Pickleball vs Paddle Tennis – What’s the Difference?

Don’t you get confused between these many racquet sports? It’s what I always hear from newbies whenever I catch them ambiguous among racquet sports.

If I tell you last month my little cousin was completely surprised when I informed her pickleball and paddle tennis are both different sports. Do you also think so, if yes then it’s the place to make you learn about pickleball vs paddle tennis? 

As I’ve already discussed many others such as pickleball vs racquetball, squash vs pickleball, etc. Same as that here I’m going to make you learn about the comparison between pickleball and paddle tennis.

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Pickleball Vs Paddle Tennis

Pickleball is one of the most popular racquet sports in the ongoing era. And it’s also known as the combination of multiple sports such as ping pong, tennis, and badminton.

Pickleball rules are really simple and easy to apply as looking to racquet sports. In addition, you’ll not have to carry too much gear while just owning a paddle and plastic balls.

On the other hand, you’ve paddle tennis which is also known as pop tennis. I personally would like to call it a semi-tennis sport.

A paddle tennis racquet is a really different material while almost the same in shape. Same as pickleball, pop tennis can also be played outdoors and indoors as well as double and single. 

While there are too many differences between them such as their court dimensions, play style, and too many rules. That’s going to be discussed in the below section in full detail.

Learn Pickleball vs Racquetball (In-Depth Explanation)

Similarities Between Pickleball And Paddle Tennis

Whatever sport is your own field, it really doesn’t matter here. But what can matter is that you’ll these both games are entirely similar to each other once you learn about them.

Especially, when it comes to its play style, some rules, and also equipment as well. Here I’m going to expand on all the similarities these two sports own.

1. Double Bounce Rule

If you’re a pickleball player, then I could understand how closely you know about the double bounce rule. But it doesn’t mean those pop tennis guys don’t know what is double bounce rule.

In simple words, the double bounce rule is making both sides of the player to leave the ball for bouncing once on each side after the ball is served.

In my opinion, rules like the double bounce rule are making such sports completely unique especially when you’re playing pickleball. You May Also Like To Find Out Who Serves First In Pickleball?

2. Both Can Be Played Double

One of the very common cases in racquet sports is that you can play them all singles and doubles.

And the same you get with paddle tennis and pickleball as they provide really great choices for each kind of player.

However, you might find some changes when it comes to singles and doubles rules. Here’s a detailed post about What Is Dink Shot In Pickleball?

3. Play Style

Playing style is a very confusing part when it comes to the similarities between these two games.

I believe, if you’re so familiar with racquet sports, you’ll recognize this one sport which is clearly wrong.

Not just by playing, but also the paddles we use in these two are somehow matching.

However, if you’re already in any kind of racquet sport then you can easily realize the differences between pickleball paddles and pop tennis paddles.

4. Playable Outdoors and Indoors

Being a racquet sports player, it sounds really bad when you can’t play the game in both conditions such as badminton. 

But these both don’t make you bother in this case as well by giving an open call to play in both outside and inside areas.

I’d like to suggest you give it a read if you’re really confused about Indoors vs Outdoors Pickleball.

Differences Between Pickleball And Paddle Tennis

Now that you’ve come over the similarities between these sports. It’s turned to discuss some of the variations between pickleball and paddle tennis.

1. Paddles

As I told there in the previous talk, the paddles between these two games are almost the same. But still, you’ll find a very big difference such as paddles material and design model as well. 

Paddle tennis paddles have holes in them while pickleball paddles are completely smooth and small as well as compared to others.

I’d recommend you to give a read to the Pickleball paddle dimension if you’re almost new to pickleball. Plus, it’ll also help you to choose the best pickleball paddles with a very informed decision.

2. Balls

This part of the discussion is very plain even if you don’t have any knowledge about it before.

Everyone knows very well that the ball we use in pickleball is made of plastic as well as has holes in it.

If you’re familiar with Wiffleball sport, you can also consider that ball but still, they vary in the hole count.

While in paddle tennis, the ball is made of rubber same as you can in tennis. But still consider that using a tennis ball in paddle tennis isn’t recommended.

3. Court Comparision

As we’re in the court part comparison of these two games. You can also say the easiest and most common isolation between them is court. Learn Can You Play Pickleball on A Racquetball Court?

Like even if you’re an underage kid, still if you give look at these games’ court dimensions. You’ll easily realize the differences between them.

But to clarify, the paddle tennis court is somehow longer in length as compared to the pickleball one. Plus, there’s no non-volley zone (kitchen area) in the pop tennis court.

4. Serving Rules

Serving in these two sports is completely varied from each other. Moreover, the rules for serving in pickleball are considered somehow tough, and the service part is also hard to make it happen. 

However, paddle tennis provides open-choice model rules for players while serving.

For example, you can serve the ball in both directions overhead or underhand. But remember you can serve the ball once.


To make it simple for you, in the start, I mean before you learn about these sports. You’ll find them almost the same game but as you get into detail for these both sports. You’ll realize too many differences.

However, still, these sports are having very great similarities such as play styles, rules, and racquet shapes. What I can recommend to you is to spend some great time in playing these both sports, so that you can learn very well. 

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Q1. Is paddle tennis the same as pickleball?

No, pickleball and paddle tennis are two separate racquet sports. However, there are some similarities and differences between them that I’ve covered in this article in detail.

Q2. How is padel different from pickleball?

Padel is different on too many occasions such as the difference between their paddles, court dimensions, and rules as well.

Q3. Can you use a paddle tennis court for pickleball?

No, officially pickleball can’t be played on the paddle tennis court. However, for friendly games, if you make a few changes same as I’ve explained for playing pickleball on a tennis court. Then you can give try to play pickleball on a paddle tennis court.

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