5 Top Female Pickleball Players (Learn About Pickleball Queen)

Pickleball is known as the newly grown racquet sport. Hence, most newcomers are trying to learn about who’s leading the sport at the pro level. As I’ve already covered top pickleball players where I’ve added male and female players together. 

However, here I’m going to explore the top female pickleball players. I’d not just list down their names but also discuss their overall pickleball career performances.

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5 Top Female Pickleball Players

As you know pickleball is growing so quickly. Like pickleball population in the USA is almost 6 million. And America Pickleball Association claims 40% of them are women.

So here I’ll tell you the 5 best female pickleball players. Moreover, if you’re a fan of any player from the list, you can watch them in the upcoming pickleball events.

RankingNameAgePoints (W-L)Events Played
No.1Anna Leigh Water15 Years10,90015
No.2Catherine Parenteau28 Years722015
No.3Lea Jansen29 Years 633015
No.4Callie Smith32 Years290515
No.5Simone Jardim42 Years14973
Female Pickleball Players Standing

1. Anna Leigh Waters 

15 year old girl Anna Leigh Water is one of the best pickleball players as well as the youngest one also. She started her pickleball career when she was just 12 years old.

And the same year she also became the youngest champion of a tournament in pickleball history in Dallas, Texas.

In addition, she has been ranking for 1st position in all three formats women’s singles and doubles as well as mixed doubles. In double, her teammate is no one else but her mother Leight Water.

They both have great chemistry for playing together and already named multiple trophies on a national and international level.

Last year she also won the women’s championship tournament. Her career starting story is really impressive.

Her mother Leigh Water says, “we went to her grandfather’s home in 2017 because of no electricity in our home for almost 2 weeks”. 

So there my father taught us how to play pickleball. As we back home, we started pickleball practice and improving ourselves day by day.

“I love playing with my mom because we just know what the other is going to do before we hit the ball, And also know how to react to that.

Anna Leigh says,

2. Catherine Parenteau

Catherine Parenteau is a 27 year old who is known as one of the best young pickleball players. People really appreciate her fast speed and amazing defensive hand.

Before she started her pickleball career, racquet sport was her first choice to have fun. In the women’s double, she also won a gold in the 2018 USAPA Nationals tournament along with Anna Leigh. 

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Moreover, Simone Jardim (she’s also on this top women’s player list) was her coach at Michigan State University.

And 2022 was her best era looking at her pickleball career. She also won her first ever PPA triple crown. 

And became a gold medalist for the consecutive second time in the women’s doubles U.S open. Besides it, she also won the title in the women’s singles Open in 2022. 

3. Lea Jansen

Lea Jansen is known as one of the finest pickleball players since she started her professional career in 2021. She’s very clever and fascinating to play against.

Before she get started competing in pickleball, she wasn’t beatable at tennis as well. Also competed in a Division tennis tournament in her college days. 

Moreover, she’s also a tennis coach at Grand Valley State University. From that, you can get an idea about her agility. 

Today she’s 29 years old and with just 2 years of professional level career, she won 2 PPA titles. In addition, she’s also honored with 3 medals in various categories such as women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed also.

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4. Callie Smith

You’ll very rarely notice a pickler as a professional coach as well in the pickleball world. And Callie Smith is doing that in her own pickleball academy Paddle Up for so long. 

And along with coaching, she has been playing amazing and aggressive games when she gets on the court.

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Her life story is also somehow similar to Lea’s. I mean she also started her racquet career from tennis. Furthermore, she was also ranked for 1st position in Utah in high school.

However, she stepped into pickleball in 2020 and very swiftly got the badge of a top player. Yet she participated in 25 tournaments where she has been a medalist for 22 tournaments.

Also known as the gold medalist in the US Open women’s double. Lastly, she’s a very passionating pickleball women’s player hence she named two PPA titles.

5. Simone Jardim

A Brazilion origin pickleball player and also one of the most experienced pickleball player. Simone Jardim joined pickleball back in 2015 when she was a tennis coach at the College of Willian & Mary and also Michigan State University. 

From that year, she has been in the top of the international pickleball ranking list. Moreover, she is also considered as the most titles (which are almost 32) winner female than any other female player in pickleball history. 

Besides it, she won the US Open Pickleball Championship tournament in women signles. Therefore “Queen of Pickleball” name is alsom honored for her amazing servant to pickleball sport.

In doubles game, she usually partnered by Ben Johns and Lucy Kovalova. Now she’s also the co-founder of Peak Performance Pickleball Academy.

Remember that the above ranking list is not just picked. However, I’ve done good research, and also the ranking is given by looking at their points and ranking in the APP tour and Global Pickleball. That’s why you have to consider these players as the top female pickleball players in 2023.

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As pickleball is considered as one of the best sports choices for females. Besides it, it also makes them do workout as well as get refreshments. Same as that, today pickleball is growing very fast and I said 40% percent of them are women.

And pickleball officials are also arranging several high-value pickleball events for players. As looking to those events, then they rank players in each category of games. Moreover, this list is also written while looking at those ranking factors and standing.


Q1. Who is the #1 pickleball player in the world?

Ben Johns is a very well known pickleball star. Who is internationally named as the best pickleball player yet. Moreover, A teenage Anna Leigh Water is the best female player in the pickleball sport.

Q2. How much do female pickleball players make?

While earning in pickleball, it really depend on the pickleball player’s skill set. Moreover, an average pickleballer would earn up to 50k Dollars while the highest can be 100k Dollars. You may also find some players especially younger players.

Q3. Who are the top 3 pickleball players in the world?

Pickleball ranking stands separate for both categories male and female. But still, here I’ve listed three of them while glimpsing at all categories. 
1. Ben Johns (no 1 Top pickleball player)
2. Anna Leigh Water (Best female pickleball player)
3. Riley Newman (Best Double Pickleball player)

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