Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Players (Buying Guide)

I can understand how it feels when you’re shifting from one game to another. Especially when it comes to selecting the gear for yourself. It’s what I faced when I was switching from badminton to pickleball.

You’ll be curious about choosing the best pickleball paddle for your hand. Hence, you came here to get help purchasing something of high quality in your first pack. For the same purpose, I’m writing this guide on the best pickleball paddles for tennis players to make it easy for someone like you.

Here you’ll get a beginner’s guide to purchasing the perfect paddle. Plus, I’ll also help you with what suits you the best as an ex-tennis player.

Top 5 Best Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Players

Before you get to the market for owning a perfect paddle, you should know what paddle matches your hands the best. So that you don’t feel disappointed while playing your aggressive games on the pickleball court

Below are some of the best pickleball paddles for tennis players. I’ve listed them down according to the buying guide I added at the last of this post.

1. JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Paddle (Best Long Handle Pickleball Paddle)

Whether you’re new or already in the count of pickleball players, you must have heard about Joola pickleball paddles.

Joola built this elongated shape paddle with the collaboration of Ben John who’s known as one of the top pickleball players.

1. Amazing Control

As you’re new to pickleball, therefore you should always focus on your control. I’ve mostly seen new players who try to get more power where they ignore having perfect control. 

If you’re starting out in pickleball, the first thing you should have always be careful of is your control.

And Joola gives wonderful control while giving you fast reach and a comfortable feeling which is really essential primary for new players.

2. Extra Lightweight 

If you ask someone to recommend you the best paddle when you’re shifting from tennis. Most of the pickleball players will make you go with a heavy paddle for maintaining your power striking.

However, they ignore that a heavy paddle can completely distinguish your control of the ball.

Just to remind you, pickleball isn’t just a sport of having more power but also to play with your strategy where control is the first to have. 

3. Enough Power 

While I’ve discussed the control for you but Joola doesn’t make you miss your power as well. I’m easily able to make great shots from my baseline with control and great spin as well. 

With this paddle, Joola has completely improved its power quality.

4. Large Handle

The handle is a very essential part for a tennis pickleball player. Especially when you’re a naturally two-backhanded player where you need to have a large handle.

The handle of this paddle is a very comfortable and very smooth finish. Before I purchased this paddle, the previous one wasn’t giving me so much space with its handle.


  • The handle is an excellent match with my hands.
  • The lighter paddle doubles my control skill.
  • Being lightweight, still you accomplish great power.


  • The handle isn’t wide which I prefer.

2. Selkirk Amped Paddle (Best Pickleball Paddle For Control)

If you’re a Selkirk paddles fan and want to have something perfect for your hand. Then you shouldn’t ignore this Selkirk Amped paddle.

Which is built with the help of new technology by putting fiberglass together with polypropylene to have a smooth ball-absorbing feature.

1. Excellent Control Paddle

Usually, I don’t like to shift a new pickleball paddle but sometimes you have to make the decision of stepping onto the court with something new.

And when it happens, players like you and me almost everyone is unsure what would be the result of my new paddle.

However, Selkirk didn’t disappoint me with this Amped Division paddle. Plus, it exceeded my control range much more as compared to the past.

2. Plenty Of Power

Even I personally walk out after the power of a paddle. But yet you should have some sufficient power that you might need to apply in some situations.

And it’s what I liked in this paddle by featuring amazing power with such high control and amazing reach.

3. Massive Sweet Spot 

The sweet spot is very essential if you want to have both control and power. And this not only had a very big sweet spot but was also solid.

That sounds very massive especially when you’re volleying. I’ve reviewed this awesome Selkirk Amped paddle in detail if you give a look to learn about it.


  • I like the perfect stability between power and control.
  • The sweet spot is really unique.
  • The weight isn’t bad as looking to the quality.


  • For large size hands, the grip may seem small.

3. Onix Evoke Premier Paddle (Best Pickleball Paddle For Money)

Onix Envoke is a great choice for those tennis players who want to have the same swing and power with the paddle as they had in the tennis racquets.

Moreover, the paddle is customized really unique as well as the product materials are surely of high quality. I’ve done a review of Onix Z3 vs Onix Z5 Pickleball Paddles if you want to read it.

1. Exceed Your Power

Honestly talking, after I got this Onix paddle, the power got triple in my hands. And what I feel is that it’s built for power, especially for those players who desire great handles such as tennis players.

Moreover, the Atomic13 Edge technology helps the paddle to absorb the shock and maximize its speed, and swing more.

2. High Quality And Well Designed

As compared to my Selkirk Amped paddle, I really want to appreciate Onix paddle for its unique and solid construction.

With the use of polypropylene in the core really improves the paddle for touch. In addition, the minimal coating also helps you to have something shot without destroying its spin.

3. Fast Reach With Control

The greatly designed shape provides you have great and fast reach for the ball. Especially when it comes to paddle handle size. 

Plus, you’ll have amazing reach and speed to the ball by having this light version paddle. Furthermore, the sweet spot is really generous part of this paddle which every player should have.

4. Longer Handle With Comfortable Grip

As I told you before, the longer handle is really matchable to its design. Plus, it also increases the paddle reach points.

Moreover, the paddle grip is really comfortable for me even if I’m playing from the baseline. Yet, it’s sometimes feeling square, but they’ve avoided such issues with their great finish of the paddle.


  • You’ll get astonishing power.
  • The paddle handle is really long and comfortbale as well.
  • The face materials are really fantastic.


  • Sometimes, the paddle grip feels square which sounds weird.

4. Rogue2 2nd Generation Gel-Core Paddle (Best Pickleball Paddle For Control)

Rogue2 2nd generation paddle completely feels like a tennis racquet. What a perfect match for tennis players even if some players consider the handle short but amazing construction between body and handle.

1. Mid Weight For Control

While such a big and uniquely constructed face, still the paddle weight is very impressive by having just 7.8oz weight. Yet, you’ll get amazing control and reach for the ball. 

As I’m playing tennis along with pickleball, hence I can feel the control and it’s improving regularly with this paddle.

2. High Durability

Most of the time, you get great paddle suggestions for power and control. But still, you’re really nervous about the paddle quality.

And you’re unsure about its durability but this paddle has really admirable quality of paddle face and material.

3. Powerful Paddle

With its hybrid shape design, it can really improve your power and shot speed. If you ask me about this paddle power section.

I’d mark it top rated especially when you’re a tennis pickleball player. Excellent racket if you have suffered from tennis elbow it’s what I could say.


  • Control is part is really great.
  • Hybrid design paddle especially for tennis players.
  • The paddle stability is superb.


  • The handle might feel small to some players.

5. Prokennex Pro Flight Paddle (Best Lightweight Pickleball Paddle)

Prokennex pro paddle is really impressive with the short-size model. The paddle weight is very helpful, especially when you’re a beginner pickleball player.

Plus the edge guard is very unique and can be replaced if you desire to change it.

1. Perfect Match Between Power And Control

The paddle is so easy to control and also gives you open hand to reach. Above all that, it’s completely matched to a tennis player’s hand.

Moreover, power can’t be ignored by giving you very flexible shot power.

In addition to that, Proprietary Kinetic technology also has great ball speed absorption quality which really exceeds ball speed and spins when it releases back.

2. Honeycomb Design

Being as an expert player, I can tell you that it’s designed amazingly and cleverly. Plus, recently one of my teammates had so bad pain in his tennis elbow. 

As he shifted from his old paddle to this Prokennex Pro fight paddle, it felt like never had something like that by name of pain.

3. Thinner Grip With LightWeight

I personally loved the paddle grip size and how they designed it. Even if the handle is short as compared to the previous Selkirk paddle, but believe me the grip is really comfortable and smooth to hold.

Furthermore, they also cared about the weight of the paddle. This can really help you to have long-term matches especially when you’re competing with high-level players.

  • The grip is so thinner.
  • Weight should be appreciated of the paddle.
  • Proprietary Kinetic technology can really improve your power.
  • The handle is a little small.

Buying Guide For Best Pickleball Paddles For Tennis Players

As you’ve learned about some of the best paddles for tennis players. However, you’ll have to the confused about what paddle would match your hand perfectly.

And that’s why players can be disappointed while selecting a paddle to purchase. Hence, I’d like to offer you a really advantageous and concise buying guide for selecting the best paddle for yourself.

So below are some of the tips that you should learn before you get in the market to make a purchase:

1. Longer Handle

The most important thing to keep in your mind while selecting a paddle for yourself is to choose a long-handle paddle.

For having a longer handle, the paddle will give you very great reach as well as a fast-changing opportunity if you want to play with two backhands.

Plus, if you ask some tennis players, you’ll be answered 90% percent to go with a longer handle.

As a tennis player, it’s really important for you to own a paddle that can serve a bigger handle which will also improve your control and reach for the ball.

2. High Spin Capability

As a tennis player, the more you have spin the greater you’ll feel. Plus, when you’re from tennis sport, of course, you’d like to have the same spin quality that you can deliver in tennis.

And for this considering high spin paddle is very essential.

3. Enough Power

Having as much power as possible will be so helpful for you especially when you’re a tennis pickleball player.

Above all that, when you’re newly getting started with pickleball, in such conditions having the ability on one to control and power is a must for you.

4. Elongated Shape

The elongated shape is very common for tennis players. As it also matches the tennis racquets as well as provides you with great reach for the ball which can be better for your control.

So these are some of the considerable factors for you when you’re going to own a pickleball paddle as a tennis player.

However, you can also add up some other factors which might be relatable to your choice. And it’s my understanding that you should consider what you need with this paddle.

Here is a post where you can read how pickleball attracts some of the official names in the tennis world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries related to best paddle that you may also want to learn:

Q1. Do tennis players make good pickleball players?

Yes, in my several years’ experiences of playing pickleball. What I realized is that for a tennis player making a great impact is much easier as compared to a beginner who just wants to start with pickleball.

Q2. Which is harder tennis or pickleball?

While comparing tennis to pickleball in hardness. I believe tennis will be the hardest racquet sport especially because of the high level of fitness required.

Q3. What paddles do the pro pickleball players use?

Joola is one of the most owned paddles by pro-level players. As they serve great features with paddles, hence most of the professional pickleball players go with Joola paddles. 


Having a fine paddle is one of the very first and finest things to do. Plus, if you’re investing in owning a new paddle, then it is worth being satisfied with your decision completely. Therefore, you should be really careful while purchasing a paddle for yourself.

When you’re a tennis player and new to the pickleball world. Then you should look at the above given top picks of paddles that are reviewed by expert players. 

Moreover, you can also take a look at the buying guide to make an informed decision about your next pickleball partner I mean paddle.

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