Learn Beginners Pickleball Paddle Dimensions (Detailed Guide 2023)

Having the best pickleball paddles is very essential for having a great impact on the court. And for that, you need to know the standard pickleball paddle dimensions to select a stunning one.

It can really affect your performance as well as your style to play. And owning a quality paddle is like turning the game 50% into your side before you hit the court. However, before you get there, you need to know about the various size and shapes of paddles. 

Besides, it’s something that makes a player pro-level. Understanding various types of paddles will also assist what paddle is the best choice for you. So if you’re willing to bring changes in your games, don’t miss to grasp all the necessary tips and factors.

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Ultimate Pickleball Paddle Dimensions Guide

Having a paddle is must-have equipment to play pickleball. In the inception days, only wooden paddles were available. 

But with the passage of time and technology, today you’ll find different kinds of paddles in shapes and sizes.

Paddles have gotten new innovations not just in size but also in materials, shape, and weight.

Graphite, carbon fiber, and fiberglass are some of the common materials manufacturers use in paddle construction. I’ve already explained the differences between Graphite vs Fiberglass.

Every material is top-rated for its own specifications such as graphite for great quality and durability.

In fact, you should consider the official pickleball rules for paddle dimensions. Moreover, learn what types of paddles aren’t allowed to participate in USAP or other well-known pickleball events.

For this, you should give a look at Illegal Pickleball Paddles. However, these pickleball rules aren’t just specified for events.

Besides, if you want to have real fun via pickleball, then the correct paddle will really help you and it’s what makes pickleball the more addictive sport as compared to tennis and squash.

And for that, you should learn officially specified length, weight, and shape. Moreover, every paddle has its own quality features some for power while others for control.

You’d not be allowed if your paddle length is longer or if illegal materials are used in it.

What’s The Standard Pickleball Paddle Size? Here I’ll disclose all the factors that you should look for when choosing a paddle for yourself.

1. Paddle Length

Usually, you’ll see 15 inches long and 8 inches wide, also called widebody shape paddles. However, the official USAPA approved pickleball paddle size is 15.5-17 inches in length.

If you want to play pickleball at a high level, you can’t use a longer than 17 inches size paddle. In addition, a paddle can’t be large than 24 inches in both length and width combined.  

2. Paddle Width

The standard paddle width is 7-8.25 inches. But I realized most of the professional players use 7 inches width paddles to have perfect control. 

3. Paddle Weight

The weight of the paddle really depends on the player’s choice. But normally, players use paddles of 185g to 270g. For the players who want power heavy paddle is for them. 

Such as if someone is willing to have great control then a lightweight paddle like Joola Hyperion paddle is recommended.

4. Handle Size

The length of the paddle handle has to be between 4 to 5.5 inches. Even some players use 6 inches handle paddles, especially who were tennis players. 

5. Core Thickness

There are no standards for core thickness nor it matters in pickleball paddle dimensions. However, having a great core surface is very essential for a player.

If you really want to know about paddle core, you should give a look at the pickleball paddle core.

4 Common Pickleball Paddle Shapes

Selecting paddle shape is one of the very essential part of pickleball. Your game and performance can be affected by the paddle shape you select.

Besides, it can also implement some changes to your paddle size and weight. With modern technologies, brands have been trying new amazing shapes for paddles.

And some of them are very unique as well as provide high performances. Here you’ll learn about some of the famous paddle shapes.

1. Widebody Paddle

Widebody paddles are commonly used by every second pickler. Just because of giving a large surface area to hit the ball. Which can really help and improve your power and force of the shot.

Normally 8 inches width is considered as the widebody paddles. Moreover, as it has a big face, it can also give you a sweet spot which is really recommended for starters.

2. Elongated Paddle

Elongated paddles are one of the best choices for players who are looking for longer reach. Still most of the players like elongated paddles over traditional paddles.

Just because of its ridiculous length as well as being narrower. It’s usually recommended for both pro and beginners level players.

Besides, I also recommended it to the player who’s shifting from tennis to pickleball. Elongated paddles are rated positive for their power and spin together.

3. Standard Paddle

Such a shape is also known as a traditional paddle. Because of providing control and power combined, most players are very impressed with its performance.

The standard paddle shape has a width of 8 inches along with 15 inches in length. It’s still at its peak for most of the players due to its amazing look.

4. Blade Paddle

Blade paddles are very long and thin. I personally think it’d be a great choice for singles games. It’s 17 inches long with a small hitting surface. 

As much as I know about it, newbies shouldn’t own it because of its toughness. Tennis players really appreciate the blade paddle because of its extra length.

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How To Pick The Best Pickleball Paddle Size?

In fact, there’s no perfect or well-known paddle size or weight. Whatever you do in the last I’d say it’s just on yourself comfortability. The paddle depends on the player who wants to use it.  

A paddle that can deliver you high-quality performances and improve your play style. For example, heavy paddles mostly disappoint newbies. 

I myself in the start had a lot of problems while using the fiberglass paddle which was a little overweight.

But now I can play with any kind of paddle whether it’s heavy or lightweight however it can affect my performance yet.

What’s more, from my experience I usually say to use lightweight paddles. In the starter days, just focus on your control and try to improve and foolish your skill. Power can be achieved with little effort and practice later.


Whether you’re a new or an expert player, paddle dimension is a very essential part. Usually, I see most of the players, use the wrong type of paddle when looking at their career level. But they could never realize such mistakes which even can distinguish their career.

That’s why as an experienced gamer, I want everyone to learn about pickleball paddle dimensions. Once you grasp these factors, you’ll be at the top of the list of your town players.


Q1. Are thicker pickleball paddles better?

Such factors really depend on the player’s choice whether you’re looking for power or control.
For example, if you’re a player who’s good in control, then there’s no problem to use thicker paddles. And it increases your power to a very good level. 

Q2. Do pickleball paddles come in different sizes?

Yes, paddles are coming in various sizes and shapes. Normally, we use 16 inches long paddles and you can’t use any longer than 17 inches.
Moreover, it depends on you what kind of game you play. And what features are you looking for? Once you understand these factors you’ll easily realize what paddle is great.

Q3. What are the measurements of a pickleball paddle?

As a professional pickleball player, I know that the measurements of a pickleball paddle are crucial to the game.
The standard size of a paddle is 17 inches long and 7 inches wide, with a weight ranging from 6.5 to 10.5 ounces.

Q4. What is a regulation pickleball paddle?

A regulation pickleball paddle must adhere to the guidelines set by the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association). This means the paddle must be a maximum of 24 inches long and 8 inches wide.
Additionally, the paddle must not exceed a weight of 14 ounces and must have a smooth surface without any modifications that could give a player an unfair advantage.

Q5. What does 13 mm mean for pickleball paddle?

The term “13 mm” in relation to a pickleball paddle usually refers to the thickness of the paddle’s core. The thicker the core, the more power and control a player can achieve with their shots.
However, it’s important to note that there is no standard thickness for pickleball paddle cores, and players can choose a thickness that suits their playing style and preferences.

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