Find Out Who Serves First In Pickleball?

Have you learned everything related to pickleball such as its rules and how to play? And still, you’re doubtful about who serves first in pickleball. I know it’s very simple but yet because of most newbies’ ignorance. They get in confusion about serving and receiving the first ball in pickleball.

In short, there are various ways to determine who’ll serve first in pickleball. Some of the common types of deciding first ball servers are coin flipping, rocks/paper/scissors, closest to a number or you can find any other simple method.

As it needs you to learn in detail, hence I’m going to expand on everything here in complete detail.

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Ultimate Guide Who Serves First In Pickleball?

Generally, the server should be on the right side of the court in both double and single games. Moreover, who serves first can be decided by different types of decisions. 

Here is a complete guide about Pickleball Court Dimensions And Surfaces.

As it’s short of part from the story, hence I’m going to explain a few very common method that has been used to select the server.

1. Coin Toss

Coin tossing is one of the most known methods of deciding who will serve first. As the coin draw, the winning side can select whether they want to serve or receive the ball. 

Starting with service is a great sign for a team or player. With the help of great service, they can make great score points.

However, there’s also a great option for tossing the loser side. The team who loses the toss gets the authority to decide the courtside for themselves. And the winning side serves the ball until they make any mistake.

2. Rock/Paper/Scissors

Rock/paper/scissors is another great method of deciding who will serve the ball. However, most of the players don’t like to play Rock/paper/scissors.

Because some players think it difficult. Hence, they prefer to go with the coin toss option. Here is if you want to learn about Top Female Pickleball Players.

3. Any Other Simple Way

Selecting a server isn’t dependent on just these two types. If you’re in your town court by playing a friendly match, you can also do something else like making someone outside your game a third person.

Moreover, you can also drop your paddle. Or my favorite way is to do volley which is really impressive for deciding a server for your match. And the volleying method also looks professional.

So these are some of the usual ways to decide on the first server for your game. Remember some of these methods are my personal experience. Which you may not find normally in pickleball.

Which Player Serves First On A Team?

In single pickleball, it’s almost clear that whoever wins the toss will be the server. But in double games, it’s somehow tricky.

While playing double after a server team decided with the help of toss or rally as a decider for serving. 

The player who’s on the right side of the court also known as player one will be considered the server of the first ball. 

In doubles, both players are named like player one and player two.  If the server team makes scores continuously without losing a rally, server 1 will be serving until they make any fault to lose the service to another team.

Who Serves First In Game Two of a Best-Of-Three?

Now that you’ve learned everything related to the first serve. Don’t you think about the server in game two? Don’t worry, here I’m going to guide you about the game two servers of a best of three. 

In this stage, you’ll have 3 different options whatever you and your opponent want to apply depends on you both. 

  • The first method which is also my favorite to apply. To let the team serve who won the first game. It seems a very professional and great option for both teams.
  • The second method is to give the first serve to the winner of the first game.
  • It’s very simple and pleasant to apply that a team who served in the first game should give chance to the other side’s players to serve first.

You can own whatever method looks amazing to you. There is no must to apply on any of these given methods.

But remember, your partner agreements is very essential to select any of these 3 methods.

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As much as I know the serving part is somehow tricky when it comes to pickleball. Compared to tennis and badminton, pickleball serving rules are completely different. Plus, the sport isn’t discussed a lot between people.

Hence, you need little well-focused practice to master the service as a pro player. But before you get to the court to practice, I’d recommend you learn pickleball rules, especially how to serve in pickleball.


Q1. What side of the court always serves first in pickleball?

In simple words, after the team server team decided on a service. Player one is going to serve first until they lose the rally to their opponent.

Q2. What is the serving order in pickleball?

After the server decided, the player on the right side of the court is going to serve.
If they win a point, the server player has to change his side to the left and serve from that side, and so on like this until their opponent wins the serve.

Q3. Should the stronger player serve first in pickleball?

There aren’t any official rules related to the server that should be stronger.
However, in a doubles game, the player who is on the right side of the court is considered as the server.

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