Complete Guide To Pickleball Kitchen Rules (Non Volley Zone)

Pickleball is growing very fast same as a piece of trending news. But do you know the reason behind it? Why do people like pickleball this much? The only reason is the easy rules and plays style of pickleball.

Pickleball kitchen rules are some of those fascinating rules which are also known as non volley zone in pickleball. But to give a brief hint, the non-volley zone is the 7 feet area to both sides of the net. The kitchen rule is one of the most unique and tricky in the pickleball rules checklist.

As it isn’t enough for you to understand entirely the kitchen rule. Hence, I’m going to deliver the ultimate guide for beginners player. Moreover, there’s also something essential to learn if you’re an experienced pickleballer.

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What Is Kitchen (Non-Volley Zone)?

Kitchen area which might be known to you by the name of a non-volley zone. This is the area of 7 feet to each side of the court.

According to the official pickleball rules, players are prohibited to make volley while standing in this area.

Plus, the line that separates the kitchen area from the court area comes in NVZ (non-volley zone). Here’s ultimate guide to Pickleball Court Dimensions And Surfaces.

Even though if anything related to a player such as a paddle and shoes touching the line of the non-volley zone would be called a fault.

In other words, the kitchen area comes in the court ground area therefore, a player can hit the ball in the air surface of the non-volley zone. But still, the player should be confirmed outside the area line.

If you do something like volleying ball in the kitchen, I’d be considered a fault. However, to make a shot in the non-volley zone, you should wait until the ball touches the ground surface to bounce. Here’s Guide To 11 Best Pickleball Shots To Play Like Pro Player.

As I met most of the newbie players who didn’t understand this very well. Hence, they fairly don’t hit the ball in the kitchen area even if it bounces back.

I’ve already covered volley and half volley in pickleball if you don’t really know what actually they’re like according to pickleball standards. You should learn what is double bounce rule in pickleball.

Pickleball Kitchen Rules

As kitchen area is very essential part of pickleball. That’s why you should understand the rules and regulations of it very clearly. So that you don’t make such fault during your competitive pickleball match.

Here are the common pickleball non-volley zone rules:

1. No Volleying

About the kitchen area, you can’t volley is the most common condition in pickleball. Volley is a kind of shot in which you directly hit the ball without letting it bounce once on the ground.

Moreover, it completely sounds unprofessional like you’re standing in the non-volley zone and directly returning the ball with a hard smash.

But the kitchen area is making pickleball really unique with such amazing rules. You May Also Like To Learn What Is A Rally In Pickleball? (Detailed Explanation)

2. Fault Anything Related To Player Touch Kitchen

It happens in very rare cases, but very important to learn. Some players like to wear caps, sunglasses, or anything even player paddles as well. 

If these pieces of equipment related to the player touching the kitchen during volleying will be considered faulty.

However, you’ll find to see such moments in very rare cases especially if it happens with a paddle and cap.

3. Stay In Kitchen Except Volleying

While kitchen rules are somehow tricky, so most of the players even don’t enter the non-volley zone.

As it’s completely insane but they mostly don’t learn it well. Moreover, you can stand in the kitchen any time except during volleying.

4. Hit Ball After Bounce

Sometimes, you get the ball back in very fast play while standing in the NVZ. In such conditions, I’ve seen some players who left the ball without making any intention to hit it. 

But remember if you get the ball back while being in kitchen area limits.

Then you’ve two options, one is to hit the ball after it bounces and another is to come out of the area and then make contact with the ball.

5. Volley While Your Partner Being In Kitchen

It might be somehow confusing. Believe me, at the start of my career in pickleball, I was also thinking the same.

Such as you can’t volley when your partner player stands in the kitchen area. Which is completely wrong and there is no such rule.

6. Smash The Ball In Kitchen When You’re Outside

As I said, the kitchen area or non-volley zone is part of the court ground. So some players think that they can’t volley when the ball is inside the zone even if the player is outside.

However, it’s wrong and you can volley while hitting the ball inside the kitchen area. However, while hitting the ball you should confirm yourself outside the line.

So these are some of the common pickleball kitchen rules that every player should know before starting on the court.

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To be a great pickleball player on the court, you should know master the overall pickleball rules very well.

And kitchen rule is one of them which needs little concentration from you to not make any fault related to it. The kitchen has a very positive impact on pickleball games. It completely makes the sport professional and unique. 


Q1. Can a Pickleball Serve Hit the Kitchen Line?

No, you can’t hit the kitchen line as according to the official rules, the line is also considered as part of the non-volley zone.

Q2. What Can You Not Do in the Kitchen In Pickleball?

There are two common things you can’t do in a pickleball kitchen. The first one is you can’t make service to the non-volley zone.
And the second is you’re not allowed to volley kitchen.

Q3. Can You Ever Step in the Kitchen in Pickleball?

Yes, you can step in the non-volley zone as long as you don’t volley. In other words, you can enter the kitchen except for volleying time.

Q4. Do you have to let the ball bounce in the kitchen in pickleball?

No, you shouldn’t let the ball without hitting. But remember while standing in the kitchen you should let the ball bounce once.
Moreover, you can also step out of the kitchen to hit the ball.

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  1. When playing doubles:
    The serving team must serve in a specific sequence. The player who served last and won the point is the first to serve. If the team serving drops the point, the other team receives the serve, and the first player from that team serves.

    The other person on the serving team serves first, followed by the other player on the receiving team. It is essential to remember that each participant on the team must serve once before the service is transferred to the opposing team in pickleball.

    The non-playing partner must stand behind the baseline, and the serving person will pick the first short. After the service is returned, the non-plying partner can play in the rally and come to a non-volley zone.

    These rules for serving in pickleball make sure that everyone has an equal chance to compete and that no one player has an unfair advantage in the serving position.

    • Thank you for sharing these insightful rules for serving in pickleball when playing doubles. It’s crucial to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all players. These guidelines help maintain a level playing field, promoting sportsmanship and enjoyable gameplay.


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