Find Out Why Is Pickleball So Popular – Is It Just A Fad?

Aren’t you amazed by the fast growth of pickleball? Of course, but what’s the plus point in this sport as compared to other world-class racquet sports such as tennis and squash? You may shock if I say 90% of today’s pickleball population didn’t know about it until 2015.

Still, why is pickleball so popular? The actual reason can’t be one or just two. But as much as I’ve experienced, the straightforward regulations and the painless course of playing make pickleball well-known to folks. Today pickleball has gotten crucial crowds in the USA specifically in North America and became so addictive sport. 

Even most people get curious and consider pickleball as a fad for the short term. But everything isn’t the same as you think. To make it further clear, here I’ll craft the essential causes as well as other relevant factors which help it to be more famous.

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11 Reasons Why Is Pickleball So Popular?

Pickleball is considered as the fastest-growing racquet sport. And progressively named for the second time this year as well as the highest growth game in the USA.

As we all know, about the love for racquet sports in America but pickleball did something various. Most of the picklers are doing it for having an easy and effective workout.

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While others are joining it to have fun and enjoy the expensive time with their family and friend.

According to the report, this sport has gotten growth in the previous 2 years (2020 and 2021).

In addition, most of them are aged adults, especially those who were already in the racquet sports world as tennis or badminton.

It become very popular in the first pandemic period when almost everyone was at home.

At that time, instead of sitting bored at home, most American citizens decided to start pickleball on regular bases. Here are Basic Pickleball Rules that you should learn.

One of the main reasons, they wanted to join pickleball. They can easily finish the match in under 20 minutes. Yeah, it can get to 25 or 30 when the match is somehow hot and aggressive. 

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As well as they understand that it also doesn’t require so much gear as compared to other trending sports in the USA.

According to SFIA 2020 report, almost 4.2 Million players were in pickleball in the US. So you can grasp that it would be almost over 6 Million at the end of 2022.

According to USAPA, There are almost over 10k places where you can play pickleball in America.

Below are a few of the most common and well-known reasons that could answer why is pickleball so popular:

1. Healthy And Effective Workout

Pickleball is very healthy and effective without bringing that much strain on your body. Like if you want to have yourself healthy and don’t have any other choice. It’s one of the best sports you can play. 

As you take inception, you’ll be surprised by the changes you get in your health. Instead of jogging, I want you to once try playing pickleball.

2. Easy To Play

As I mentioned before, as Covid19 started in the US. Most of the aged people who weren’t able to play other sports were really interested in pickleball.

Because of its simplicity and easiness, it attracts everyone’s attention. It doesn’t require much energy as compared to paddle tennis and squash.

Like you can easily play 3 or 4 matches without even having strong physical stamina. 

3. Simple Rules

If you’ve already played it, you’d realize the plain pickleball rules during the game. These rules wouldn’t be that crucial to force you to join any academy.

In pickleball, the important rules are kitchen, service, double bounce rule, and some others which are in double game. 

The named rules are considered very essential for picklers. Which are simple to learn once you get to the court.

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4. Safe From Injuries

You’ll rarely get injuries case in pickleball. Because of easy movements and normal body motion, you’ll be safe from injuries.

However, the most common injuries in picklers’ faces are shoulder, elbow, or back pain. These can be recovered with usually used painkiller medicines.

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5. Affordable Accessories

Most of the pickleball gears are great in price. Such as if you want to buy a normal paddle you can get under $100 dollars which will have a long life.

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But a quality paddle deserves more than $100 for the quality it features you. Same as that, the net and balls will not break your budget.

Moreover, you have to purchase these gears once until you make them unplayable until that no purchasing. And clothing doesn’t matter at all in pickleball. 

You can also use your normal routine shorts, sports shoes, and pant. But still, I’d suggest you buy one if you want to have a proper pickleball uniform.

And it’ll also make you more comfortable to have official pickleball clothing.

6. Suitable For All Ages

In sports, you need to be young and fitful. Moreover, you’d not be considered fit for that. But pickleball is recommended for every age person women and men. 

To clear it up, as I expressed, you can play pickleball with your normal energy and fitness level. According to SFIA reports, most of the newcomers in pickleball are aged, adults.  

7. The Courts Are Small

Compared to tennis, badminton, and squash, the pickleball court is very small. And you can easily build the court in a short space.

Double and single game courts are similar in size which is 20 wide and 44 long feet. But to have more joy, I recommend having a little open space which can be 24 wide and 60 long.

For the purpose, to be not being disturbed or having open space for being comfortable while playing.

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8. Outdoor and Indoor Games

Most of the time we can’t play the game we love or have an interest in. Like badminton and squash are indoor games and you’d not be able to try them on the outside surface. 

Or you may play it but the fun and enjoyment you receive on the original surface would be absent completely.

However, pickleball isn’t like that. You can play it indoors and outdoors without giving any extra effort. 

9. Can Be Played Single And Double

Sometimes you might be more than 2 people and all of them want to participate in the game. But as they ruled just for 2 players, which makes you guys disappointed.

But pickleball features double and single both types of games. For example, if you’re 8 guys on the court with the hope to have little amazing joy through pickleball.

You can have it easily by making 2 teams for each side. Like once the first four players play the match then the remaining 4 can hit the court.

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10. Get a Chance To Play In Tournaments

As we know it’s newly on the high graph in the US. Therefore everyone has a chance to play professional games in high-level tournaments.

Once you seize the complete system and become a somehow pro pickler. Nobody can stop you from contributing to such amazing championships.

Where you will really enjoy the games with your aggressive and professional competitors. And who doesn’t want to have such an opportunity in pickleball?

11. Short Time Game

According to New York Time report, someone who plays pickleball for 30 minutes has a higher heart rate and loses 30 present more calories as compared to normal pace walking. 

Now you can consider the difference between playing pickleball and jogging. Besides this, you’ll also have a great chance to refresh yourself with such amazing activities.

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Where Is Pickleball Most Popular In The World?

Pickleball is one of the international racquet sports which grows very rapidly. After 2019, it has gotten a new place in people’s hearts around the world. 

In addition, America is in 1st rank for having more than 5 million players while more than 10000 courts where you can play pickleball.

why is pickleball so popular
Pickleball Growth In The USA.

As the NCT reports express, America is becoming the home of pickleball with fast-growing. With uncomplicated rules and low energy usage, most aged people love to play racquets games.

But as we know that sports like tennis and squash need full physical fitness.

As well as they can also cause you tough body injuries. That’s why they found pickleball as the best choice they can try and have fun.

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Is Pickleball A Fad?

You might hear from most people about pickleball that it’s just a fad. Actually, they’re wrong about the high growth of pickleball.

Don’t worry, pickleball isn’t going anywhere. It’s one of the official racquet sports which also has multiple national and international tournaments. 

Since 2020, it has gotten up to 60% high growth and I’ll be progressing. Now it’s becoming more popular and you’ll find several events which will be held for pickleball.


People don’t like sports which are complicated whether in regulations or during playing. As there are most people who want to play racquetball or tennis. But due to lack of energy or fitness. They’re not able to play such games. 

While pickleball is the sport they wish to play without having stress on their body as well it doesn’t require too much energy. In this case, it got great popularity among people who want to play something simple and has fun as well.

However, pickleball isn’t just today’s invented sport, it has been played for more than 50 years but today the graph is at its peak. 


Q1. Why do people love pickleball so much?

As pickleball is very plain and easy. Plus, it’s an effective workout as well, so most people like to play. And especially for aged people, it’s really impressive.
Even if they can’t play ping pong or tennis but it’s a great choice for them.

Q2. What is the most difficult thing to do in pickleball?

In pickleball, for me, the toughest moment is having the ball low as well as to the target point. When you face a professional competitor, you’ll realize the benefits of having a ball low.
Because keeping the ball low will prevent you from hard shots from your opponent. And the same he’ll be doing to not give you a single chance of a shot. 

Q3. Why do people play pickleball instead of tennis?

As I already discussed, that tennis is one of the toughest games in the sports world. And most people just want to enjoy their time with friends.
And pickleball sport is already considered the easiest paddle game. And it’s also easy and effective for a healthy body.

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