1. When playing doubles:
    The serving team must serve in a specific sequence. The player who served last and won the point is the first to serve. If the team serving drops the point, the other team receives the serve, and the first player from that team serves.

    The other person on the serving team serves first, followed by the other player on the receiving team. It is essential to remember that each participant on the team must serve once before the service is transferred to the opposing team in pickleball.

    The non-playing partner must stand behind the baseline, and the serving person will pick the first short. After the service is returned, the non-plying partner can play in the rally and come to a non-volley zone.

    These rules for serving in pickleball make sure that everyone has an equal chance to compete and that no one player has an unfair advantage in the serving position.

    1. Thank you for sharing these insightful rules for serving in pickleball when playing doubles. It’s crucial to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all players. These guidelines help maintain a level playing field, promoting sportsmanship and enjoyable gameplay.

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