Ultimate Guide To What Is A Volley In Pickleball?

If you have ever been to any racquet sports playing area. You might have heard several calls such as serve, volley, rally, and many others. But do know you what is a volley in pickleball?

A volley in pickleball is a type of return shot when you don’t want the ball to bounce before you hit it back to your opponent. To do volley, the most important thing is to be outside the kitchen or non-volley zone.

As I’m going to expand volley in detail as well as guide you on how you can volley in pickleball as a pro-level player.

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What Is A Volley In Pickleball And Its Types?

Volleying is one of the most common tactics in racquet sports. Above all of them, it’s a very usual sound in tennis games if you ever watched it. 

While hitting the ball from your side without giving it a chance to touch the earth’s surface. And sending it back to your opponent side player is known as a pickleball volley.

I personally really love to volley but yet I’m feeling hesitant about making fault whenever I want to volley. Hence, it’s also known as one of the toughest moments in pickleball rules.

To master different kinds of volleys, you’ll need consistent practice. So that you can confidently make a massive volley shot.

In addition, there are various types of volleys which I’m going to clarify here. Here’s a complete guide if you want to learn 11 Top Pickleball Shots.

1. Punch Volley

This volley type is the easiest way to volley in pickleball as well as it’s very common. Normally, beginners level players can also do punch volley without too much effort.

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It’s a great shot if you want to make a hit into your opponent’s feet. In making a punch volley, the arm should be forward from the elbow.

While the paddle face has to be perpendicular to the court. The wrist and overall body of a player should remain calm. I recommend you to learn about Pickleball Paddle Core.

2. Roll Volley

Roll volley is usually for the purpose to keep your competitor at the baseline area. You can make a roll volley at your opponent in the backcourt and the contact point should be lower than height.

3. Dink Volley

If you really want to put your opponent under pressure. By not giving him too much space to prefer for the shot then dink shot is my recommendation for you. 

Dink volley is a kind of volley to hit the ball in your opponent’s kitchen from a non-volley zone. Most of the time, newbies face a hard shot from their competitors.

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In that case, if you learn dink volley, it could prevent you from hard smash.

4. Drop Volley

A drop volley is also known as a block or reset volley. It’s very hard to master as well as it can take your game style to next level. It usually happens when you want to reset the point to normal. 

And you cleverly hit the ball just over the net and drop it near to the net on your opponent’s courtside.

However, you should know how to absorb ball space if you want to be good at drop volley. These are the 4 types of volley in pickleball. As a pickler, you should know at least the drop volley and dink volley.

As they both are very difficult but also very beneficial for your game. However, the other two are somehow easy and effortless which you can easily grasp while playing.

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When You Can Volley In Pickleball?

Here I’ll guide you about when to volley in pickleball:

1. Outside Kitchen Area

Most of the time, when you tell a new player about volleying. He gets it wrong by hitting the ball in the non-volley zone.

But as you know, in pickleball a player can’t make a volley while standing in the kitchen area. Same as that, you should also be very careful while making a volley.

Like it’s also not allowed to make volley in your kitchen area and if you do. It’d be considered a fault.

2. Let Ball Bounce Once At Each Side

If you know about pickleball rules, of course, you have heard about the double bounce rule in pickleball. As it’s very basic and simple hence every pickleball player knows it very well.

According to the double bounce rule, you should leave the ball once on both sides of the court. At that time, you can’t make a volley.

3. When You Want The Opponent Near Net

As I already discussed, to pin your opponent near the net. Making drop volley is the best strategy you can easily make.

And it’ll also help you to be secured from hard smash from your opponent. As well as you disturb your competitor by not giving sufficient time for shot selection.

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4. If You Want To Control the Game Pace

Sometimes you and your competitor get very hot. During that time, you may feel drowsy or you don’t lose another score.

So volley is a great choice for you to keep the game calm. And also provide an open chance to control your game pace.

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5. To Realize Your Competitor Skill Level

While playing pickleball knowing your opponent’s moment and skill level is a very essential part for every player. Plus, it also helps you to know about your opponent’s weaknesses.

As volleying is very tough and needs creativity, you can also use it for checking your opposite side player’s game level. So that you can play with strategy.

How To Improve Your Pickleball Volley?

Volleying is a very essential skill in racquet sports, especially in pickleball games. But sometimes, it may cause you to lose your score. 

It happens when you don’t know how to make a good volley. So here I’m going to explain a few very plain tips for you to improve your pickleball volley.

  • Differentiate between normal and hard smash in pickleball.
  • While playing try your best to volley in various ways.
  • Practice how to take the pace of the ball when you get a hard smash.
  • If you control the ball direction, volleying will become a very simple shot for you.
  • Before you make a volley try to be in one place. If you try to hit a volley while moving, you’ll face problems as well as it’s very hard.
  • If you practice regularly for a specific time, you can easily master volleying.

These are a few very important tips for every level pickleball player who’s lacking in volleying. I hope you’ll be able to improve your pickleball volley while following these tips.

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As an experienced pickleball player, I know how essential is volley. But some players ignore it which causes them really negative. And it can completely change your game if you just give a little effort.

In the start, you might feel bored or want to give up. But if you ask me, I’d say it’s the best choice for you to be more interested in pickleball.


Q1. What is the difference between a volley and a rally in pickleball?

Volley is the play without letting the ball bounce in the court. While the rally is continuously playing in pickleball after the service until you make a fault.

Q2. What is a volley serve in pickleball?

Volley serve as a kind of service which you release the ball in the air and then you hit it with your paddle before it gets back to bounce on the earth.

Q3. Where can you not volley in pickleball?

In pickleball, you’re not allowed to make volley in the non-volley zone which is also called the kitchen area.

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