of calories burned when playing pickleball will depend on some factors.

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Now playing competitive pickleball will of course help you burn much more calories as compared to the normal pace. 

Here I’ll expand on most of the common factors which differ in the calculations of burning calories.

1. The Way You Play

The main factor which makes a big difference is your calorie loss count. Playing pickleball has different ways.

Now if you play a competitive game, you will be playing with your full energy and power. 

However, just for enjoyment game can be played in any mode with even low energy levels. Where you may not be supposed to use too much energy.

In other words, if you play pickleball with your friends just for the purpose to spend your time through it. Of course, you’ll not use a lot of your stamina.

But you have to be more aggressive and energetic in competitive games as compared to normal games. 

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2. Type Of Game 

Whether you play a single or double pickleball both are great. But the energy you’ll need to play single pickleball is more than a double pickleball game.

Now you’ll have more body movements if you spend more energy. Without any doubt, more calories will be burned in single-player games.

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3. Your weight

In some cases, your weight also has the main character in pickleball as an exercise. Now if you’re more than 150 pounds, it will burn 500 calories within 1 hour of the game.

It’s just an average pointed out by experts. Although you can make your own calculation by looking at these few factors, especially your weight.

Now look if your weight is higher or lower, according to that make a correct calculation. 

4. Your Play Duration 

An average person will lose nearly 250 calories in playing for 30 minutes. While playing aggressively, the count can reach up to 500 at the same time rate. 2 set games in pickleball can take a maximum of 2 hours. 

So these are a few important factors that mostly make difference in pickleball as an exercise. I’d say that pickleball is one of the best sports for every age person. Here’s A Detail Post About Why Is Pickleball So Popular?

Which also doesn’t require as much energy as looking at the other games. The new study about pickleball also claims that in America most pickleball gamers are over 50 age.

Which clearly expresses the match of the sport with low energy or aged people. Moreover, it’s one of the best choices you have as compared to racquetball and tennis.

Pickleball will game really help you to lose sufficient of your weight. In addition, you will even not feel tiredness or trouble while playing it because of the sport’s easiness.

How Much Time Does Pickleball Take To Play?

If a player wants to play 2 sets, the average time for it would be at least 2 hours.

According to the USAPA research and statement, an average player can play 2 or 3 games of 11 scores winning which can take up to 1 hour. 

As I said in the previous paragraph, the number of calories depends on the factors such as the type of game, the way you play, and also your weight and time duration.

Furthermore, you can burn a great number of calories even if you’re just trying to have a joyful game. But still, if you take a little competitively, you can take blood to your vessels.

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Exercise can make you a great healthy and fit person. And most people are just confused about what to play which can be enjoyable as well as exercise for our bodies. 

There are many others sports and fitness exercises but the best I recommend and also experienced by myself is pickleball sport. You want to know about the number of calories burned while playing pickleball.

This sport can help you to burn a sufficient number of calories which you can do in most of the other sports. Like if you’re an 85kg person, you will lose 450 plus calories in just 30 minutes of playing.


Q1. How many times a week should you play pickleball?

It would depend on you. You will need to play pickleball for 30 minutes if you’re aiming to lose sufficient weight with this game. Then try to at least play it 3 times a week for half an hour which can really keep fit and active.

Q2. Is pickleball good for weight loss?

Both Tennis and pickleball are sisters and brothers. But pickleball requires less energy as compared to tennis games. In fact, pickleball can burn a super number of calories with the help of utilizing less energy.

Q3. How many calories do you burn in pickleball doubles?

In a double pickleball game, if the game is aggressive and competitive, you’ll lose up to 300 calories. Here I’m recapping that calories are something that stands on a few factors which I’ve already explained in this article.

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