Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis? (Pickleball vs Tennis)

Pickleball is one of the best racquet sports which is also known as the combo of all racquet sports. Especially its similarity with tennis and ping pong is very close. But as we know tennis is the toughest racquet game when it comes to playing style. Here most people doubt that is pickleball easier than tennis.

In brief, pickleball is too much easy compared to tennis. Above all when it comes to the energy and moments we need in tennis is almost the triple as looking to pickleball.

As it needs more explanation to make it more easily understandable and also displays a few very natural reasons that make tennis harder than pickleball to play.

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Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

Yes, pickleball is much easier than tennis when it comes to comparison between them. There are too many things that make tennis a harder and more energetic sport when compared to pickleball. You’d love to take a look at Pickleball vs Paddle Tennis.

Some of the reasons discussed here why is pickleball so easy as compared to tennis:

1. Fitness And Movements Level

Looking at tennis, pickleball is very easy to play. If you’ve ever watched or played tennis, you can easily realize how quick a game it is.

What if you ask me, I can say tennis is the toughest sport as compared to squash which is considered as the hardest racquet sport by most people.

While the pickleball courts are small hence you may not need much stamina which you should have for tennis. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be fit physically for pickleball. 

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2. Differences Between Equipment

Pickleball gears are much smaller and lighter as compared to tennis. Especially when it comes to their racquets and balls as well.

In tennis, we use a big racquet that is approximately 10.6 oz and 27 inches long. While pickleball paddles are almost 16 inches long and 7 – 8.5 oz.

I’ve entirely covered pickleball paddle dimensions in one article if you want to learn about pickleball paddles.

While the ball of Pickleball is made of plastic which is very light same as we use in Wiffle ball as compared to tennis rubber-made balls.

3. Court Size

A very big factor that makes pickleball easier than tennis is the difference between their playgrounds.

Officially pickleball courts are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide which you can easily cover with your normal physical stamina.

However, the standard tennis court size is 23.77 meters long which is almost impossible to play without being too fit and strong. You May like To Read Can You Play Pickleball On A Tennis Court?

4. Body Strength

As I mentioned before, the courts of tennis are very lengthy and wide as well. Hence, you should have more power and energy to play perfectly. 

Moreover, the ball and paddle of pickleball are very light and small which don’t need too much strength to be played with. Here’s a detailed guide about How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball.

5. In Terms Of Rules

You’ll mostly hear the reason for being pickleball very popular is pickleball rules’ simplicity. And I also agree with that because what I think is that pickleball has the easiest and very plainest rules in overall racquet sports.

These are some of the causes that confirm pickleball as the easiest sport as looking to tennis. Moreover, I don’t quote pickleball as the best sport among tennis.

Because it really depends on your craving. Therefore, whatever sport suits you and you like to play. That’s the best sport for you whether it’s tennis, pickleball or badminton.

Which Sport Is More Interesting – Tennis Or Pickleball?

When it comes to the selection of the best sport between them, it really depends on each person’s choice and skill level.

For example, if you ask me to choose the best or most fun sport among pickleball and tennis. My eyes would be on pickleball as I’m usually a pickleball player and have years of experience while playing.

However, it doesn’t mean that I hate tennis or I can’t play it. I’ve also tried it multiple times playing tennis and I really enjoyed it.

But as a person who played both of these, I can say pickleball is for me. Moreover, you might die a heart tennis player and you should be.

What I know is tennis is very energetic and requires very strong stamina to play. In addition to it, there’s also a very high chance of getting injured as compared to other racquet sports.

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Can Tennis Players Play Pickleball?

Of course, a tennis player can play pickleball without any bid. And I’ve seen too many tennis players who play pickleball. And they really enjoy playing it.

Moreover, if you give a look at professional level pickleball players. You’ll find most of them ex-tennis players while even some of them are still playing both tennis and badminton at international and national levels.

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I’ve written an article about the top pickleball players where you’ll find some of the players in that list are tennis players.

Not just a player by name but they’ve also named multiple trophies on their name.

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Final Thoughts

In last, I’d say pickleball is a very easy choice for everyone to get started with. Not just because of its small court but also because having simple rules and an easy play style makes pickleball my best choice.

Moreover, you can head to any other sport which is up to you. In addition to that, I also love tennis but as I said before, it needs great stamina as well as so many chances of injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is pickleball easier on the body than tennis?

A. Yes, pickleball is generally considered to be easier on the body than tennis due to its smaller court size, lighter rackets, and slower-moving balls.

Q2. Why is pickleball more fun than tennis?

A. It’s really dependent on each player. However, for me, pickleball is more fun than tennis because it is easier to learn and play, requires less physical exertion, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, pickleball is a great way to socialize and have fun with friends.

Q3. Is pickleball more strenuous than tennis?

A. Generally, pickleball is considered to be less strenuous than tennis due to the smaller court size and lighter equipment used. However, it can still be a physically demanding game depending on the intensity of the match.

Q4. Is pickleball easier on the knees than tennis?

A. Yes, pickleball is generally considered to be easier on the knees than tennis due to the smaller court size and lighter equipment used.

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