7 Beginners Pickleball Rules – How To Play The Game?

Do you really wonder about pickleball rules? However, every sport stands by its official regulations which make it the best to play.

Same as that, if you want to get started in pickleball, you should know how to play the game. Even before you own the pieces of equipment such as a paddle and court for the gameplay. 

Although, the sport is newly known to most people. That’s why they couldn’t recognize its rules easily. Moreover, these rules aren’t complicated as you think.

Here I’m going to explain all the necessary rules for the overall sport. Besides, I’ll also try to make you learn how to implement these principles in your games.

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7 Basic And Important Pickleball Rules

Here you’ll learn the basic rules of pickleball. Remember that the rules are the same for both types of games singles and doubles.

1. Court Rules And Dimensions

The court size is almost the same as the badminton court in pickleball. However, there’re some other rules related to the court that differ from others. 

If you want to learn How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pickleball Court.

The Pickleball court size is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. Along with this, you’ll need a 36 inches high net. As you put the net in the middle of the court, it’ll be divided into 22 feet for each side of the court. 

If you’re really willing to seize court rules and dimensions in detail, then I’d suggest heading to my in-depth post about the pickleball court dimensions and surfaces.

2. Serving Rules

Serving in pickleball is completely various from other racquet sports. Like in tennis, you’ve to serve from the overhead shot. And the same as that badminton and paddle tennis serves also vary. 

But here the service should be underhand and below your waist and before it touches the roof. And the ball should land behind the kitchen line and in the diagonal backcourt of your opponent’s. 

Remember, while serving one of your feet should be on the ground after the baseline. You can only make the first serve from the right side which is also called the even side of the court. 

You’ll have one serving attempt however if you hit the net, the service has to be repeated.

3. Scoring Rules

In pickleball, only the serving team can score a point. And a game has to be to 11 points and should be won by 2 points. If team A is on 11 points and team B is on 10 then the game has to be hung on. 

Moreover, only the serving team scores a point while the receiver can just earn a rally. You may also find some tournaments with 15 to 21 scores. However, it depends on the community rules and regulations.

4. Non-Volley Zone or Kitchen Area

7 feet in the court to both sides of the court is called a non-volley zone or kitchen area. A player isn’t allowed to make volleys while stepping in the kitchen area. I’ve already explained what is a volley in pickleball if you want to learn about it.

It’s just to avoid a player from smashing a shot in the kitchen area. However, if they make a shot and touch the zone line or step in, it’ll be called a fault. Same as that will be considered for a half volley.

And cause a score to his opponent. Moreover, a player can enter the zone without the moment of volleying the ball. 

5. Double Bounce Rules

Once a player makes a service, the receiver player has to leave the ball bounce before they send it back. Same as that, for the server to leave the first shot to bounce after serving.

As it happens, then it’s their choice whether they hit the ball to bounce or not. It’s also called two bounce rule. Which I’ve covered in depth and a simple guide on what is double bounce rule in pickleball.

Remember that after completing this process, if a ball bounces twice on any side. The opposite side will get a point.

If you’re still ambiguous about it then you’ve to read the detailed post about the double bounce rule. Where I’ve explained these all factors in very detail and also clearly to understand.

6. Call-Out Rules

Calling out is one of the best parts to remember. In sports such as pickleball, call-out is very important which not just remind the number of scores for both sides.

Besides, it also helps the teams to know who’ll be the next server. While making a call out, you’ll have three numbers.

The first one is for the server side and the second one is for the receiver. While the third call can be 1 or 2. Actually, it reminds the service rotation of the serving team.

7. Faults

Below are some of the common faults in pickleball:

  • The net shouldn’t be touched by your paddle, body, and clothes.
  • If a ball bounces twice on any side of the court, it’ll be considered a fault.
  • The ball should bounce in the bound area.
  • It’d be considered a fault if any object which isn’t a part of the court is hit.
  • Any moment which causes the game to stop is known as a fault.
  • If a server side makes a fault, causes them to lose the rally.
  • The receiver makes a fault, and the server gets a point.

The above mentioned are some of the usual faults. It’s not the full list of faults, there might be many more to consider. However, I realized these are some of the important for anyone to start in pickleball. 

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5 Common Mistakes Of Beginner Pickleball Players

Here I’ll mention some of the mistakes which usually newbies make. 

  • As a newbie, you shouldn’t focus on spin. I mostly see beginners complaining about not being able to spin. However, I’d recommend for now let it be like that. Once you get to the advanced level, then start focusing on making a fancy spin.
  • You realize hitting the ball too early or late in newbies. As it’s one of the big mistakes they do so far. 
  • Kitchen fault is very common in newbies. Not taking it seriously cause them very tough step and mostly they get it very tough. However, the kitchen is very simple once you practice.
  • I know serving is the most difficult process to do in pickleball. But it usually takes time to get perfect in making service.
  • Most of the newbies, always trying to make a hard shot. But it’s something like giving an opportunity to your opponent to smash you back. However, it’s good to master when to hit the shot hard and when soft. Learn 11 Best Pickleball Shots To Play Like Pro Player.
  • Some times ball comes over the shoulder or head. In such moments, the ball should be let go outside without making any contact.

As I said before, most of the above discussed mistakes need little experience. So that’s why for having the best game, you shouldn’t focus too much. I mean these few things need little time to be improved.

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Any sport has its own officially organized rules which need to be followed. In pickleball, we’ve multiple rules however you’ll find some rules completely similar to other racquet sports such as racquetball and squash. While there’re some rules which don’t come in any sports. 

So that’s why to have the best time in pickleball. You should seize all the necessary rules to get started. However, some rules can’t be just learned and for that, you have to come up to the court. And it may take time to master such as serving, kitchen zone, and scoring.


Q1. What are you not allowed to do in pickleball?

There isn’t one thing to be prohibited in pickleball. You’ll have multiple things to prevent yourself. Some of them, are making serving over the wrist and volleying in the kitchen area.

Q2. What is the #1 mistake beginner pickleball players make?

It’d be difficult to consider the 1 mistake for beginners. However, I mostly see them trying or entirely focusing on the winning shot. Which causes them to lose their concentration on their opponent’s strategy( you should focus on what will be next from the opponent). 

Q3. What is a nasty Nelson in pickleball?

Making the nearest shot to the net for your opponent is called Nasty Nelson. For some players, it’s very difficult to give the ball back while receiving the ball near the net.

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