9 Tips How To Keep The Ball Low In Pickleball?

As an experienced pickleball player, I’ve noticed many mistakes which mostly cause beneficial for my opponent. From that, hitting the ball higher is one of the major points which I almost realized in many self-touted players.

You might have also faced such moments while playing pickleball. Whenever you hit the ball high to your opponent, It creates an opportunity for your competitor to put you under attack. And who wants such things to face in the game? 

You may already bolster your techniques while practicing consistently. But mastering how to keep the ball low in pickleball is also something. That can sum up sufficient scores to your scorecard as well as can you a more competitive player.

To become perfect in keeping the ball lower you need a complete guide as well as progressive practice. Here you’ll find out various strategies for keeping the ball lower while playing pickleball.

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How To Keep The Ball Low In Pickleball?

As a newbie player, it might sound like a bully or a very tough technique to grip. However, with little effort and practice, you can easily excel in this.

Here I’ll teach you multiple ways along with easy tips about the lower shot. That can lead you to the best pickleball player in your town. 

1. Balance Grip Pressure

Games like pickleball are popular because of their furious play style. In such cases maintaining your grip pressure on your paddle would be tough.

But controlling the grip pressure is as essential as other tricks to play your game competitively. Learn 6 Factors About How To Measure Pickleball Paddle Grip Size?

For some players, balancing the grip pressure is challenging. But once you learn, it can take your playing to a great level.

When you’re on a long rally and furious to score a goal. At such moments, you lose control of holding your paddle calmly. 

To continue the balance of your paddle, try to hand the grip with lighter pressure. If you hold it hard, can cause for a higher shot and the rest you know. Learn here should you add lead tape to your pickleball paddle.

If you want to maintain your paddle normal, try to have soft hands on it. It will help you to keep the ball low as much as possible even while playing in tough conditions.

2. Hit The Ball When It’s Right To Your Body

If you let the ball too close to your body, you’ll not be able to hit the ball as low as you intended. Here’re 5 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $100 If you’re under budget to own a paddle.

Placing a space between the paddle and your body can give you a comfortable shot selection before you hit the ball. 

In addition, when you get the ball in front of yourself, then it makes a great position for you to hit the ball where you have the target.

However, it’ll become hard for you if you don’t make the shot to the ball by the time, it comes in front of you. 

You’ll recognize it whenever you face any experienced pickleball player. You’ll see him continuously hitting the ball when it gets in front of him. Don’t you want to learn about the top female pickleball players?

3. Avoid Low To High Shots

It’s one of the common mistakes while playing pickleball. Most of the players are hitting the lower ball higher than the opponent.

Which provides enough gap for the opponent to target easily as well as can hit a hard shot at you. 

To reduce such mistakes, the best choice you have is to be near the net so that you can easily hit the ball just over the net. It can also help to make furious your competitor.

4. Keep Your Paddle Angle Below

According to the Physics rules, the ball will go upward if you hit it upward. Same as this, if you hit it to a downward angle then it will travel downward. 

You should remember this when you’re playing pickleball. With these rules, you should try to decrease the paddle angle down. Review Top 5 Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles.

Moreover, it’s very important to keep your paddle at a low angle as much as possible. And it will really help you to hit the ball low without touching the net. 

5. Strike The Ball Early

The shot direction depends on how early or late you hit the ball. Try to hit the ball as fast as possible as well at the lower surface.

It’s very common in pickleball, the earlier you hit the ball, the lower it’ll go. And how the later you hit the ball, the more you apply force behind it. 

This time whenever you get a chance to watch a professional game, realize their ball striking time.

You’ll notice them while hitting the ball at the perfect time which makes them shoot it comfortably.

6. Ignore Direct Shots

When you’re playing against a professional player, you’ll find him hitting the ball directly on your body.

Just to force you to hit the ball directly which causes you to lose focus and not find the right direction for your shot.

However, you should still try your best to keep the ball as far as possible from yourself. Which will assist you to have a great shot on your opponent. Ultimate Guide To What Is A Volley In Pickleball?

7. Don’t Worry About Hitting Net

Now if you’re trying to hit the ball as low as possible. You might be worried about hitting the net. And of course, you will hit if you don’t master it well. 

Now if you want to avoid such actions, then you’ll need a lot of practice to hit the ball low and can cross the net.

When you hit the net multiple times but with regular practice, you can excel very well. Do you know What is let in Pickleball?

8. Be Relaxed

Most beginners get under pressure while playing pickleball. Which makes them lose their comfort.

Furthermore, as I said that if you want to hit the ball low you will need to settle down yourself. So that you can hold your paddle comfortably and can make the right shot direction.

9. Practice More And More

Some of the tips I mentioned above might seem difficult to you. And you’ll not be able to own these all skills easily. But if you practice them regularly, keeping the ball low gets easy for you.

Moreover, try to learn how to concentrate and also focus on relaxation while gaming. Relaxing can provide a wide range of choices for a better shot. 

Why Is Keeping The Ball Low Important In Pickleball?

As a novice player, after hearing from every second person about keeping the ball at a lower surface is essential for you.

Besides it, it might also make you ambiguous about the positive effect of it on your game. It’s what I mostly hear from beginners when they find out about hitting the ball low.

But some of them, still consider it nothing but a usual action. As a professional pickleball gamer, I understand how useful it’s when you’re willing to have your opponent under pressure.

First of all, keeping the ball low assists you in not letting your opponent’s hard shot on you. 

If you consistently keep the ball below, your competitor will not have a chance to target you with a tough shot that you can’t hold back to him. 

Furthermore, it’ll also keep your opponent under pressure which will cause him to lose his confidence in hitting shots perfectly.

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All in all, for every player, it’s very essential to grab how to keep the ball low in pickleball. But if you want to expertise it, it will need regular practice as well as following the above-discussed tips. 

I know in the inception, you’ll find difficulties in maintaining the ball as I explained. But how much you try that much confidence will increase for keeping the ball low even while competing as a professional player.


Q1. How do you hit harder in pickleball?

When you’re contacting the ball, try to hold your wrist up. It will assist you in driving the ball down with spin.
Also, you will be able to hit the ball harder and the spin applied to it will keep it down on your opponent’s side. Which will also prevent the ball from flying outside the line.

Q2. What are the three 3 key things you should focus on in pickleball?

Whenever you get ready to hit the shot, keeping these 3 steps in mind will get you a great result.
First of all, have a clear target, and then keep your eyes on the ball and make up your mind as you’re going to hit three balls at a time.

Q3. What is the most important shot in pickleball?

In professional pickleball games, learning third-shot drop is very important. And most of the gamers lost a lot of scores because of the third shot.
The main reason is that players feel in trouble while making this shot.

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