Pickleball vs Racquetball (In-Depth Explanation)

Pickleball is one of the easiest racquet sports to play as compared to tennis and squash. Not just this, to play it also doesn’t require many things to take a start. Besides this, it’s also growing rapidly and almost fits any age person. 

As it’s similar to other paddle games, most people can’t recognize the main differences between pickleball and other racquet games. Same as that, one significant confusion is about pickleball vs racquetball. 

These two games are very close to each other in some points but there are also some big variations. That causes a huge difference between these two sports. Although, this post will help you to clear all the complexes from your mind.

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Difference Between Pickleball vs Racquetball

As both games are paddle related so, of course, they will have similar rules. However, there are also multiple things that differentiate these two sports from each other. Which I’ll expand on here below:


Pickleball is one of the easiest and most well-liked racquet games which is mostly similar to tennis in rules.

That way you’ll find out tennis players shift to pickleball. Here’s A List of Top Pickleball Players In 2023.

However, there’s much more that separates these 2 sports from each other. Courts’ difference is one of the essential factors to realize.

Moreover, I’ve already covered much more about pickleball vs tennis courts.

On the other hand, pickleball also doesn’t require much more physical energy as compared to other racquet games.

A usual person can effortlessly become a pickleball player with little practice. 

According to USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) statement, most of the 50+ age people are heading to pickleball sport. And they really enjoy it, which also confirms the ease of pickleball sport.

  • A Pickleball court is almost similar to badminton in which the ball should bounce. And the ground isn’t covered completely by the service box.
  • A server player gets a score point if the opponent makes a mistake such as hitting the net, sending the ball outside the line, or missing the ball. While the ball receiver can just get the chance to serve if the server does the same.
  • Pickleball paddles are mostly between 12-18 wide and 15-16 long. Which weighs up to 8 ounces. They are usually made of graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and many more lightweight materials.

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  • Pickleball is very easy to play and understand.
  • It almost doesn’t required you to be fit entirely.
  • It doesn’t force for too many gears to purchase.
  • Paddles are somehow expensive but you can buy something under your budget.


Racquetball is one of the toughest racket games. It usually requires much more physical energy as well as fitness.

In racquetball, you’ll need to use a lot of energy because of enough running in the game. 

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Moreover, the ball and racquets we use in this sport are also various. Racquetball balls are very bouncy and fast compared to other paddle games ball.

In racquetball, two players compete with each other while hitting the straight wall. And usually, the game has to be played for 3 sets, each set is for 15 points while the 3rd one is for only 11 points.

  • Serving in racquetball is somehow unique. The ball should bounce before it gets to the front wall while serving. If you want to serve according to the rules, the ball has to touch down behind the short line and before the back wall. 
  • And it’s played in a rectangular room that is 40 feet in length and 20 feet in weight as well as height.
  • Only a server player can make a score point in racquetball sport same as in pickleball.
  • Amazing choice for sportsperson who want fast and furious sports.
  • Very enjoyable game to try.
  • Risk of tough injuries.
  • You need to fit physically for the game.

Pros And Cons Of Pickleball And Racquetball

These pros and cons of each sport will make it plainer for you to learn the variations between these 2 games:

Pros Pickleball

  • Pickleball is a good sport choice for any age person without fitness.
  • It’s one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA that’s why you’ll get great opportunities for tournaments to play aggressive games.
  • It also helps to lose a great number of calories without using much energy.
  • You can play it indoors and outdoors. Which is one of the best choices for you in case you want to have fun outside with your friends. 

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Cons Of Pickleball

  • It needs an isolated court that needs to be organized completely according to official guidance.
  • Pickleball rules might seem abysmal in the start but with little practice, you can grasp them all.

Pros Of Racquetball

  • If you love to have a competitive as well as aggressive racquet game then racquetball is the best choice for you.
  • Most people admire the game only because of the great physical exercise while playing it.

Cons Of Racquetball

  • It requires a lot of energy as well as need physical fitness.
  • A lot of chances to get an injury because this game will be challenging to your physical body. As we see most racquetball gamers get joint and back pain.

So these were some of the common benefits and drawbacks which may help you to select the best sport for yourself.

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Which Game Should You Play?

As I disclosed both racket sports in very depth. But yet you’re ambiguous to select the one which can deliver amazing entertainment as well as exercise your body. 

Now it really depends on your physical energy and fitness level. Think and consider the best one for yourself according to your body level. I’d say if you’re over-aged and don’t have to feel much forceful.

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Then you can head to pickleball because of the fun you’ll have while playing. Moreover, this game is very friendly and easy to play as compared to racquetball.

However, if you feel your body strong and energetic then you can join racquetball. It’s a very competitive and fast game that can improve your fitness level very rapidly.


With the help of the above-explained factors, you’re now able to differentiate pickleball from racquetball. I know it’d be difficult for you as a starter to choose one of them.

However, it’s something that just relates to you. That’s why you should make a very informed decision.


Q1. Can you play pickleball in a racquetball court?

It’s a very simple concept even for beginners. And the answer to it is No, as I mentioned in the above article the courts of both sports are completely different from each other.
Just think is it possible for you to play an open-court game in a rectangular room shape court? Of course not.

Q2. What sport is most like pickleball?

According to my experience, pickleball sport is very related to badminton whether it’s in court, ground design and also multiple rules.
But still, it’s a combination of various paddle games such as ping pong (table tennis), badminton, and tennis. That’s why I couldn’t match it with just one of them.