Should You Add Lead Tape To Your Pickleball Paddle?

Do you want to know about the logic of adding lead tape to the pickleball paddle? Adding lead tape to the paddle is very famous nowadays. However, most of the players don’t know the exact reason behind it.

Do you also feel like losing your paddle during play? If yes, you should also consider customizing your paddle with the use of tape. You may want to ignore it. But in my opinion, you’ll be surprised with your paddle performance once you do this experiment.

Here you’ll understand the whole process of lead tape. Moreover, I’ll also guide you about whether should you add lead tape to your pickleball paddle.

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Rules And Regulations For Lead Tape 

Before I take you to the main topic, you’d like to learn about the pickleball rules for lead tape. In simple words, you’ll find no official rules about adding tape to your paddle.

However, you might be told locally with rules 2.E.4, and 5. While looking at the 2.E.4 rule, there’s no standard for paddle weight. Here’s a guide on How To Make A Pickleball Paddle?

From here, you can clearly take the idea that you can lead tape to the paddle as much as you want.

According to the 2.E.5 rule, a player can’t exceed more than 0.5 inches in the outside part of the paddle.

In addition, you can only customize a commercially made paddle. You’re allowed to add design and tape or change the paddle edge guard but under the rules. Let’s Review Top 5 Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles.

Should You Add Lead Tape To Your Pickleball Paddle?

Modifying a pickleball paddle with tape is becoming a very popular pickleball tactic at the professional level. And some players are doing the same without even knowing the logic behind it. 

However, if a pro-level player is adding tape to his paddle, he must have an issue or want to add weight to the specific spot of the paddle.

Or he may have an issue with the balance of the paddle and that’s why adding tape might be necessary in case to balance his paddle.

But what about yours one? Should you add lead tape to your paddle? If yes, then why should you do that and what benefits can you achieve while doing that? 

Best Lead Tape For Pickleball Paddles

I’ll expand on some of the benefits and reasons as well about lead tape added to your paddle.

1. Increase Your Power

Sometimes players like you face a power issue with the paddle. Besides it, they can’t afford to purchase a new paddle which is great for power.

So in such cases, you can also add tape to your paddle as result it becomes heavy.

And we all know that a heavier paddle has more power than compared to a normal one. In addition, your ball spin can also be improved with the help of lead tape.

2. Deliver Bigger Sweet Spot

Adding tape to your paddle is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a larger sweet spot. Lead tape can also make your sweet spot bigger which can help you with a greater edge.

And as a beginner, you should have as large a sweet spot as possible. It’ll really improve your gameplay. Learn about 11 Best Pickleball Shots To Play Like Pro Player.

3. Improve Your Paddle Speed

With my previous Selkirk paddle, I had a very serious problem with my speed while swinging the paddle.

Then later, I met with one of the best pickleball players in the APP event. And he told me to add some lead tape to the upper part of the paddle.

And believe me, it really worked for me and I got unbelievable results with my speed while swinging my paddle.

Generally, adding tape to your paddle isn’t necessary if you’re ok with its performance. However, if you’ve any issues same to the above-mentioned ones. Then you might need to add lead tape to your paddle.

Moreover, don’t go for it just by seeing a pro player do it. I personally don’t recommend it for a player who is wrong with his basic skills.

How To add lead tape to your pickleball Paddle?

After you’ve learned the reasons and also how can it be beneficial for you to add tape to your paddle.

You should also know the proper way of adding lead tape to your paddle. Moreover, you might rein your complete effort and paddle as well by adding tape incorrectly. 

Generally adding tape to the paddle can be on different ways. Same as I said before, some players add to their heads to improve their paddle speed.

While others claim to add tape to their sideline to increase their shot power. Understanding this process from reading might be tough for some of you.

That’s why I recommend you watch the below video. Where you can easily watch and try the same as he does.

One important thing to note. Customizing your pickleball paddle isn’t a must to do. However, after watching pro players like Sarah and Tyson, most of the beginners were misguided.

But still, you realized the issues I mentioned in the above section can be solved by adding tape. Then it’s much great to go for that.

Where Do You Put Lead Tape On A Pickleball Paddle?

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your pickleball paddle, lead tape can be a game-changer. You should learn How to Clean a Pickleball Paddle? (Ultimate Guide)

Lead tape is a thin strip of adhesive material with an embedded lead weight that can be applied to various parts of the paddle to modify its weight and balance.

Knowing where to place the lead tape is crucial to achieving the desired results. Typically, lead tape is strategically placed on the paddle’s head or handle.

Placing it on the head can increase the paddle’s power and provide a solid feel during shots. By adding lead tape to the head, players can generate more momentum and improve their ability to drive the ball with greater force.

On the other hand, placing lead tape on the handle can enhance the paddle’s maneuverability and control.

It shifts the balance point closer to the handle, making the paddle feel lighter and easier to swing.

This can be particularly beneficial for players who prefer quick reactions and precise placement of shots.

Experimentation is key when using lead tape on a pickleball paddle. Start with small increments of weight and test the paddle’s feel and performance before making further adjustments.

Remember, the placement and amount of lead tape can vary depending on individual preferences and playing styles.

It’s important to note that different pickleball tournaments have specific regulations regarding the use of lead tape on paddles.

Always check the rules and guidelines of the tournament or league you are participating in to ensure compliance.

Lead tape can be applied to either the head or handle of a pickleball paddle to enhance power or maneuverability, respectively.

Careful experimentation and adherence to tournament regulations will help players find the optimal placement for their lead tape, ultimately improving their performance on the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries related to adding lead tape to the paddle:

Q1. How much lead tape should I add to my pickleball paddle?

As I told you before, there’s no official standard for pickleball paddle weight. However, you should be very careful with your paddle by adding tape. Moreover, if you add more than enough, it might cause it weighty.

Q2. Do pros use lead tape?

Yes, most of the pros have been spotted by adding lead tape to the paddle. However, they do such things whenever they feel an increase in their power, to improve speed while swinging the paddle.

Q3. Is it legal to add lead tape to a pickleball paddle?

The legality of adding lead tape to a pickleball paddle depends on the specific rules and regulations of the tournament or league you are participating in. Always check the guidelines to ensure compliance.

Q4. What does lead tape do to a paddle?

Lead tape is used to modify the weight and balance of a pickleball paddle. Adding lead tape can increase power and stability when placed on the head, or improve maneuverability and control when placed on the handle.

Q5. How do you put protective tape on a pickleball paddle?

To put protective tape on a pickleball paddle, start by cleaning the paddle’s surface to remove any dirt or debris. Then, carefully apply the protective tape to the face of the paddle, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles as you go. Trim any excess tape for a neat finish.


Paddle customization is very necessary for pickleballers. However, you shouldn’t just add lead tape to your paddle by seeing someone else. If you realize the necessity of power or want to increase your paddle speed. Or you’re looking for a larger sweet spot.

Then adding lead tape to your pickleball paddle can improve your performance. Still, before you take any step, try to consider each side of adding tape.

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