What Is A Nasty Nelson In Pickleball? (Step By Step Guide)

Don’t you want to make great score points in pickleball by learning great shots? If yes, then nasty nelson is one of those pickleball shots that can help you put your opponent in hurry while giving you ball back to you.

But before you get in the court to hit nasty nelson shot, you should learn what is a nasty nelson in pickleball as well as a complete guide to it. In brief, nasty nelson is a kind of shot when the server player intentionally hit the ball to the nearest area of his competitor. 

However, it’s not enough for you to master a nasty nelson shot. Hence, I’m going to cover it in full detail in this article. Plus I’ll also help you how to make nasty nelson shots by giving you a few very quality tips.

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What Is A Nasty Nelson In pickleball?

You’ve already learned shots such as half volley, lob, and dink shot as well. But don’t you confuse about what is a nasty nelson?

Of course, you do but not alone, there are too many others who face the same puzzles about nasty nelson. Ultimate Guide To Pickleball Lob Shot

Nasty nelson is the way of serving when a player who serves intentionally wants to hit the closest to his competitors. Just for the purpose to make it difficult for him to return the ball back.

The shot was actually invented by one of the greatest pickleball players Tim Nelson. Who’s also known as the puppet master. 

It’s also considered as the easiest way to score a point in pickleball. Actually when a server make nasty nelson shot, the opponent player has to make the return shot without letting the ball to bounce once.

You should give a look here if you want to learn about what is double bounce rule in pickleball.

In such case, the server player commits that as a fault and win a point. But the great thing is that pickleball officials has banned such shots in pickleball.

However, if it’s not allowed to play in professional pickleball tournaments. Yet, you can give it a try to play it in your friendly matches.

But still, it needs to be approved by both sides of the teams before going to make a nasty nelson shot.

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How To Avoid Getting Hit with the Nasty Nelson?

As Nasty Nelson is considered is one of the worst woay to lose a score point to your opponent. Hence, almost every player tries to keep himself secure from such moments.

And today that I’ll tell a few very important tips which will surely help you to be safe from nasty nelson serve.

1. Be Attentive During the Service

Most of the time, players are talking or being unattentive while receiving the ball from the server. Let’s Find Out Who Serves First In Pickleball?

Especially when you’re playing a double pickleball match. And it’s one of the very common case player caught by nasty nelson shot.

To avoid that I personally want to aware you for being active and concentrate on your opponent shot.

2. Position Yourself Great

While playing pickleball, it’s almost well known to you. How important it’s to be in the game both physically and mentally.

But some players really misses something very valuable without even noticing it. Therefore, before the serve starts, try to be well positioned in your standing place.

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3. Don’t Stand At Centerline

You’ll mostly find some players almost standing on a centerline. With the mindset that they’re troubling the server.

But he might be forgetting that it make plain for player to hit you with nasty nelson shot. These are some helpful tips for you to be secure from nasty nelson service.

If you still don’t understand what actually nasty nelson is, then the best option for you is to revise Basics Pickleball Rules.


You’ll find different strategies and shots as well in pickleball. While some of them are really unique and beneficial. While other sounds completely weird even nobody wants to have a score through that.

But still, as a controversy, it depends on each player’s self-choice. Therefore, you should learn about each one and also try to understand the tips which can really help in such conditions.

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Q1. Can you hit someone in pickleball?

Yes, you can hit your opponent with a ball. And it’s also considered as one of the strategies to make a point score.

Q2. What is the most effective position of play in pickleball?

The best ever position to play pickleball is to stand near to the net. And what I personally think is that whoever team get there first will have a very affective gmeaplay.

Q3. What is the most difficult thing to do in pickleball?

As there are too many things in pickleball that can be told difficult. But what I realize as the most difficult thing is keeping the ball low in pickleball.
If you really want to learn, here I’ve covered everything how to keep the ball low in pickleball.

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