Pickleball vs Squash: Find Out Which Is Best For You!

Squash that is known as the most challenging racquet sport is going to be compared with the newly grown paddle sport I mean pickleball. If you’ve ever watched a squash game, you’d realize the difference between these two sports.

Yet, there is a lot missing for you to seize about the variation between them. To omit such misunderstanding about these two games’ differences and similarities. 

I’m going to expand on these sports as well as what’s similar and various between them. So without further delay, it’s your turn to explore more about pickleball vs squash.

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Pickleball vs Squash

Here I’m going to expand the detailed information while comparing squash vs pickleball:

1. Pickleball

Before I get to compare these two games, I’d love to take a short glimpse at them. First of all, whenever you heard the word pickleball, the first thing that comes to your mind is easy sports. 

A sport that is known as the simplest form of all racquet sports. That’s also known as the amalgam of tennis, ping pong, and badminton.

Pickleball is quite simple as well as very easy to play. Whether it’s according to its expanses or physical fitness.

Although, you hear most people refer to this sport because of being plain and less energy required.

Pros and Cons of Pickleball


  • Rules are very simple to understand.
  • Doesn’t required too much energy.
  • You can play with normal human fitness level.
  • Can be played outdoor and indoor.
  • Age doesn’t matter in pickleball.


  • Somehow expensive if you want to play on a professional level.

2. Squash

On the other hand, there’s a squash game which I personally consider the most difficult racquet sport to play especially having high chances of injuries.

We all know how much energy is required to be a professional squash player. Moreover, you’ll have a risk of extensive injuries in your body even if you’re great at physical fitness.

Besides, the system of scoring in squash is also very different compared to other sports. The very first and big difference between these two sports is their courts.

After that, in pickleball, we use paddles while the racquet is used in the other one.

Furthermore, the ball of pickleball is made of plastic same as wiffleball while in squash the ball is made of rubber.

Pros and Cons of Squash Sports


  • Very entertaining game to enjoy.
  • A great sport for a workout.
  • Doesn’t require too many gears.


  • It required too much energy.
  • Your physical fitness should be very good.
  • You can only play indoors.

There’s much more to learn about their differences which are discussed below.

Differences Between Pickleball and Squash 

As they both are very separated from each other in different stages.

So here I’ll explain and compare them with each other in various cases such as game scoring, sports gears to play, and also isolation between their courts.

1. Pickleball Court vs Squash Court

You can play pickleball on both surfaces outdoors and indoors. And the court size is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide.

Plus, the point is you can also play pickleball on badminton and tennis court after making a few changes to it.

However, the squash court is almost like a room shape. 32 feet long and 21 feet wide in wall-surrounded shape. You can only play on an indoor surface. Here’s A Complete Guide To Pickleball Court Dimensions.

2. Pickleball Paddle vs Squash Racquet

In squash, you’ll realize a long racquet which is almost the same similar to racquetball racquets.

But the squash racquet is 27 inches long and it’s very long in the competition of paddle. The paddle has been used in pickleball which is almost 17 inches long and 7 inches wide.

In other words, a pickleball paddle can’t be longer than 24 inches combined in length and width.

Manufacturers use different kinds of materials to construct paddles. The most common are graphite, fiberglass, composite, and hybrid.

In the inception days, wooden paddles were very common among the players but interesting to the technology era, paddles got new shapes and designs. 

To grasp more about pickleball paddles, you should take a short look at the pickleball paddle dimensions guide.

3. Difference Between Ball

Ball variation is one of the most important factors when it comes to comparison between pickleball and squash.

Not just in size or weight but also in the materials of both types of balls. In addition, plastic balls with multiple holes same as wiffleball are used in pickleball. 

While in squash, the ball is very hard and heavy as well as compared to pickleball. These balls are made of rubber and constructed very solid which makes them very tough to bounce.

4. Squash and Pickleball Serving Rules

In terms of serving, they both are entirely opposite to each other. Like in squash, both players can score a point whether your opponent is serving.

Still, if he makes a fault, you get a point. While in pickleball, only the serving team can get a score count.

While the opponent can just win a rally if the server makes a fault. Moreover, you’re also not allowed to take overhand serve in pickleball.

Here you go if you want to learn Who Serves First In Pickleball.

5. Differences Between Scoring

In squash, you’ll have 2 different methods of scoring. One is called the traditional way in which you start the serve and score from 1 to 9 but you can score only by your serve. 

The other method is called PAR which is also followed internationally and is very famous in the squash world. In this method, you can score whether the service is yours or your opponent’s.

However, pickleball scoring is somehow different such as volleying in the kitchen zone is a fault. If your opponent hit the ball outside the lines, you get a point.

Same as that, if a ball bounces twice on any side of the court, the opposite side will get a point.

But remember in pickleball only a server team can achieve a score and another side can only win the rally.

I recommend you give a look what’s double bounce rule in pickleball.


Pickleball is very different as compared to squash. Even if you see their every piece of equipment and rules, they don’t match each other.

Like the balls, in one we use plastic balls, and in the other, we use rubber-made balls. Same as that, in pickleball we use 17 inches long paddle while in the other we have 27 inches lengthy racquet.

In addition, the biggest difference is their courts in squash the court is in close room shape. While we play on 40 feet long court in pickleball.

That’s why I think there’s no point of similarities between these two sports but too much to separate them from each other. Learn the comparison of Pickleball Court vs Tennis Court.


Q1. Can you play pickleball on a squash court?

No, actually pickleball court is similar to badminton. While the squash court is almost like a room. And pickleball court is 40 feet long and 20 feet wide and the squash court is 32 feet long and 21 feet wide. Moreover, the shape of the pickleball court is also very various from the squash one.

Q2. What sport is pickleball similar to?

Pickleball is the combination of tennis, ping pong, and badminton which very well-known definition of this sport.
However, you’ll not find any exact similar sport to pickleball. Moreover, these all sports have their separate similarities to pickleball.

Q3. Is pickleball a hard sport?

In simple words, No. Pickleball is very plain and easy to play. Even most people join it because of its simple rules and less energy required sport.

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