Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleball – (Differences You Should Know)

Are you an avid pickleball player looking to elevate your game to new heights? The choice between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls can significantly impact your performance and overall playing experience.

From the smooth indoor courts to the rugged outdoor terrains, each ball type possesses distinct characteristics that can make or break your game.

In this article, I delve into the crucial factors and benefits of both options, guiding you toward making the perfect choice for your pickleball prowess.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleball (Main Differences)

There are two types of pickleball such as indoor pickleball and outdoor pickleball. I’m going to clear both types and want that every pickleball player must know about it.

Also, manufacturers want to create types of equipment for both types of pickleball.

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1. Indoor Pickleball

In this model, the ball holes tend to be larger than in outdoor pickleball.  Normally, indoor pickleball is softer and easier than outdoor.

Because there are fewer chances of directing the ball due to winds. Furthermore, it’s able to be quite challenging on the flip side to slam the ball.

The reason is it usually has more drag than its outdoor counterpart. It allows the ball to spin better because of having more texture than outdoor models.

Moreover, indoor pickleball is slightly smaller and lighter in weight. The rallies are also longer in indoor pickleball than in outdoor ones.

It doesn’t crack easily like outdoor pickleball cracks. Indoor pickleball is affected easily by winds because the weight of the indoor ball is lighter in weight.

That’s why they aren’t able to or should not be used in outdoor games. These balls are quieter than outdoor balls because of their lightweight. It also hurts less when it hit on the body. 

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2. Outdoor Pickleball

Outdoor pickleball ball is heavier and harder in shape and body. It’s because it’s made of smooth plastic. There are also 40 drill holes in the outdoor pickleball.

The wind is also resisted by the outdoor ball because of its heavyweight construction. The ball also hurt more than the indoor ball because it is heavier and hard.

Therefore, you don’t want to be hit by outdoor pickleball. The best thing about this ball is that it doesn’t hit hard because it’s not able to drag easily like indoor balls.

It comes off much harder and quicker the paddles than indoor pickleball. For more heat play outdoor pickleball is harder to control because of some finesse to handle.

Outdoor pickleball is not easy to crack because of its hardness. If there is bad weather then you’re not able to play outdoors. So, in this situation indoors is a better choice.

By the playing style, temperature, and playing surface the life cycle is generally determined by outdoor pickleball.

The player gives his/her best in outdoor pickleball because, in the hot weather, the sweat comes out, and feels energetic. So according to this point, outdoor pickleball is better than indoor pickleball.

Can You Use Indoor Pickleballs Outdoors and Vice Versa?

Pickleball is a fun and engaging sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors. However, many players wonder whether they can use indoor pickleball outdoors and vice versa.

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. Indoor pickleball is typically made of a softer plastic material compared to outdoor pickleball.

The softer material allows the ball to bounce less, making it ideal for indoor play where the court space is limited.

The reduced bounce also helps to prevent the ball from hitting the ceiling or lights in an indoor facility.

On the other hand, outdoor pickleballs are made of a harder plastic material to withstand the rougher surface of an outdoor court.

The harder material also helps the ball to bounce higher, allowing players to hit more powerful shots.

So, can you use indoor pickleball outdoors? The answer is yes but with some considerations. Indoor pickleball may not be able to withstand the rougher outdoor surface, and their softer material may not bounce as high, making it harder to play.

However, if you don’t have access to outdoor pickleball, using indoor balls can be an alternative option.

Coloring In Pickleball

When we talk about the color of pickleball it means which color is approved in the USAPA rules. Color also plays an important role in pickleball. The player can’t wear clothes whose color is the same as a ball.

Because it can make confusion to the other player when the ball comes toward him or her. In the USAPA rules, the ball must have a uniform color. In pickleball, the most popular color of a ball is orange.

Additionally, White and yellow colors are also common in pickleball. However, it doesn’t mean that no other color is used in pickleball.

Typically, a pickleball player finds it easier to see the dark color while playing pickleball instead of light colors. Therefore, I suggest using a dark color ball while playing pickleball.

Courts Of An Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball

Both indoor and outdoor pickleball has the same size court. The height of both indoor and outdoor pickleball nets is the same in the end and as well as in the center of the court.

Only the difference that I found between both indoor and outdoor courts is that the in the indoor court there is a carpet.

However, in the outdoors, the court may be only constructed using cement and concrete.

And, they are also hard. While the indoor court is slightly softer than outdoor courts because of the carpet used.

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Whether you’re honing your pickleball skills indoors or braving the elements outdoors, the choice of balls plays a pivotal role in your game.

Consider the court conditions, player preferences, and ball features to ensure an optimal and enjoyable pickleball experience every time you step onto the court. Happy playing!


Q1. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball?

The plastic of outdoor pickleball is thicker. Outdoor pickleball has a smaller hole and it is a bit heavier and hard. It assists the player in that the ball comes faster to the paddles instead indoors.
While the indoor ball is made of slightly thicker plastic. It is lighter in weight and easily affected by the winds.

Q2. Do outdoor pickleball have more holes?

There are many colors in both indoor and outdoor pickleball. However, Yellow, White, and Orange are common colors in pickleball.
It is due to see easier than any other color. There are both fewer and larger holes the number of holes can be 26 and 40.

Q3. What are the 3 differences between indoor pickleball and outdoor pickleball?

For indoor pickleball, the ball is made up of soft plastic. The weight is lighter and can easily be affected by winds. The holes of indoor pickleball are larger and the number of holes is 26.
While outdoor pickleball is made up of hard and thicker plastic. The weight is heavier and can not be easily affected by winds. The holes of outdoor pickleball are larger and the holes are 40 in number.

Q4. Is a longer paddle better for pickleball?

There is more power and spin in longer paddles. With shorter and wide paddles average player make more power. Because it is easily hit on the center of the paddles.

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