About Us

Today Pickleball’s goal is to help the readers clear their doubts related to pickleball. And learn new tips and tricks to pickleball relevant to have more joy while playing.

I write guides on pickleball-related equipment to make your purchase easy. Moreover, I try my best to help you choose the best equipment with the help of my guides.

I’m an experienced and die-hearted pickleball player who has been in the racquet sports world for more than 8 years.

For others, it might be just a sport but it’s a feeling and something which makes me cheer whenever I get to play.

Here I’ll share whatever I’ve experienced in my career related to pickleball and try to make you learn every trick in the pickleball world.

Today Pickleball Team

Here you’ll learn about the todaypickleball.com team which is just and only me:

1. Adam Billy (Founder/Writer)

I’m a professional pickleball player with over 8 years of experience in competitive and recreational racquet sports play.

I have encountered a variety of scenarios and mistakes while playing pickleball, and I am eager to share my knowledge and insights with others through my blog.

My goal is to provide helpful advice and tips to those looking to improve their pickleball game, as well as to those who are just starting out.

With my blog, I hope to help players of all levels become better at the pickleball game and enjoy it even more.

If you need more queries, just ping me through our Contact Us form. I’ll try my best to approach back you as quickly as I do.