Discover Best Pickleball Court Dimensions And Surfaces (Beginners Guide)

Having your own court is a blessing as well as a tough task. You’ll feel the necessity of having your own pickleball court when you want to become a professional pickleball player

However, it’d be easy for you if you’re just shifting from others racquet sports such as tennis and badminton. But as a new pickler, you may need much more effort to build your own court.

Before anything else, you need to learn everything about pickleball court dimensions. Furthermore, what material you’ll need, and how much space would be enough for you to build it?

To make you seize these questions, I’ve disclosed all the important factors as well as tips that will help you to construct your own pickleball court.

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Ultimate Guide To Pickleball Court Dimensions

To make it more simple, I’ve cut down the whole process into a few steps. So that you can easily understand them.

1. Court Space

20 feet wide and 44 feet long is the official court dimension for both single and double games. To have more fun and enjoyment in your games, I’d recommend having them at least 24 feet wide and 60 feet long.

As you’ll see in most cases, people just make a few temporary changes to basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. You may need to learn the difference between a pickleball court vs tennis court which I’ve covered in detail.

For example, you can fit 4 pickleball courts in 1 official regulation tennis court but I recommend just settling 2 courts. To do this, you’ll just need a few erasable tapes as well as a portable net. 

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Because having a better outbound area can really impact your gaming. It’ll give you great space while playing the game. Moreover, most of the time, we fit multiple courts in a small place. 

But later, we consider such foolishness when players begin the game, and face space issues between courts causing a lot of interruption for both court players. You may want to learn about differences Between Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleball

2. Court Drawing According To Official Regulations

You’ll have a line of 7 feet to each side from the net. From that line to the net area is called the non-volley zone also known as the kitchen area.

Which is one of the unique rules of pickleball sport. The end line at each side is called the baseline while horizontal lines are called the sidelines.

On each side of the court, you’ll have a line in the center which is named centerline. 

In addition, the official net size for pickleball is 36 inches for the end sides while in middle it comes to 34 inches.

You can build a permanent court as well as you can repair the existing court for pickleball. 

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3. Court Painting

For painting the lines, generally white color is recommended. However, it’s not a must to do but we mostly see the white color of lines. 

You can also use any other color but before you select your line color, try to consider your court surface color. There’s no official rule for court surface color. 

But I recommend using blue and green which are mostly utilized by pickleballers. Still, it depends on you, and also consider picking the same color of your ball or what color you want to use for lines.

For the best experience try to have three various colors for each of these. Just to give you a reminder, try to take care of your neighborhood as well.

That’s why I’d recommend checking the environment of the court place whether it makes a disturbance for your nearby or not. 

Best Pickleball Court Surfaces

In pickleball, we have several choices of court surfaces. But before you make your decision of any kind surface, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you have back or knee pain?
  • How are your knees?
  • Do you play with kids or aged people?
  • Do you play indoor or outdoor pickleball?
  • Are you going to build your own court?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What kind of game will you play professional or friendly?

And don’t worry! Here I’ve included all types of surfaces while some of these surfaces are also recommended by USA Pickleball (USAPA). 

1. Concrete 

Concrete is the best as well as the most used surface in court-related sports such as pickleball, tennis, and basketball.

Without breaking your budget, concrete surfaces can serve you for a very long life whether you play tournaments or recreational games.

However, it’s somehow a tough task that’s why you need to make a contract with your city constructor or sports court constructor. 

Actually while building a concrete court, you’ll need to consider a lot of factors such as its size, surface texture, and slopes as well. 

Moreover, USAP officials also recommend concrete surface cause this surface is normal in pickleball courts. There are also a few things to consider when you want a concrete surface. 

  • Pro Cushioned Surface (If you don’t want to have knees or back pain then it’s the best choice for you.)
  • First Layer Base
  • A Liquid Implemented Coating

These are a few different things that you can apply to your court. In my opinion, cushioned courts are very durable and comfortable as well. And it’ll also have long-lasting for you. 

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2. Versacourt Tile

Versacourt tile surface isn’t very common in pickleball. However, it’s crucial for court-related sports. As we see it’s mostly used for basketball courts but wouldn’t be bad to try it for pickleball. 

But you’re not the first one who use these rubber tile for pickleball. As I’ve already tested and it’s much much better as compared to other types of surfaces.

Furthermore, you can afford it with your tight budget. Franklin brand provides particularly made-for pickleball courts. Which are also waterproof and shock absorptive.

You can buy different kinds of tiles even if they also serve if you want any kind of logo or design in court.

In addition, It’s very durable and comfortable and the ball bounce is also awesome. The installation is also easy and simple and doesn’t require too much energy. 

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3. Asphalt

After concrete, asphalt is also one of the usually used surfaces in pickleball. As we know that it’s also used in international pickleball tournaments.

And it wouldn’t cause much expensive as compared to concrete products. In simple words, as much as I’ve played on asphalt surfaces, I don’t recommend it to you.

However, if you can’t go without it or you don’t have another choice then it’s at least better than not having a court to play.

4. Hard Clay

Clay surface is a very less used surface. Still, if it’s not officially utilized, but on hard clay, you can play great pickleball. As the ball bounce is also great then why shouldn’t you try this?

What I know is that clay which is used for tennis before would be better to play pickleball on. You can also use your backyard clay before you begin your game. 

Make the surface a little hard through something heavy. Moreover, I’m not sure you could have an amazing game. 

Whatever surface you choose for your pickleball court just depends on you.

Whether you want to build this court for teaching, school kids, pickleball tournament, or your own use. Once you consider these things, you’ll realize the right one for your court.

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Owning the pickleball court is great but before you step out for building it. You should consider everything about the court. And the most important is to select the right surface for yourself.

As I mentioned some of the common surfaces in the article in detail can also give you an idea. But still, you should consider your fitness level as well as the place where you want to build the court. 

With all due respect, as a professional player, I’d love to play on concrete surfaces which can give me great results as well as internationally used surfaces as well. 


Q1. How Much Space Do You Need For Pickleball Court?

25 feet wide and 60 feet long area is best to have for the court. Actually, while playing the game player shouldn’t be just stuck inside the fixed place on the court. They need little open space to be more comfortable and open to play. 

Q2. Are all pickleball courts the same size?

Officially the pickleball court size is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. Moreover, this space is for both double and single games. There’s no difference in court size between single and double games.

Q3. Can you convert a tennis court to pickleball?

Yes, you can convert a tennis court to a pickleball court. First of all down the net to 34 inches and then use some additional tapes and erasable paints. But before you take an action, try to take permission for using the court for pickleball.

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