Pickleball vs Wiffle Ball – Which Is The Ultimate Winner?

Do you also think pickleball and Wiffle ball are two similar sports? If yes then it’s time to change your mind. In fact, they both are two different sports which are invented in America. 

However, there is somehow a similarity between these two games but along this, they both have too many other variations.

In brief, pickleball is relative to tennis while Wiffle ball is the minor brother of baseball. One is played with small paddles and the other requires a bat, as in baseball. However, in both, we use plastics ball with holes in them. But still, they differ from each other.

Here I’ll not just expand on both types of sports but I’ll also compare pickleball vs Wiffle ball with each other in gameplay as well as in types of equipment.  

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Differences Between Pickleball And Wiffle Ball

As we know these sports are different from multiple angles. And here I’m going to mention all of the variations which vary these two sports from each other.

Paddle vs Bat

As pickleball is similar to tennis is enough for you to understand that we use paddles in it. But pickleball paddles are somehow similar to ping-pong paddles in design and shape. 

I recommend you take a look at the pickleball vs tennis court.

However, there’s a big difference between their sizes. Table tennis paddle is 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) long and 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) wide while picklers use paddle 16 inches long by 8 inches wide.

On the other hand, the standard size of a Wiffleball bat is 42 inches in length and 2.72 diameters.

Furthermore, the Wiffle ball bat is also made of plastic in the same design as a baseball bat.

Scoring And Game Play

Pickleball is played on the court while Wiffleball needs a triangle shape field same as in baseball but small in dimensions.

Here is an ultimate guide to Pickleball Court Dimensions.

In pickleball, we play a singles game with 1 player on each side. And the doubles game plays 2 players on each side of the court.

However, two teams of 5 players on each side in Wiffleball and one vs one can also be played. Moreover, the scoring method is completely different between these games. 

Like you’ll have 5 innings and the same for your opponent. And the one who makes more scores around these all innings that team will be considered a winner of the game.

And you score when your player makes a safe trip to home base while running around the triangle field.

But pickleball is the same as in other racquet sports. For example, if your confronter hit the net or misses the ball, or hit the shot outside the lines.

You will earn a point and the same for your opponent. In addition, the playing method is also different as in pickleball both sides use paddles to hit the ball at each other.

However, in Wiffleball, one player throws the ball to the marked player, and then that player tries to hit the ball as hard as possible to send it far away for making more scores.

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Similarities Between Pickleball And Wiffle Ball

In the previous part, I’ve come up with the different variations between these 2 sports. And here I’ll expand on some of the factors which make these sports similar to each other.

Same Plastic Ball

Something you can consider entirely similar between them is a ball. In both sports, we use a plastic made ball with many holes.

While there’s variation between the weight of the pickleball ball and the Wiffleball. 

Furthermore, Wiffleball holes are a little bigger as compared to the other’s ones. That’s why you’ll find much more holes in pickleball balls.

Played Outdoor and Indoor

One of the most common things among these sports is that they can be played outdoors and indoors. And it really makes sense for die-heart sports lovers.

Here’s A Detail Post About Indoor Pickleball vs Outdoor Pickleball.

Such as we face strange weather in which we couldn’t able to play outdoor games.

However, Wiffleball and pickleball don’t make you up to that. If you’ve indoor space, just set up the field and start your game.

Types Of Equipment Of Pickleball And Wiffle Ball

As every sport needs official gear and pieces of equipment for being played. Yet, pickleball and Wiffleball also have their types of equipment which make them interesting.

To sum up, without these gears, none of these games is able to be played. So here you can catch the types of equipment you’ll need to play any of them.

Pickleball Equipments 

Here are a few of the essential types of equipment for pickleball games.

1. Paddle

A paddle is the first ever gear you should consider when you want to play pickleball.

In the early days, there were only wooden made paddles. Which was unendurable and uncomfortable as well.

Then later, with the latest technologies manufacturers invented some new types of paddles. Graphite and fiberglass are considered the best pickleball paddles so far.

2. Ball

As I said before, the ball is the most similar gear between pickleball and Wiffleball. A plastic ball with 26-40 small holes in it is used to play.

3. Net

Same as the tennis size net but 2 inch low is used in pickleball. In the middle of the court, it should be 34 inches high while on the sides 36 inches is standard.

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Wiffle Ball Equipments

A Wiffleball Bat and a plastic ball are the only two pieces of equipment that you may need to get started.

1. Bat

The most important piece of equipment in Wiffleball is the bat. The bat is made of plastic with the same design we use in baseball.

However, the Wiffleball bat is a little thin and long as well.

2. Plastic Ball

In Wiffleball, the ball we use has 8 large holes. These holes help the thrower to make a great spin while throwing at the player.

And the plastic is also lightweight as compared to pickleball balls.

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Why Is It Called Pickleball?


Wiffleball and pickleball are two separate American-invented sports. And today these both are getting amazing crowds.

Even you can find international events for both of them. But some people misunderstand and consider these both the same sports. 

However, these both are various games, and yeah there’re some similarities. Still, they both vary from each other on a very big level. But whichever you want to play is your own choice.


Q1. Can you use a Wiffle Ball to play pickleball?

Yes, you can use it but I don’t recommend doing it all. Actually, the Wiffle ball is very different from the one we use in pickleball.
However, if you’re playing with your friends or family members and just want to spend some fun time. Then it’s a great choice if you don’t have the standard pickleball ball.

Q2. Why is pickleball called pickleball?

There are different reasons for its own story. As some belief, it was named after the inventor’s family pet.
While others say it’s just named pickleball because of being a combination of all racquet sports. In fact, I take the dog name story while it makes some sense.

Q3. What sport is similar to Wiffle Ball?

If you’re a baseball player or you know the rules and playing method. You’ll directly realize the entire likeness between Wiffle ball and baseball.
Even, when someone asks me about the gameplay method of Wiffle ball. I just tell them to consider it as the son of baseball because of the similarity between them.

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