11 Best Pickleball Shots To Play Like Pro Player (Comprehensive Guide)

When it comes to my favorite sport pickleball, I can’t help but get excited about the top pickleball shots

As a passionate pickleball player, I’ve experienced the exhilaration of mastering those top pickleball shots firsthand. However, I know how frustrating it can be when your shots lack the finesse and power you desire. Like many players, I faced the demise of my game, struggling to execute those crucial shots. 

But fear not! I’ve discovered a solution. Join me as I dive into the world of pickleball’s finest shots and explore the strategies behind each remarkable play. Let’s get ready to unleash some pickleball magic.

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11 Best Pickleball Shots To Like Pro Player

As a pickleball enthusiast, I’m thrilled to impart my invaluable expertise and firsthand knowledge regarding the 11 most exceptional pickleball shots. 

Allow me to share a comprehensive compilation of remarkable techniques that will undoubtedly enhance your game.

1. The Dink Shot (Precision at the Kitchen Line)

Step onto the pickleball court and unleash your finesse and control with the renowned Dink Shot.

This artful maneuver is a true game-changer, as it involves delicately tapping the ball just above the net, strategically aimed at your opponent’s feet. 

With the perfect touch and finesse, you’ll effortlessly keep the ball low, leaving your adversary perplexed and unable to launch a powerful counterattack.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re eager to delve into the depths of the Dink Shot technique, I have great news.

I’ve previously compiled a comprehensive guide post solely dedicated to exploring every aspect of the pickleball dink shot.

From footwork to paddle angle, and the subtleties of timing, it covers it all. So, if you’re a true aficionado seeking to elevate your game to new heights, I highly encourage you to immerse yourself in this in-depth resource.

Now, let the court be your canvas, and the Dink Shot your brushstroke of finesse. Unleash the power of this elegant shot and watch as your opponents scramble to find a counter. 

Prepare to witness the marvels of precision and control as you become a true master of the Dink Shot, leaving your rivals in awe and taking your pickleball prowess to unprecedented levels.

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2. The Third Shot Drop (Setting the Pace)

The third shot drop, a pivotal component of pickleball strategy, holds immense significance on the court.

Following a skillful serve, the primary goal is to execute a delicately placed shot that gracefully glides over the net and finds its resting place just beyond, thereby compelling opponents to respond from the distant baseline. 

This strategic maneuver grants you and your partner a golden opportunity to advance confidently toward the coveted kitchen line, seizing full command of the game. 

As the tantalizing dance of strategy unfolds, the third shot drop becomes an artful masterpiece, setting the stage for a thrilling display of skill, teamwork, and tactical finesse. Learn about How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball?

With each calculated stroke, you establish your dominance on the court, leaving your opponents with limited options and amplifying your chances of securing victory. 

The third shot drop is the epitome of pickleball’s intricate dynamics, weaving together precision, anticipation, and the sheer thrill of outmaneuvering your adversaries.

I Recommend To Give A Look To How To Keep The Ball Low In Pickleball.

3. The Lob Shot (Over-the-Top Elevation)

In the face of opponents crowding the kitchen line, a skillful player wields the lob shot as their secret weapon.

This remarkable technique unleashes a high-arcing missile, descending gracefully into the deepest corners of their adversary’s court. The result?

A swift retreat is forced upon the opposition, while you seize the opportunity to reclaim dominion over the point.

If you crave a comprehensive understanding of the art of the pickleball lob shot, fear not.

I have meticulously crafted the ultimate guide to Pickleball Lob Shot, leaving no stone unturned. Feel free to dive in and explore its depths at your leisure.

4. The Drive Shot (Power Play)

When it’s time to take control of the game and leave your opponents scrambling, the drive shot is your ultimate weapon.

With a swift and forceful strike, you propel the ball forward, creating a whirlwind of pressure that demands a defensive response. 

It’s a game-changing maneuver, strategically employed when a golden opportunity arises or when your opponent’s positioning falters. 

Prepare to dominate as you harness the raw power of the drive shot, leaving your adversaries in awe and at your mercy. Learn What’s Let In Pickleball?

5. The Drop Volley (Enhancing Net Dominance)

Discover the artistry of the drop volley, a strategic gem designed to dismantle your opponent’s high shots near the net.

Instead of unleashing a powerful strike, delicately caress the ball, coaxing it to descend rapidly while hugging the ground with unwavering obedience. 

This calculated finesse disarms your adversary’s aggression, ensuring your firm grasp on net control remains unyielding.

With this secret weapon in your arsenal, seize the opportunity to further explore the realms of tactical mastery.

6. Ernie Shot (Surprise Attack)

Prepare to revolutionize your game with the audacious Ernie shot, a dynamic maneuver that demands the utmost finesse and a fearless spirit. 

This exhilarating tactic dares you to leap into the neighboring court, intercepting the ball with lightning precision before it gracefully crosses the net. 

By embracing this unexpected stratagem, you possess the power to shatter your opponent’s rhythm and leave them astounded in your wake.

The Ernie shot is not for the faint of heart. It demands a symphony of talents, impeccable timing, unwavering agility, and a willingness to embrace calculated risks. 

Here is the ultimate guide to What’s Nasty Nelson In Pickleball.

It is the embodiment of versatility and adaptability, allowing you to transcend conventional boundaries and redefine the limits of your performance on the court.

Unlock the secret to surprising success with the Ernie shot, an extraordinary weapon in your arsenal.

Master this unparalleled technique, and watch as your opponents falter in the face of your unrivaled innovation. Embrace the thrill, seize the moment, and let the Ernie shot propel you to new heights of triumph.

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7. The Crosscourt Dink (Changing Angles)

Enhancing your dinking prowess requires embracing diversity, and one shot that can truly disrupt your opponents is the crosscourt dink.

By skillfully directing the ball diagonally towards the far corner, rather than a straightforward hit, you introduce an element of surprise that confounds your adversaries. 

Anticipating and adequately countering such a maneuver becomes an arduous task for them, granting you a strategic advantage on the pickleball court

Master the art of changing angles, and seize control of the game with your ingenious shot selection.

8. The Volley Shot

Pickleball volley, a quintessential technique in the sport of pickleball, showcases the players’ finesse and agility at the net.

With its roots in tennis and badminton, this skillful maneuver involves striking the ball before it bounces, requiring rapid reflexes and precise timing. 

The pickleball volley allows players to control the pace and direction of the game, enabling strategic positioning and setting up winning shots. 

Executed with a delicate touch and swift hand-eye coordination, it exemplifies the players’ ability to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the sport. 

As I’ve elucidated in a prior article, mastering the pickleball volley is crucial for players aiming to dominate the net and gain an edge over their opponents.

9. The Backhand Smash (Unexpected Power)

When the ball comes to your backhand side and is within your reach, surprising your opponents with a backhand smash can be a game-changer.

By using your wrist and forearm strength, you generate power and smash the ball downwards, making it challenging for your opponents to return.

10. Half Volley

The pickleball half volley, a technique in the realm of this popular racquet sport, holds a significant place in a player’s repertoire. 

This maneuver, often referred to as a “dink shot,” involves hitting the ball just as it bounces off the ground, requiring excellent timing and finesse. 

The artistry lies in controlling the ball’s trajectory and delivering a precise shot, mitigating the opponent’s advantage.

As a skilled player, executing a well-placed half-volley showcases dexterity and strategic acumen. Here’s a complete list of top female pickleball players if you want to learn.

In a previous article, I elucidated the intricacies of half volley in pickleball, highlighting its effectiveness in close-quarters exchanges and emphasizing its potential as a game-changer.

11. The Angle Shot (Creating Opportunities)

The angle shot in pickleball is a skillful technique that can truly create opportunities on the court.

By strategically hitting the ball at a sharp angle, you introduce a level of difficulty for your opponents, making it challenging for them to reach and return the shot effectively. 

This shot not only puts pressure on your opponents but also opens up the court, allowing you to exploit the gaps and find advantageous positions for your next shot. 

It’s a powerful tool that can force your opponents out of position and give you the upper hand in rallies. Learn What’s Rally in Pickleball?

Mastering the angle shot can elevate your game and bring a whole new dimension to your pickleball strategy.

12. The Overhead Smash (Crushing Power)

The overhead smash is the pinnacle of power and aggression in pickleball. When faced with a high lob, there’s nothing more satisfying than unleashing a mighty swing that crushes the ball toward the ground with unparalleled force. 

This shot exudes confidence and can be a game-changer, intimidating opponents and instantly shifting the momentum in your favor. 

As you prepare to deliver the overhead smash, anticipation fills the air, and the explosive impact resonates through the court.

It’s a display of skill, precision, and sheer power that leaves a lasting impression on both your opponents and spectators alike.

Each of these shots brings its own unique qualities and strategic value to the game of pickleball.

By mastering these shots and understanding when to use them, you can elevate your skills and enjoy a more versatile and exciting gameplay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the queries related to pickleball shots:

Q1. How can I improve my pickleball shots?

Improving your pickleball shots requires a combination of practice, technique, and strategy. Focus on proper footwork, racket positioning, and timing to generate power and accuracy. Experiment with different shot types and practice drills to enhance your shot repertoire.

Q2. Which shot is most effective for winning points in pickleball?

The effectiveness of pickleball shots depends on the situation. However, shots like the third shot drop, dink shots, and volleys near the kitchen line are often effective for setting up advantageous positions and putting pressure on opponents.

Q3. How can I add more power to my overhead smash?

To add power to your overhead smash, generate momentum through your body by using your legs and torso rotation. Make sure to engage your core and fully extend your hitting arm. Additionally, timing and contact point are crucial for maximizing power and hitting the ball at its highest point.

Q4. What are some effective shot combinations to use in pickleball?

Shot combinations like the “dink and drive” or “lob and smash” can be effective in keeping opponents off balance. Mixing up shots with varying pace, height, and angles can create opportunities to control the point and force errors from your opponents.

Q5. How can I develop consistency in my pickleball shots?

Consistency comes with practice and focus. Work on developing a smooth and repeatable stroke technique. Practice drills that emphasize shot placement and control.
Additionally, maintaining a relaxed mindset and focusing on proper footwork and racket preparation can help improve shot consistency.

Q6. What is a pickleball shot?

A pickleball shot refers to the various techniques and strokes used to hit the ball during a game.
These shots include dinks, volleys, drives, smashes, lobs, and drop shots, each serving different purposes in terms of strategy and gameplay.

Q7. How do you make pickleball shots better?

To improve your pickleball shots, focus on technique, footwork, and practice. Work on proper racket positioning, timing, and generating power through body rotation.
Develop consistency by practicing shot placement, and control, and experimenting with different shot types.

Q8. How do you place pickleball shots?

Placing pickleball shots involves aiming the ball strategically at specific areas of the court, exploiting opponents’ weaknesses, or creating advantageous positions. This can be achieved by adjusting shot angles, speeds, and heights to control the direction and placement of the ball.

Q9. What does “dill” mean in pickleball?

In pickleball, “dill” is a slang term used to refer to a shot that is intentionally hit softly and close to the net, known as a dink shot. This shot requires finesse and control, often used to counter hard-hit shots and initiate a dinking rally.

Q10. What do you call a smash in pickleball?

In pickleball, a smash refers to a powerful overhead shot where the player forcefully strikes the ball downward with an overhead swing. It is typically used to end a rally by hitting the ball with speed and accuracy, making it difficult for opponents to return.


In the realm of pickleball, the artistry of shots takes center stage, capturing the hearts of players and spectators alike. These shots possess a magnetic charm, drawing us in with their finesse, power, and strategy. 

From the thunderous overhead smash that unleashes a burst of raw energy to the feather-light dink shot that dances delicately over the net, each shot is a masterpiece in its own right. 

With dedicated practice and unwavering determination, you can unlock the secrets of these shots, transforming your game into a captivating symphony of skill and precision.

So, step onto the court, embrace the challenge, and let your pickleball shots create a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves everyone in awe.

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