Discover 10 Top Pickleball Players In 2023

Do you also wonder who’s the top pickleball player? Of course, we all do the same and you should know the top-rated players of your favorite sport. Moreover, just knowing the names wouldn’t be enough. Because pickleball is now a swiftly growing sport around the world and everyone is trying to get in.

And as a beginner, you can also follow them to learn some unique tricks and shots. Which they use in their professional games. Of course, someone who gets a place in the top 10 out of the almost 6 million players has unique skills. And you can also try those tips on yourself by following them. 

I’ve researched very comprehensively to expand the top pickleball players whether they’re women and men or double and single game players. 

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10 Top Pickleball Players To Follow

Here I’ve selected the top 10 players in pickleball who have been leading the pickleball world with their high quality and pro skills.

In this list, you’ll find different regions and categories of players. Remember, I didn’t just lift out some of the random names and pick them up here in the list. You may also want to read Beginner Pickleball Rules.

I’ve researched consciously about their entire career, especially their official events participation. After including all the mentioned factors then I listed down the top players’ picks.

1. Benjamin Johns (Best Pickleball Player In 2023)

Two and Two for Waters and Johns | PPA Tour

A USA region young 23 years old player Ben Johns has been on the top of the ranking list continuously.

He had been a regular tennis player before he stepped into pickleball. Here is list of the Best Pickleball Paddles for Tennis Players if you need.

Before he start his career in pickleball, he had a blood relationship with racquet sports. I mean his older Brother Collin was a former pro tennis player. And now he’s been his doubles game partner as well.

He took racquet tennis in his hands while he was just 8 years old. But before high school started, he lost interest in tennis

From there, his pickleball career started and shortly got a chance to play in the US Open in Naples Florida. 

Up to this stage, he already won many gold medals and other national tournament trophies. In addition, he has been considered the best ambassador for pickleball sports while naming more than 50 high-level trophies.

One US Open Pickleball Championship is also included in his winning achievements. And he also has contracted with Joola which is known as the best pickleball paddles brand. Currently, he has been using the below given paddle if you want to purchase it.

Game TypesUSAGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

2. Anna Leigh Waters (Best Female Pickleball Player In 2023)

Waters Walks It and Talks It in Atlanta | PPA Tour

Anna is just 15 years old and has an amazing name in women’s pickleball players. A daughter of Leigh Waters who has a great name in sports like tennis and soccer.

She started her career in 2017 in pickleball. And after a few years, she got a chance to play against internationally well-known players.

In addition, players like Simone Jardim (US Open Tripple Crown winner) lost matches against young athlete Anna.

She has named multiple tournaments and events in her name. As well as in doubles games with her mother and mixed doubles with Ben Johns. You may also want to learn Can You Play Pickleball While Pregnant?

3. Riley Newman

Riley Newman | PPA Tour

Newman is an idol pickleball player for most of the newbies in pickleball. What a tremendous career with multiple records on his name.

A 32 year old athlete who’s been showing his class in both single and doubles games. Before he started pickleball, he played in Division 1 Basketball and Tennis at the University of Washington.

Riley Newman has also submitted his name for the 2023 VIBE Pickleball League Draft. It’s another amazing opportunity for people like me to watch him again in action. Here is If You Want To Learn Why Is Pickleball So Addictive?

His sister Lindsey has been his partner in mixed double events and they already have multiple trophies on their name while playing together in big events such as PPA and Gooma events.

Game TypesUSAGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

4. Zane Navratil

Zane Navratil - Owner - Zane Navratil Pickleball | LinkedIn

Zane Navratil is one of the fastest pickleball players with his clever and quick movements. It makes him the toughest player to compete in professional games.

Moreover, in his young 27 years of age, more than 80 trophies are already in his frame. For now, he takes 3rd place in the international pickleball rankings.

He was a great tennis player before he join pickleball in 2013. After that with much struggle, he made an amazing impact on the pickleball court, especially for the US.

Game TypesUSAGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

5. Lucia Kovalova

Lucy Kovalova Pickleball Player, Ranking, & Personal Life

A Slovakia origin woman player who has been on the top ranking list for a very long. Lucia Kovalova has been considered a world-class athlete in pickleball whether it’s mixed doubles or single games. 

In double games, Simone Jardim has been on her side for so long and they both have great chemistry on the court. Which makes it impossible or tough enough to compete in double games.

After she came here to the US, she spent her college life at Witchita State. At that time, Lucia was one of the best tennis players in her state. But later, she wanted to leave her career in tennis and shifted to pickleball.

In the very short term, she made her career at a high level while winning multiple medals. Women’s Triple Crown in 2018 is one of her historical events.

Game TypesUSAGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

6. Aditya Ruhela

Pickleball Goes to Bali, Indonesia

Aditya Ruhela is one of the superb youngest players in the pickleball world. Aditya was almost 18 years old when he decided to start his career as a professional pickler. 

In regions like India, it’s somehow a very risky decision to start your career in something which is almost unknown to them.

However, today he’s getting nearly 1 number ranked in the Asian region and in the top 3 in international pickleball ranking.

There’s an amazing story behind his career inception in pickleball. He says one day I was playing tennis. So in the middle of the game, my racquet broke and I didn’t have any other to continue. 

But besides our court, there were other guys who were playing pickleball. I asked them to give me a try. And as I was already a racquet sports player, I did very well on my first attempt. 

Then I thought why not start a career in this pickleball sport? And today I recognize that as my life’s best decision.

His Winning Achievements 

  • Gold Medal in Under 19 Mixed Doubles Open India Jaipur 2020
  • Bronze In Men’s Singles In Open Jaipur
  • Gold In 19+ Advanced Players at India Open In Jaipur
  • Silver In Advanced Men’s Doubles In All India Ranking Tournament

Game TypesIndiaGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

7. Catherine Parenteau 

Meet Your New Coach - Catherine Parenteau - TopCourt

A 28 years old Catherine is one of the best women’s pickleball players. She is of Canadian origin and started her career in tennis when she was just 4 years old. 

She already had a great career in tennis sport and named many tournaments in her name for playing competitive games. But in 2015, top pickleball player Simone Jardim introduce her to pickleball sport.

And as she was already a racket player, so she got to a very high stage of the competition in just a few months of matter. Recently, she also won the US Open Pro Women’s Doubles.

Game TypesCanadaGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

8. Collin Johns (Best Double Pickleball Player)

Ben Johns - Wikipedia

Collin Johns is great to pair with his younger brother Ben Johns. As they both have remarkable records in pickleball doubles men’s games.

He’s known as the smartest doubles player and has a great partnership with his brother. They both have named multiple trophies on their name in Men’s Doubles.

According to Pickleball Global ranking, he’s ranked the 2nd number in Men’s Doubles category games.

Game TypesUSAGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

9. Tyson McGuffin

Chelan's Tyson McGuffin Captures Gold in both Men's Doubles and Men's  Singles Pickleball Championship - Lake Chelan News and Information

Tyson is not just a pickleball but he’s also known as a pro tennis player as well as a great coach. In 2015, his friend with whom he was practicing tennis wanted to introduce him to pickleball sport.

After having a positive result in casual time play, he decided to have pickleball as a career sport. By that time, he also got an offer of sponsorship from the best pickleball paddle brand Selkirk.

Having a great start in pickleball, made him give up his career in tennis in 2016. Today we all know him as the idol of the pickleball world and I personally really like the way he plays.

After winning USA Pickleball National Championships in 2017, he become a super player with whom nobody wanted to compete. Not because of being a wrestler in his early life but due to having great skill in pickleball.

Game TypesUSAGlobal
Pickleball Rankings According to Pickleball Global

10. Simone Jardim

Ep. 144: Pickleball Player and Coach, Simone Jardim — BB&R Wellness  Consulting

Simone has unbreakable records on her name in the pickleball world. A 43 years old pickler, who has been considered an unbeatable opponent in court.

Not just this, but for being ranked 1st from 2016 to 2020 more than any other player in their pickleball career. Recently she step down from coaching Michigan State’s tennis team for almost 7 years.

She started her pickleball career back in 2015. And today has won more PPA titles than any other player in pickleball history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is the #1 pickleball player in the world?

Ben Johns, Riley Newman, and Zane Navratil are considered the top-ranking pickleball players. Ben Johns has an amazing record in his overall career. Whether it’s singles or doubles game events, you’ll find him at the top of the list.

Q2. Who is the highest-paid pickleball player?

According to official sources, Ben Johns is the highest-paid player in pickleball. Having many gold medals and other high events trophies in his own name makes him the richest pickleball player.  $146,325 is his recently estimated earnings which is higher than any other pickler.

Q3. How much do top pickleball players make?

I wouldn’t be able to give the exact numbers of earnings of pickleball players. However, it is somehow dependent on players’ skills as well as the event.

For example, in Pro Pickleball Association (PPA), players’ earnings start from $50,000 to $18,0000. Now you can consider their earnings and remember there are more than 15 tournaments in pickleball every year.


Today pickleball is considered one of the best racquet sports. And it’s growing very fast and becoming popular in multiple regions. As it gets professional, the pickleball players are also getting chances to show their talent in several events. 

And such events also encourage the upcoming generation to pickleball sport same as Aditya Ruhela and Anna Leigh Waters. Who has been on the top list at a very young age and as seeing to their talent? I believe they’ll get much more rewards for their high-quality skills. 

You can also make a pickleball idol of one of the above-listed players. From whom you can learn many tips and skills. If you want, you can follow them on different social platforms where they usually get active.

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