Pickleball Paddle Core (Discover Power Of Paddle Core Technology)

If you’re ignoring core material while purchasing paddles for yourself. You’re making a very big mistake. A great paddle stands out on its great quality of core materials. However, don’t you wonder to know what’s pickleball paddle core made of?

In brief, there are multiple types of paddle cores. Polymer and Nomex are some of the very common and top-rated paddle cores. Not just for their quality, but as well as they both provide amazing performances on the court.

If you want to open your old paddle and see what’s inside it. Instead of it, I recommend you give it in charity to beginners who can’t afford a paddle. Because here I’m going to expand on what’s actually inside a pickleball paddle. 

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Pickleball Paddle Core Materials

Here I’m going to expand each and everything related to pickleball paddle core materials, so that you can choose what would be best for your hand in the future.

1. Polymer Core

You may already know much more about Polymer core which is also known as Poly. But you may don’t know that it’s the most used pickleball paddle core in today’s world. Learn Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive?

Whether it’s a professional game or your town court, everybody has hands-on Polymer core paddles. The reason behind this is that’s great for players who want maximum control and spin.

Particularly, it’s the best core ever I’ve seen yet in pickleball paddles. Yeah, you’ll hear some self-called professionals who still compare Polymer with Nomex.

I accept Nomex delivered amazing quality and high-level performances in its time. But as poly came out to the paddle market, you’d not find a more superior core than it.

It’s constructed in a very unique way like being flexible, powerful, and more durable than any other core type. Furthermore, it lasts very long even you can’t imagine. 

In simple words, if you have a core paddle that can deliver power along with its unbelievable control.

Do you think you’ll find something better than it? Polymer core paddle is like getting Nomex and Aluminum combined and you can expect much more than that. You May Also Want Reading 6 Facotrs About How To Measure Pickleball Paddle Grip Size?

2. Nomex Core

In the ancient days of pickleball, Nomex was the first choice for every pickler. Before it was used for pickleball paddles, its invention was actually for firefighter helmets in 1960.

Nomex also honored itself as the first material used in high-performance pickleball paddles. Such core paddles are considered more powerful and durable as well. 

Speed and power seekers should give it a try. For example, these kinds of paddles are at their peak when it comes to strength.

However, I met some players who were just complaining about their pace while playing with it. The very important thing to consider while selecting Nomex core for yourself.

It’s known as the loudest paddle in marketing. That’s why, if you’re in such a noiseless or silent neighborhood, you shouldn’t go with it. 

Moreover, I personally don’t recommend it for beginners who are still in trouble with their control.

However, if you’re just a power player, then you’ll not find any great choice than Nomex. But in exchange, you may lose control of the ball.

3. Aluminum Core

There was an era when most players were eyeing Aluminum core paddles. It was just because of its being light in weight and had great maneuverability.

However, then later players noticed the problems of losing power. Furthermore, if you’re a player who hates the sound of the ball hitting, then Aluminum isn’t a choice for you.

In the last, it could be one of the best choices for you if you’re a player who recently suffered a joint arm or shoulder injury.

Normally, no one uses this core and you’ll rarely find someone who will own it moreover, I don’t think anybody would like to refer to such core.

So these were some common types of core you can get in your pickleball paddles. A part of my experience, I know how important it’s to know what core is best for which features.

Besides improving your playing skills, I’d also suggest you focus on such parts of the game. You’ll find understanding these factors absolutely beneficial.

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What Is The Best Core For Pickleball Paddles?

What core is best for your pickleball paddles is completing on you. However, before taking it to the last, I can say review all the types of cores.

And learn what each core delivers and what kind of performance. Besides this, it’s also very essential to reconsider yourself.

What are you willing to have with your upcoming pickleball paddle? Simply, talking from my personal experience, Poly is the best choice and is very easy and dependable for almost every kind of pickler. 

Such as you can achieve multiple cores in just one paddle. I really appreciate Polymer in the control stage besides it’s also the best in power and durability as compared to other cores.

While some picklers still refer to Nomex for power but I don’t. If you can get all the features in one then why go after one feature core?

Still, it can seem tough to finalize but whatever you want to go with. Be careful and put your playing level and own gaming style as first priority.


Q1. What is the lifespan of a pickleball paddle?

Generally, a pickleball paddle can be used for at least 5 years. But still, it also depends on the type of paddle you use. And also what kind of materials are used in your paddle.
For example, it has been 2nd year I’m using the Selkirk Amped division paddle. And yet I’ve faced or noticed such loss or problems to change.

Q2. What is a polypropylene core?

Polypropylene core is the best core ever in pickleball history. Simply, it’s like the combination of all other core qualities in just one core.
Today, in pickleball everybody is keen to play with Poly core because of its greatness in control.

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Core has a very main and special character in a great pickleball paddle. Quality paddle stands for its unique and stunning core model. Poly and Nomex are two of the most famous paddle cores. But in the competition of performances, Poly is at the top of the list.

Yet whatever paddle you want is very relevant to your playing. Whether your aim is control or power. Once you realize these factors, you can easily select a paddle core.

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