8 Reasons Why Is Pickleball So Addictive?

As a pickler, you may always hear the same thing about pickleball addiction. But do you know any proper reason behind this controversy? Like why is pickleball so addictive?

To explain pickleball addiction, I have the following strong points that you should note. For being easy to play and understandable rules. And it’s very different and unique as well looking to other racquet sports such as tennis and squash. Furthermore, you can play pickleball without having strong physical stamina.

It doesn’t stop here, there are too many more reasons why people love pickleball that much. Which I’ll add to this article below. 

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8 Secrets Why Is Pickleball So Addictive?

You may get something else when you ask other pickleball players about their addiction to this sport. However, what I think is explained below:

1. Plain Rules

One of the most important reasons for being pickleball so addictive is having very simple rules.

In my opinion, the very common thing among pickleball lovers is pickleball rules. You’ll mostly face people who love it because of its plain rules. 

For example, in the start when I heard about the name of pickleball. It completely sounded strange even though I thought it’d be cycling relevant sport.

However, by that time I just wanted to check out its rules. Believe me, It was really simple to understand even if I wasn’t a racquet sports player. You May also Want To Learn About Top Female Pickleball Players.

I still remember those moments when I heard the pickleball and made me laugh at myself for those rude thoughts about it.

2. Comfortable To Play

Pickleball is one of the best choices for any who wants to play a sport that sounds easy. As much as its rules are simple, playing the game is two times easier than that. 

Like I myself couldn’t feel tired even when I played pickleball for almost 30 minutes. Moreover, if you’re a gamer, you’d realize 30 minutes of stamina. You may also want to learn about 11 Surprising Pickleball Benefits.

But as it’s a very effortless sport and doesn’t make you lose too much of your energy.

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3. Fitness Isn’t Required

Most of the time, you’ll see very old people playing pickleball. Even without being very fit but still make real sportsman movements. 

And as I discussed before, most of the percentage people who shifted to pickleball in the recent few years are above 40 and 50 years old. Learn Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

Just being fine is long enough for you to get on the court to play.

4. Affordable Sport

I agree that pickleball is one of the most expensive racquet sports. But it’s something that depends on your gameplay style.

If you want to play it on the very pro level, then, of course, you’ll need to invest some money on yourself and gears like best paddle and shoes to compete with pro-level players.

Moreover, a player wants to have the usual games on a normal level. I don’t think it could make you break the bank. 

Furthermore, you can purchase the best pickleball paddle under $100. Whether you want to play with power or control, both types of options are available under your budget.

5. Age Doesn’t Matter

In pickleball, the only thing I really love and that also impacts most people is the age in pickleball sport. You can see very aged players who play pickleball at a very good level.

Not just playing, but also competing high ranking pickleball players. This also confirms that pickleball is fit for every age person whether it’s women or men.

6. Great Choice To Entertain

You can also start pickleball just for the purpose of having a great time. Moreover, it can be one of the best sources for you to refresh yourself.

As it’s also very simple to play and won’t force you to put much strain on your body. Even if there are some possibilities of different injuries in pickleball but that won’t be so easy to get thing if you always play with care.

7. Good For Health

You’ll see most of the people, especially those aged level while excused for being not able to do the workout. But pickleball made it a piece of cake for them.

Normally if a person plays pickleball for 30 minutes, he or she will lost much more than 300 calories. However, I’ve already explained the calories burned while playing pickleball.

And this is an amazing amount of calories for a normal life person to lose even without making yourself tired.

8. Unique And Special Sport

As you know that it’s almost an amalgam of all racquet sports whether it’s badminton or racquetball. That’s why you can find very new and amazing rules and activities in pickleball.

Above all, I personally really love volleying in pickleball. Same as that, every pickler has his own favorite activity in pickleball.

Like some players like to serve with its unique techniques and some for dink shots.

Why Do People Love Pickleball So Much?

First of all, pickleball is the combined formula of multiple racquet sports. That’s why it can deliver multiple types of joy to a person. Even though you can easily play it without losing your energy.

Above all that, it also fits every age person which I really like in pickleball. For example, now I can play it with my father and son at the same time.

Even if my father isn’t fit physically but still pickleball makes it very easy for him to do both workouts and fun together.

Moreover, you know well how much strength a player should have to be a normal tennis player. Same as that for badminton and squash. 

Why Is Pickleball Suddenly So Popular?

Pickleball’s recent surge in popularity can be attributed to several factors that have converged to create a sports phenomenon.

Firstly, it offers a unique blend of accessibility and competitiveness, making it appealing to a wide demographic range.

The sport’s simple rules and smaller court size make it easy for beginners to pick up, while its fast-paced nature and strategic depth challenge more experienced players.

Additionally, the rise of active and health-conscious lifestyles has driven interest in low-impact sports like pickleball, which are kinder to joints than traditional options.

Social factors have also played a significant role, with pickleball fostering a strong sense of community through doubles play and its reputation for being inclusive and friendly.

The sport’s adaptability for indoor and outdoor play further enhances its appeal, allowing enthusiasts to participate year-round.

In essence, pickleball’s sudden popularity can be attributed to its accessibility, inclusivity, health benefits, and a strong sense of community, making it a sport that resonates with people seeking both physical activity and social connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it OK to play pickleball every day?

Yes, if you’re fit then there is no issue related to playing pickleball on daily basis. However, if you have any hard injury, you should be careful with that. Moreover, you may cause a very big problem with that injury.

Q2. What are the 3 benefits of playing pickleball?

The three most important benefits of pickleball are given below:
1. Keep you fit without bringing too much stress on your body.
2. Refresh your mind as well as prevent you from depression.
3. You can have great fun in your free time playing pickleball.

Q3. Do I need to be fit to play pickleball?

Pickleball is an inclusive sport suitable for various fitness levels. While elite players exhibit impressive athleticism, beginners can enjoy the game without intense physical conditioning.
It offers a great opportunity for gradual fitness improvement. Engaging in pickleball can enhance cardiovascular health, agility, and coordination, making it accessible and beneficial for individuals of varying fitness levels and ages.


Pickleball is growing very fast not just in America but also in Europe regain. And you’ll find different age people on the court together. And that’s why I say pickleball makes us united as well as healthy forever.

The most common reason behind pickleball addiction is the simplicity of its rules and play style. Moreover, they are many more that make pickleball addiction but these 2 are favorites.

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