Joola Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle Review (Aug 2023)

If you’re here so it means you’re already die hearted fan of Joola paddles. Especially after you’ve heard about this new paddle Joola Ben Johns Hyperion paddle which is also built with the cooperation of the world’s best pickleball player Ben Johns.

But don’t you confused even if it’s badged great paddle by multiple pro-level players? Also, what makes you sure that this is the best pickleball paddle you can find in today’s paddle markets?

Whether you’ve already made the decision of purchasing it or want to learn more about its feature. This JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion pickleball paddle review is going to be particularly for you which will help you to know each and everything about this paddle. 

So that you can make a very informed decision. Without further delay, let’s rock it together.

Joola Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle Review

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball Paddle - Carbon Surface with High Grit & Spin, Elongated Handle, USAPA Approved 2022 Ben Johns Paddle - Available with Pickle Ball Paddle Cover

As a pickleball player, if you aren’t a very big fan of Joola paddles. It’s a very bad sign for your pickleball career especially to express your skill level. Joola really mastered the skill of how to own players even if it’s Ben John or you. 

And you shouldn’t overthink about if something can be attractive this much to a player like Ben. Then it should be of very high quality more than it expected.

Joola did the same and today they’re at the top of pickleball folks’ tongues and it became a very hot discussion.

Generally, I’m a player who always looks for control and spin in competitive matches. Before purchasing the Joola Ben Hyperion paddle, I was missing something important at any point. 

Even if I was owning one of the best paddles which was Selkirk Invikta paddle. As I started playing with it, now I completely liked playing with two paddles by having unbelievably fast reach.

Plus, the touch point of the paddle really convinces me to smash the ball again and again.

1. Fabulous Control

This paddle would be my first choice when it comes to control. While having sufficient and still I’m having unbelievable power. Simply, I take my words back if I’ve suggest anyone else paddle for control.

What I think is this paddle is completely built with a focus on tennis players. If you’re a player who loves to play backhand, then you should at list of best pickleball paddles for two handed backhand.

Like comparing to my previous paddles, I get double my control, particularly since I’ve long-reach capability. 

Furthermore, using it for almost 3 months and I feel really amazing improvement in my control.

Especially when I’m depending on hard smash from baseline. The speed is really appreciated when you’re getting one after another power shots. 

2. Decent Power

Firstly, when you take out this paddle in the court for a pickleball match. You might be confused and fascinated as well at the same time.

You know well that when you’re eyeing for a control paddle, the power doesn’t come as much as you need.

But if you ask me about its power, like I was completely feeling nervous about my shots wrong direction. In my first few days, my experience wasn’t good with it. 

But with the passage of time, as I was using the more I was able to understand the power level of this paddle. And today I own unconscious power whenever I feel the need for it.

You wouldn’t feel more effort for power shots as much as you might think. You’ll understand these words whenever you give them a try.

3. Unbelievable Spin

The face material really helps to generate enough spin to the ball. With the help of a carbon-Flex5 textured surface, the paddle exceeds ridiculous spin.

I’ve never got such an amazing spin while serving and driving the ball. Moreover, the sweet spot is really large and gives you a great hand to significantly spin the ball. You may want to learn about Composite Vs Graphite Pickleball Paddle.

4. Paddle Design And Quality Material

While about the design of the paddle. Joola always impressed all court players in pickleball with its unique and attractive designs of the paddles.

Plus, it also ensure the amazing lightweight version paddle. In addition, the overall look of the Joola Hyperion paddle is really cool and fancy.

Furthermore, the high-quality materials break out the market of adding new value to pickleball paddles.

5. Longer Hands Grip

Putting everything aside, I believe no other paddle can beat this Joola paddle in grip quality. If you’re bored with your paddle polymer handle.

Then Joola is really great to you as a friend by replacing the polymer with a carbon handle. 

One of the great advantages of this paddle is to produce more power. Plus, you’ll also notice the difference between its bounce with other paddles you own.

Joola Ben Johns Hyperion Paddle Specifications

The Joola Paddle is crafted with a Carbon Friction Surface and a Reactive Polymer Honeycomb Core, making it a powerful and reliable tool for any table tennis enthusiast. 

It’s 16mm thick, weighing in at 238g/8.4oz, with a length of 419mm/16.5in and a width of 190.5mm/7.5in. 

The grip length is 140mm/5.5in and the grip circumference is 108mm/4.25in, providing a comfortable and secure hold.

What Do I love In This Joola Paddle?

Joola always surprises the paddling community with its great product to the market. And this time they did the same while featuring all the quality of a paddle should have together. In addition, the matchable control and power in this paddle are really admirable. 

If you’re a tennis player or love to play with a long handle. Then you should own this Joola paddle for having an amazing quality of handle grip.


  • You’ll get unbelievable control to your hands with this paddle.
  • The power is unpredictable.
  • The handle and grip quality is really game changer to pickleball.
  • Due to its quality material, the paddle durability is also great.


  • For some players, the price might be pricey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some mostly asked queries related to this Joola paddle that you want to learn:

Q1. Which Joola paddle does Ben johns use?

Currently, the world’s best pickleball player Ben Johns is using the Joola Ben Johns Hyperion paddle. Which really impressive with its high-quality material and serving great features.

Q2. Is Joola a good paddle?

Yes, Joola is one of the best pickleball paddle brands. Alonside of doing amazing marketing strategy, they always try to provide their customer desired paddles which make them to be one of the top pickleball paddles brands.

Q3. Is Joola a Chinese company?

No, Joola is actually a US-based paddle company. Joola paddles are considered as the most expensive pickleball paddles in today’s pickleball paddles market.


After playing for 3 months with this paddle, I realized too many improvements to my game. Specifically when it comes to paddle power and control. As I said before, you’ll love to own its power without needing the effort you normally should.

Plus, the paddle weight is really perfect along with its amazing touch. If you really want to invest in your pickleball paddle. Believe me, this paddle is worth its price money by serving all features in one.

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